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Clarke: I want to make sure that everyone is saved! We will all survive together! Let’s share the bunker!

Grounders: Nah. Let’s have a conclave instead and whoever wins gets the bunker for their clan.

Octavia: *wins the conclave* We are one clan! We will all share the bunker! Together!

Grounders: Okay! Let’s do it! Hey Clarke, we wanna share the bunker with you now!


She’s No Angel (Part 4)

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The humming of the machinery calmed you, as you and Lucky walked back to your quarters. “Thank you again, Lucky.” You smiled reaching the door. The doors opened up and Lucky waited for his invitation. Others found it strange, how the flirtatious bad boy of troopers could be a gentleman, “But, only for you Angel.” He said strolling in. Lucky removed and placed his helmet on your kitchen island. Picking up the bottle, he examined the words. “Take three a day. Angel?” His blue eyes looked up at you. You turned to look at him. “Is this because of yesterday or-” You cut him off before he could continue. You knew where this was headed. “Luck, you don’t have to worry. I’m fine.” You grabbed the pill bottle and placed it in the cabinet. “But, I do.” Lucky whispered. You turned to look at him, only you got to see Lucky like this and you felt honored enough that he wanted to show you this side. Making your way around the island and engulfed him in a hug. “You shouldn’t, but thank you.” You squeezed him. Wrapping is his arms tightly around you, he spoke up. “Y/N,” he began, knowing this was a serious conversation. “I know how amazing and respectful you are and everyone told me not to worry. And then you didn’t show up to lunch and that stupid Matt guy wasn’t there and I was getting very suspicious.” You chuckled. “You thought I was hanging with Matt? ” “No. I thought Matt got you or something, but he came later. And don’t say it like that, I’m not jealous.” Shaking your head he continued. “Then, when I heard what happened, I just … when I heard” he squeezed you tighter. “I wanted to look for you, but everyone stopped me. I’m sorry.” You squeezed back. “It’s not your fault and thank you for caring so much.” You let go and still saw Lucky’s blue eyes still gazing down at you.

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Awe - Roman Reigns

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Drabble #42: “Stop being so cute.”

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Chapter 6: Sentiment

The night went quickly for Evan.

He woke up to Jon cuddled into his armpit with his mouth open, dribbling slightly. He looked so little, like back when they use to cuddle up next to each other and it wasn’t gay and wasn’t weird for them too. He loved those times were they didn’t have to worry about anything other than what they felt then. It was peaceful. Now they had so many responsibilities and such that he forgotten what it felt like to relax and not worry about anyone other than himself.

Evan found himself staring for too long at Jon though. No, something was different, it wasn’t just the responsibilities, but the way Jon’s jawline and his perfectly assorted face was held, the way his arms had tangled their way around him, how his sleeve tattoo and his piercings only added to the fact he was already a good looking human. Perfect in Evans eyes. Growing up had always scared him and Jon, but nothing could have prepared him for these confusing feelings.

Evan gingerly moved his arm a little, coming to bring Jon closer. He looked across to see Tyler sleeping across his feet, Brock was next to Jon, hugging Brian as he saved him from falling off, Anthony and Scotty were already on the floor with a space of where they once were on the bed, Lui seemed to be sleeping on Jon’s desk chair, David was half in the wardrobe somehow and Craig, Marcel, Ryan and Luke were nowhere to be seen. Luke being sober probably meant that they were somewhere sensible rather than in the cramped bed.

It took a while for them all to wake up. Luke was the first up, knocking lightly on the door frame of the bedroom.
Evan looked up, he seemed to be the only other one awake.

“I can’t believe you’ll cramped in here, there was another bedroom me and Ryan could of shared. That one has a door too.” He whispered, chuckling to himself.

Evan smiled in agreement, his head hurting like a bitch.

“You want anything there?” Luke asked, rather amused by the way his brother from another mother was wedged into Evans arms.

“Water please.”

He heard Luke walk away before laughter erupted from the bathroom causing a few people to stir. Luke came running back in, almost crying.

