um i dont know what im doing anymore


okay so I may have been listening to multiple snail house music in a row,,,

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ikiryx  asked:

i dont like 5 seconds of summer. they are a pop boyband. i think 5sos are only famous because of their looks and that they opened up for one direction. i once saw a girl who said she "moshed" at a 5sos concert and i punched her in the face(mentally of course, im not a fascist. im hardcore.) i cant even look at their faces anymore. i hate 99% of 5sos fans because yes, they are mainstream little fucks pretending to like all time low and other bands...

okay lol okay where to even begin with this ask, sigh

1. ’ i dont like 5sos’ then why do you follow a 5sos blog um?? why are you telling me that you don’t like them?? your opinion of them really does not bother me at all and isn’t going to make me suddenly hate them because you don’t like them.

2. do you know what a pop boyband is? 

a group(usually 4 or 5) sissy boys who do NOT play instruments. sing crappy pop music; stupid gay love songs that they didn’t even write themselves. only pre-teens and teenie boopers like them.

so um, congrats you got that one wrong, 5sos play their own instruments, write their own music, don’t sing stupid gay love songs and their audience  for their music is some what 15-25 tbh. 

3. lol. 5sos are not famous because of their looks or because they opened up for one direction at all. 5sos became famous from making youtube videos and sharing them with friends and family who then shared then yeah you get the idea of how youtube works, correct? they worked fucking hard to be where they are today, and tbh seeing as you know that they opened for 1D and you don’t like 5sos, i take it you’re a 1D fan? contradicting yourself a little there, but hey everyone is entitled to their own opinion, if you only know them because they opened for 1D then you’re going to think they have the same music as 1D. have you ever listened to the type of music 5sos actually sing? because you have this mental image in your mind that they’re just like 1D JUST because they opened for them? probably not.

4. lol u have fun being hardcore over there mm yeh wish i was as hardcore as you hey

5. believe it or not, most of the 5sos family actually came from band fandoms. most of the 5sos family is actually a fan of all time low, mayday parade, sleeping with sirens, pierce the veil, fall out boy ect ect. and then only recently has our family actually extended and added some of the 1D fandom into our little family that we had, so clearly you have no idea what you’re actually talking about but hey, you tried.

soz just going to try and be mainstream and listen to a little local band that 99% of people have actually never heard of, that are too busy trying to be just like their inspirations and the people that they look up to mm yeah you got it girl good stuff congrats you’re actually stupid pls go away your message to me was a waste of time and i really hope this helped enlighten you and open your mind to how rude you are xxx

i um. i know i post things like this here and there but i had some really serious car problems and im……..actually not sure whether i can afford rent for the rest of the summer anymore, i literally havent been able to even buy food for the last month because im scared and i had to cut my hours back at work a lot for the summer and ive genuinely never been this anxious about my living situation before. my paypal is, please, i am literally the poorest i have ever been and i dont know what to do and i dont have a lot of other options