um i dont know what other tags to do

i was tagged my @mimiteyy (iluuuu)

♡ rules: answer the questions and tag 20 blogs you’d like to know better

♡ sign: pisces

♡ height: 5′2″

♡ last thing googled: mold pros and cons

♡ favorite music artist: uhhhhhhh ????? idk

♡ last TV show watched: miss kobayashis dragon maid

♡ when did I create my blog: um august 2012 maybe ? i think

♡ what kind of stuff do I post about: overwatch and grumps mainly ! tho i do post other random crap lol

♡ do I have any other blogs: i have old dead oc blogs and five billion hoarded urls

♡ do I get asks regularly: kinda ? i mean i dont get em every day but i do get them !

♡ why did I choose my url: save a horse ride a cowboy

♡ gender: genderfluid tho im kinda questioning tbh

♡ pokemon team: instinct ! if u mean for pokemon go

♡ favorite colors: purple, blue, light pink, light teal

♡ average hours of sleep: i try for 8 but it doesnt always pan out

♡ favorite characters: mccree, dave strider, nishinoya yuu, a whole bunch of fckn other characters, yanno. angus mcdonald. theres tons more im jst blanking

♡ dream job: i’d lov 2 do storyboards n stuff tbh

idk who to tag but if u see this n wanna do it feel free to do it n say i tagged u !