“Marcel’s in the fucking bath asleep, scared the complete shit out of me!”

Evan giggled slightly causing Jon to turn.

“I thought he was with you and Ryan?”

“No! I guess that’s where he’s been sleeping all night, freaking idiot.”

“Shut the fuck up.” Tyler mumbled, his eye cracking open slightly.

“Where’s Craig?” Luke whispered now, Evan shrugged. “This is when we find him dead some place. And also, why the hell is David in the wardrobe?”

Evan chuckled lightly.

“I actually have no clue.”

There was a weird silence as they looked over the sea of dead looking teens.

“Water.” Was all Luke said, before turning to leave.

Evan had gotten up after Luke had given him glass of water. They talked for awhile about random things.

Evan liked Luke, he had acted like a big brother to him and especially Jon. He loved Jon to bits.

“What the hell happened last night?” Scotty asked, walking slowly down the stairs.

Luke laughed at his pain.

“You fucked Anthony.”


Luke laughed harder, causing Evan to snicker. They had agreed to tell everyone the most outrageous things they could think of, and that was having sex with another person.

“It’s true.” Evan added, taking a glass of water to him. “In Jon’s fucking bed too, it was gross.”

“Yeah! We had to pry you from the fucker before any of us could get some sleep.”

Scotty started to turn red.

“You’re lying!”

“Nu-uh.” Luke mumbled, putting his serious older brother face on. Evan was internally dying of laughter.

Scotty stood there in shock before shaking his head. This made Luke laugh hard.

“I know you’re fucking lying you dicks.” Scotty frowned, punching Luke’s arm lightly.

They told Scotty the plan.

They waited for an hour, talking again about nothing in particular.

“Where the fuck is Ryan, is he dead?” Luke stated, beginning to climb the stairs.

A minute later he came down basically dragging the hungover lad by his arm.

Ryan cursed under his breath, before rubbing his eyes.

“Hey guys.” He yawned.


“Anyone seen my glasses?”

“I’ve got them.” Luke replied, going to his bag and handing them to him.

“Thanks buddy.” Ryan popped them on. He was good at rocking both the contacts and the glasses, as long as you could still see his beautiful eyes he was a catch.

“Hey did you know you two fucked last night?” Scotty said a little too excitedly.

Ryan laughed sleepily, looking over to Luke.

“Oh yeah? Did we now?” He replied sarcastically, brushing Luke slightly. “I remember it being the best sex I’ve ever had.”

“Stop it you fucker.” Luke mumbled, he knew that wouldn’t work on Ryan. He was far too flirtatious to get all red and shy if he had fucked him anyway.

“Yes a fucker is what I am, I’m guessing you must of been the fucked then?” Ryan laughed far too cutely for Luke’s liking.

“You’re a bitch.”

This made Ryan laugh harder.

“Can I play?”

Tyler was the next to come down. They told him he had fucked Craig, but he was far too stubborn to believe them. Next it was Anthony who got told about the whole Scotty case. He was convinced until he saw Scotty start to laugh. Then it was Lui, who thought the idea of him fucking David in the closet was hilarious and was way too funny to be real. After that it was Jon.

He almost fell down the stairs, tripping over his half-on sock.

“Alright mister eager!” Luke cried in laughter.

It was about 1pm and Ryan was only now making breakfast with whatever food he could find. It smelt delicious.

Jon groaned.

“I am either dying or dead and this is a shitty afterlife.” He yawned, coming to sit next to Evan.

“Sup man.” Evan mumbled. “Have a good one?”

“I dreamed I was in a weird ass universe where we had all the inside body parts of us on the outside. It was damn weird.”

“What?!” Luke laughed.

“Too much information.” Evan added. “I didn’t ask you for a novel.”

Jon snorted, still a little too light headed to start laughing.

“Oh,” Tyler butted in, getting up from the sofa. “Did you know you and Evan fucked last night?”


“Yeah dude, Evan was trying to get over his girlfriend and-”

“Too soon!” Ryan yelled over the sound of the pan sizzling.

Evan exhaled loudly, looking over to Ryan and nodding. Ryan smiled, before going back to his cooking. Thank God he had saved him. He didn’t feel like he could deal with the whole Georgia thing this morning. He had actually forgotten until Ty had said something.

“Anyway you two just fucked. Totally not for that reason.” Tyler mumbled, annoyed Ryan had ruined his catch.

“What?” Jon said again, a little less surprised. He raised an eyebrow up at Evan.

“Yeah totally.” Evan said in his sarcastic monotone voice. “We frickle fracked in yo bedroom.”

“Damn without a door? That must of been spicy!” Luke added.

Jon laughed, a little blush still on his face. “Damn that’s risky. I bet it was good.”

“Of course it was.” Evan said, feeling he was taking it too far. “Could work a little on flexibility though, I had a HARD time getting there.”

Evan started to blush, damn why had he said that. He was thinking about it now. An image he could never get rid of in his head.

“Well I’m sorry! We can’t all be perfect hoomans like you, you damn hoodini.”

This made Evan laugh. Thank God Jon hadn’t made it awkward.

“Anyway…” Tyler mumbled, a little freaked by the flirting the two were doing. He thought he had got use to flirting from Ryan’s flirty nature, however this was more innocent. The way they lightly blushed and the nervous teasing. It made him shiver. “Where the fuck is Craig?”

They found him in the garden, sleeping like a log underneath one of the boys cars.

Marcel woke up about thirty minutes later complaining of being wet and achy and David around an hour later, confused why he was hanging out of a closet.

Brock and Brian were the last to wake up. Their soft chatting could be heard from the boys downstairs.

“So what do you guys wanna do?” Evan asked knowing some had work later and such. “I’m staying here tonight, right?”

“If you wanna, it’s kind of a shit-hole.”

“It’s always a shit-hole.” Evan stated.


“Well me and Brian have to go like, now, we have a date with Brian’s mom. I agreed to swing by and paint her living room.” Brock mumbled, getting up and helping Brian up. “And I’m helping I guess.” Brian said in annoyance causing Brock to laugh.

“It’s your mom.”

“I can take some of you dudes home in a bit. As Craig knows my car’s outside if anybody wants a lift, but it’ll have to be in a sec. I’ve got work at 4 and it’s like half 3 now.” Marcel said, also getting up as he looked around the circle of his friends.

“I’ll take you up on the offer dude.” Tyler mumbled.

Anthony and Scotty looked at each other. “us too”

“And me!” David yelled, Marcel frowned.

“Man you like live a million miles away I’m not taking you home.”

“Damn it.”

“I’ll take you home.” Craig muttered, rolling his eyes. “You can come with me a Lui.”

“Woo awesome!”

Jon looked towards the two older boys for their answer. Luke spoke first.

“Well my car’s out front so we’ll go when ever my princess wants too.”

“Aw thank you my dear prince Lukey boy.” Ryan replied, chuckling. “So that should basically be whenever you want us to go Jon.”

“Okay.” Jon replied. He looked towards Evan who was watching them all leave.

“How long are you planning on staying?”

“Um, like all holiday basically? I was hoping if you got bored of me I could crash at someone else’s for a while.”

Jon laughed.

“You’re damn right you’re staying all holiday.” Jon smiled, shuffling slightly. “You gotta make up for the years you’ve missed with me.”

Evan giggled, looking in his direction. “I will, don’t worry.”

The early boys left then and there, and not even an hour later the Craig carpool left, leaving only Jon and Evan, and Ryan and Luke.

“What do you lads wanna do?” Luke asked as Ryan went to the toilet.

Jon shrugged. “my mama said she’d be back at like 8, so make that about 9-ish to 10-ish so we have load of time.”

“Yeah, we’ll go when ever your mom gets home.” Luke mumbled, before the footsteps of Ryan could be heard.

“How about filling us in on anything interesting that happened last night Luke?” Ryan asked as he jogged back down the stairs, coming to join them all snuggled on the sofa bed.

“Hmm.” Luke scratched his beard. “Well I’m like 100% sure that Brock and Brian are a thing, Marcel got a little too excited and threw up outside, and Craig stepped in shit whilst he and Tyler ran around wrestling In the garden. Hence why he slept outside. Evan you decided it was a good idea to teach Jon to ice skate by throwing ice everywhere. And Ryan, oh Ryan, I think you sent a dick pic to everyone we know. I’m not even lying this time.”

“Well fuck.” Ryan replied, grabbing his phone from his pocket.


“Told you.” Luke laughed along with Jon.

“I think I got one.” Jon mumbled, bring up his phone to find Ryan had text him.

Ryan snatched the phone away from him.

“Deleted.” He muttered, giving Jon’s phone back causing Jon to laugh harder.

“Oh boy, I wonder who else has seen.”


Luke burst into laughter as Ryan showed him the angry text he had got from his mum.

“Goddamn it, can I stay at yours tonight luke?”

“Convince me.”

“Well I didn’t send you a picture.”

“You did, and I caught you in the act too. That double minus points.”

“Fuuuucckk. I’m dead.” Ryan cried.

Jon was laying into Evan, trying not to wet himself. He hadn’t remembered laughing so hard in the last year he had been here.

“Of course you can stay, I got you bro.”

“Thank God, you lifesaver.”

“Just call me Jesus fucking Christ.”

“Jesus is fucking Christ? I didn’t know that. Is that something that also happened last night?” Evan joked making Jon laugh harder, he was laughing so hard nothing was coming out and he was just rolling around as he grasped for air. Evan had missed this so much. He had missed Jon the most though. His laugh alone made him laugh. It was the best feeling ever, laughing at nothing other than someone else’s happiness.

They decided on playing a friendly match of Mario Kart. Evan, of course, being Luigi, Jon as Baby Luigi, Luke as Peach and Ryan as Daisy.

“YOU DAMN HOOCHIE!” Jon screamed as Ryan bashed him with a red shell as he flew past him into first place, with both Evan and Luke following close behind. “DAMN IT ALL!”

Evan somehow managed to get first as Luke and Ryan beat eachother up. He jumped up in triumph.

“Come on Jo, you can do it!” He chanted as he bumped into him lightly.

“I’ll never do it!” Jon cried back as he raced towards the pair, with Ryan hit by a shell and Luke falling from the side.

“You will.” Evan whispered, getting closer to his ear. “If you do it I’ll give you a kiss.”

Jon’s head spun to meet his eyes causing his character to crash into the back of a fence, making him loss.

“Oh dear, looks like you won’t get one. Did it distract you that much?” Evan began to laugh, forgetting the other two were sat right next to him.

“No!” Jon exclaimed in panic. “No, of course not. I let ya’ll win! Yeah, yeah…”

“Of course you did.” Luke said, rolling his eyes.

They suddenly heard the front door go before the familiar face popped around the corner.

It was Jon’s mum. She almost looked identical to him apart from her long hair.

“Hey guys.” She mumbled quietly, carrying what seemed to be a suitcase.

“Why you back so early mama?” Jon asked curious. He knew she had stayed at a friends last night and had told him she’d be back late.

He jumped up to help her in, as well as Evan who seemed stuck to his side.

“Hey Carol.” Evan smiled, causing her to look up to the unexpected voice.

“Oh! Ev! I haven’t seen you ages, how have you been?” The cheery voice she had on didn’t seem like her at all. Jon frowned.

“I’ll take that mama, you speak to Evan. I told you he was coming down, didn’t I?”

Carol nodded, not really remembering if he had or not. She frowned weirdly at her son and then back over to Evan. He had grown a bit taller and harboured buff shoulders and muscular legs. It was weird to not see him as the round little boy anymore, mind you, she could’ve said the same about all of Jon’s mates, including himself.

Jon started to take the suitcase, lugging it up the stairs as it was heavier than expected. Evan stared at him for a moment, before looking back down to his best friend’s mother, she had changed and not for the better.

“Hey Jon.” Luke hollered before Jon had made it all the way. “You okay there? If so me and Ryan are gonna head off. Ryan reminded me there’s a car show I wanted to watch on TV.”

Jon laughed, God Luke was a nerd.

“Yeah I’m good, see you guys some other time.”

Evan sat in the kitchen with Carol. It was weird. He felt like he hadn’t seen her in forever as she was never really here when he was here anyway. “So, how have things been Ev? I’ve heard a lot about you from Jonathan. He’s been real excited about you coming back.”

“Has he now?” Evan chuckled, hearing a light bash upstairs. Jon was too cute.

“I’ve been rather busy with my whole hockey thing, I’m just looking for Universities now.”

“Why don’t you go to the one down here? Ryan said it is really good there, especially for whatever he’s doing… business is it? I can’t remember. And Jon has missed you so much, I think it would be great to have you down here again.”

Evan stared at her, the sentiment sweet and kind. The thing was, he had been looking at St Yale-field University as it was well equipt in the realm of economics as well as business, but the hockey was limited. He couldn’t decide on whether to go with the head or the heart in his predicament.

He just needed more time to think it over, hence why the holiday was going to be a long one.

“Yeah, I might go there.” He mumbled under his breath causing Carol’s face to light up.

“That would be nice, for all of us.”

Evan frowned, what was Carol saying? He didn’t want to make decisions based on others; okay, maybe he would for Jon though.

If Jon needed him, he’d do anything


Imagine getting hyped up on sugar without Crowley knowing.

You were sitting on the arm of Crowley’s throne with a smile spread across your face, your blood overloaded with sugar which was something you weren’t used to. You couldn’t help but think of mischievous ideas while your king sat there listening to the latest news being told to him by his minions. His face was serious as he absorbed everything they had to tell him, but you on the other hand, was bored out of your mind. That was until you decided to entertain yourself.

Slowly, you moved your finger to his face, poking his cheek softly. He waved your hand away, but you done it again, and again, and again, and again. Finally, he got fed up with your childish behavior and smacked your hand away harshly before sending a threatening glare your way. Even though you knew you were pushing your luck you still carried on. Once your finger touched the stubble on his chin for the last time, he caught your wrist tightly.

“Excuse me for a moment.” He said calmly as he rose from his seat, dragging you along with him. You followed him towards the door where the two of you were alone. He stalked towards you slowly. "What the hell are you doing?“

You looked down at the floor, hands sweaty. "I, um, got bored. I figured it would be funny.” You thought back at his reaction and began to giggle earning a strange look from Crowley.

“What’s the matter with you? You’re never like this.”

“I had a candy bar and soda.” You laughed.

He rolled his eyes. “Sugar and caffeine? Really, Y/n?”

You nodded and continued to giggle. He knew very well that this would last all day long, and he wasn’t looking forward to dealing with your bubbly attitude and child like shenanigans.

He sighed before getting closer to you face causing you to stifle the relentless giggles. “No more aggravating me while I’m at work, understood?”

You nodded as your brain stormed up even more hilarious ways to prank with him. You bit your lip and looked up at him with a look of false innocence. “Yeah… understood.”

First Impressions


Jongin was up and in the shower by the time the clock on his nightstand hit six AM. He knew he had to be at the library at eight AM so to not leave a bad impression on Kyungsoo, his young, very cute boss, Jongin made sure to be there bright and early.

Jongin waited and waited outside the door until he saw a silhouette coming down from upstairs. He saw Kyungsoo walk by the window to tidy up everything and switch the air conditioners on. Just before Jongin made himself present, Kyungsoo had already seen him and rushed to open the door.

“You’re early,” Kyungsoo said as he stepped back to let Jongin inside. He turned the small sign on the front door before turning around to face his employer.

“Good impressions are a goal of mine.”

“I will keep that in mind.”

The taller finally entered the store and was in awe due to the books filling every shelf. “You have an awesome library, Kyungsoo.”


“I’m the oldest.”

“And I’m the boss. You did say good impressions were your goal, right?”

Jongin kept his mouth shut until Kyungsoo showed him things to do. “I don’t want a speck of dust on my books, do you hear me, Jongin?” Kyungsoo stated as he walked Jongin around the entire library. “Every single book must be in alphabetical order whether the book is big or small. Lunch is at twelve PM unless we have customers at that time then it will be later on. Ah, and closing time is at seven.” Kyungsoo turned around now that they had reached the front counter.

“Okay, I think I got it, boss. Organize everything in alphabetical order and dust every book shelf. Lunch break is at twelve and closing time is at seven, right?”

Kyungsoo tapped his finger on his plump lips and nodded his head. He didn’t miss when Jongin looked down at his finger. “You seem to memorize things easily which is a good thing.”

“Well, when you have someone drilling it into your head, you know…” Jongin trailed off with a sheepish smile, rubbing the back of his neck nervously and nodding his head before disappearing through the book shelves to escape from Kyungsoo’s killer glare. “Sorry, boss!”

Kyungsoo shook his head at Jongin’s words and rolled his eyes. That man was really something else, and rather handsome, but Kyungsoo would never let Jongin know that. It would be awkward and weird and Kyungsoo would very much like to stay away from any uncomfortable situations.

The little bell on top of the door rang when being pushed open and Kyungsoo put a smile on his face to greet his customer. It was a rather short morning for Kyungsoo and Jongin. They didn’t have much to do since everyone was enjoying their novels and not disturbing the peacefulness in the book shop.

Kyungsoo watched Jongin decorate a book display and caught himself checking out the way his employer was dressed. Jongin was wearing a black beanie today with a white t-shirt, black skinny jeans, and converse. The younger couldn’t help but trail his eyes down the elder’s lean body. “–boss?”

Kyungsoo snapped out of his thoughts and blinked a few times. “Huh?”

“Are you okay?”

Kyungsoo nodded, looking at the clock when it became twelve. “Yeah, uh can you flip the sign on the door so that we can have lunch in the back room?”

Jongin met with his young boss in the break room where he sat at the table with his bag. He took out a container filled with food and began to eat while making small talk with the younger. “Am I doing well?”

“Yeah, you’re doing good, great actually. I’m surprised.” Kyungsoo chuckled around a spoonful of rice.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Oh, nothing, I was just joking around with you.” Kyungsoo watched Jongin shake his head before going back to eating his lunch. “So why blond? Not that it looks bad on you or anything.” Kyungsoo was quick to say in case he offended Jongin.

“Um, I had brown before, but I got bored of it and decided to go blond, but I’m thinking about going all white. What do you think?”

“With your tan skin, I think it will look perfect on you.”

“Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind. You should dye your hair wine red.”

The younger scooped up more rice into his mouth. “Wine?”

“Yeah, it’ll look nice with your skin tone. I can do it for you if you want?”

“Will my hair fall off?”

“I promise it won’t.”

Kyungsoo seemed to be having a mental war in his mind before nodding his head. “Okay, but you better not mess up my hair or you’re fired.”

(Note: Hello ^^, this is another drabble that continues after ‘Something’, please enjoy!)

SITS: Meeting him after the break up

“Anonymous said: Headcanon where SITS guys meet MC after they break up with her cause she’s not pretty enough.”

Anonymous said: SITS guys meeting MC after break up. I just saw the limit can you do iori kyo Kota and taka ?

Requested: Yes

For: Anon

Smut: No

Iori Enjo
In your opinion and point of view, Iori seemed fine even though the two of you recently ended your relationship. You saw him get featured in a lot of magazines and new about his new ‘friend’. Feeling a pang in your chest you cried. You were never good enough for him. Once you shed enough tears away  you knew that it was your turn to move on. It was your turn to show him that you were also doing fine. 

The following day you decided to go out at the nearby cafe and read. On your way to the cafe you crashed into someone and quickly apologize, only to find that you’ve bumped into Iori and his new ‘friend’, “Y/N.” He choked out, he wasn’t even able to say your name. “Iori.” You stated with a blank expression. “It’s been awhile.” He tried to make a small conversation to ease the tension but it ended up in a failure. Not wanting to be rude you answered him, “Yeah, it has.”  

“You look… Better.” He smiled but you detected a hint of sadness. “I could say the same to you.” You looked over to the girl then back to Iori. “Well it was nice seeing you again Iori, but I have places to be. Goodbye.” You excused yourself. You weren’t sure how long you were going to pretend that you were happy, if you stayed there for another minute or two there would’ve been a high possibility of breaking down. Thinking to yourself that this is your choice, and it’s going to benefit him and his future. This is what’s best for him. 

Kota Igarashi
Your break up with Kota happened recently and moved out of the house along with quitting your job. Another new chapter in life has begun. A new job, new town, new friends and  a new start. Your best friend moved in with you making it less lonely than living alone. “Hey Y/N, why don’t we go out today and have some fun?” Her idea of fun was shopping therapy which you didn’t mind because it was better than going to the club. You took a while before agreeing with her because you weren’t really in the mood to leave the apartment. 

But in a way, you needed to do some shopping therapy yourself. When you finished shopping for your own clothes your friend still kept going and dragging you into different stores making you tired. She was having the time of her life. Your eyes lit up when you spotted a small pet shop, “Hey I’ll meet you by the benches.  I want to check something out.” She nodded and you happily made it towards the pet shop. There were a lot of animals in there and you were really fond of cats and dogs. The puppies were very cute and you couldn’t help but look at them in awe and moved to the feline section.

One of the kitten had silver fur and reminded you of your ex. “Y/N?” You turned your body towards the voice who called you and recognized him right away. “Oh hey Kota, what are you doing here?” He blushed out of nowhere as if he was recalling something, “Well um.. I’m here with the guys and I got bored so I went here. You know, it’s been a habit of mine to go to a pet shop whenever I’m not interested in shopping. In a way, you kinda rubbed onto me.” He scratched his head. The two of you chatted for a bit until you saw how much time has passed by. “Sorry Kota I have to go meet with my friend now. Say hi to the guys for me.” You left the pet shop quickly trying to dodge the fact that you wanted to hug him. It was also to avoid saying something stupid to him after all, you were the one who wanted to end your relationship.

Kyohei Rikudoh 
Ever since the break up, you wanted to change a few things about yourself. The change isn’t for others but for your own. It’s is a way to give yourself self-esteem that you were lacking before. Within a few weeks of eating healthy and working out, you noticed the changes. You noticed that you’re starting to love yourself more and your confidence boosted.

Today you chose a longer jogging route. While you were on your run you passed by a few cafe’s, a bridge and a park. Near the end of your jogging route you ran passed a dog park, you were just on the sidewalk minding your own business when a big fluffy dog tackled you. The dog startled you making you fall on your butt. The dog started to lick your face making you giggle. Then you heard his owner call his name. “Bad Little Yamada. I’m sorry, he’s usually not like this unless it’s….” He stopped talking and looked at you. “Y/N.” Little Yamada barked and started to wag his tail. “He misses you Y/N.” 

“I miss him too.” You replied petting Little Yamada’s fur. Kyohei looked at you with a soft and tender gaze. Sighing you told Kyohei that you weren’t going back to the house though or else it’ll be awkward. “I still work for you guys you know it’s just I don’t get to meet everyone just like before. Plus I think it’s better for me to email the lyrics instead of handing it face to face.” This really hurt Kyohei. He missed you so much but he respected your decision. Saying goodbye to Little Yamada and Kyohei you ran away from them as fast as you could. You too missed him badly but you couldn’t go back on your word especially after what you’ve said to him. Your pride stopped you from going back to him, the one that you love. 

Takashi Ninagawa
Every single day you woke up you remembered that the two of you are no longer a couple, it was your wake up call into reality. It turned your life around, yes you were the one who ended things but it was a break up that no one wanted. You only did it because you’re no good for him and that he can do better than you. However you missed him dearly. 

One of the best ways to cope with a break up was to keep yourself busy and that’s what you did. Deciding to have some caffeine you walked towards the cafe that you’d always pass by when going to work. After placing your order and picking it up you sat by the window listening to your music with a notebook in front of you and a pen on your dominant hand. It became your routine to write lyrics since the day you became their ghostwriter. Now that you no longer work for them, writing lyrics became a hobby. 

After you finished writing lyrics you did a final stretch and close your eyes for a bit. It calmed your nerves down whenever you closed your eyes and music just simply takes over your surroundings. When you opened your eyes you were startled so see Takashi in his disguise sitting in front of you. “Geez Takashi don’t do that. You almost gave me a heart attack.” You said while putting your hand on your chest feeling the rapid beating of your heart. “What are you doing here?” 

“Just strolling around then I caught glimpse of you. I thought I was hallucinating so I went inside the cafe to see if you were real or not.” He answered. “Seems like you’re getting better at writing lyrics Y/N.” A blush crept up to your cheeks, it has been awhile since he complimented you about your lyrics. Standing up from your seat you excused yourself from him, “Sorry I have to go to work.” You lied and ran out of the cafe. You were very aware that you left your notebook behind, in fact you did it on purpose so that to express to him the real reason why you broke up with him and how you were suffering during the break up. You even left him a note in the corner saying, “I did this for you Takashi. Don’t worry I’ll still support you guys from afar. Do your best!” 


kc au:  Klaus’ sojourn in New Orleans takes a turn after spotting nightwalker!Caroline.

Here I thought you were after my secrets, but I don’t think you’ve heard a word I’ve said since we walked in. 
Drunk Confessions (SamxReader)

Request: Hi, firstly, LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog!! :D secondly, I was wondering if you could write a Sam Imagine where the reader is in love with Sam and adores him more than anything or anyone else in the world so one night, when she sees Sam hitting on another girl, she begins to drink and ends up super drunk. She accidently confesses her love for Sam and they end up sleeping together (alittle roughly I might add xD) and the next morning shes afraid that SAm wont feel the same? Thank You so much

Warning(s): rough smut, jealousy, spanking, cussing duh

Words: 2300

Note: thank you!! finally a Sam fic!!

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So slylysilentsoul sent in the request for: ‘Either AkaFuri or KagaKuro. Basketball-Aliens!AU. +1 for tentacles that makes sense. Aliens playing basketball. Like Buzzer Beater!’ Sorry that I’ve never seen/read Buzzer Beater, and I only wiki’d it a little bit before writing. I’ve pretty much made everything up. Also, sorry for the wait–this was meant to be a couple hundred words but it kind of ran away from me as usual. ENJOY MY POOR ATTEMPTS AT NAMING ALIEN RACES HA HA HA.

Title: Enchanting

Synopsis: In which Furihata runs into a member of an opposing team in the stairwell, and first encounters are had.

AU: Basketball Aliens AU (That is not something I ever thought I’d have to write, xD)

Pairing: Akashi/Furihata ; vaguely implied Kagami/Kuroko

Word Count: 1,400+

Can be read under the cut.

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Everyone was out. Except you and your boyfriend of 6 months, Dallas Winston. You were both happy with each other and practically did everything with each other. There was never a day that you guys weren’t with each other. Anyways… the whole gang went grocery shopping. It originally was only gonna be Darry, Ponyboy and Sodapop, but Two-Bit and Steve were bored as hell so they begged to go with the Curtis’. They convinced Johnny to tag along; but you and Dally stayed out of the conversation so you could have some alone time. You were sitting on the couch, you in his lap when an idea struck your mind.

Y/n: Hey Dal?

Dallas: Yeah babe?

Y/n: Do ya know how to dance?

Dally: Um… excuse me?

Y/n: You know what I said! *giggle* can you dance?

Dally: Well, baby, depends on what kind of dancing you mean…

Dallas chuckled and you threw yourself to the ground down to his feet.

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