um how have i never seen this before


(I’m just gonna drop names of random celebs on this post)


*He has been invited to your house for dinner for the first time and is greeting your mother when your father walks in the room and he freezes*

“Um jagi, how did you forget to drop into a conversation that your dad is Tom Cruise?”


*He had never seen your father before only your mum, as you had always said that your father was busy and now he was coming round to your house for dinner, and as he walks in Sehun stares at him registering who he is*

SH: “Your dad, he’s, well, why didn’t you tell me I was having dinner with Leonardo DiCaprio?!”


Y/N: “Okay before you meet my father, I need to tell you that he is John Travolta”

SH: “Wait isn’t that the guy from grease?”

Y/N: “Yes, he is, but is that all you know of his acting career?”

SH: “Um yeah”

Y/N: “Well then you better get more prepared because if you refer to him  only as the guy from Grease we are off to a bad start”

*Research, research and more research*


CY: “Wait your dad is who?”

*Your dad walks into the room to greet Chanyeol and gives him a stern glare, and walks off*

CY: “I would have appreciated to know that your dad is Arnold Schwarzenegger, honestly he looked at me the way he did the people in the terminator film!”


*He is meant to meet you round your parents house for dinner but due to his schedule he ends up being late and is greeted by your dad, Jim Carrey at the front door, and first he stands their thinking he got the wrong house (which in this case was pretty cool) and he is like

until you appear behind him. 

Your dad and Baekhyun make quite the pair and are cracking jokes the entire night*


Y/N: “Okay, I know it’s the first time meeting my parents but it will be fine”

*You knock on the door and it’s opened by your dad*

Y/N: “Dad this is my boyfriend, Kyungsoo”

*He is starstruck and struggles to keep the excitement in that he is standing in front of Johnny Depp, but they get along well as D.O is a fan of his acting*


*He is sitting in the front room, just him and Morgan Freeman while you are getting some drinks, and is trying to keep quiet as he is starstruck and doesn't want to embarrass himself by saying something wrong, until he turns into his usual self and asks him to say certain things because they sound cool in his voice*


*He is sitting in your apartment watching the telly when he hears you go and answer the front door, and in walks Jackie Chan*

*Chokes on water*

Y/N: Oh dad this is Tao, my boyfriend”

*He is so excited and nervous at the same time, and they end up talking about martial arts together*


*When he set his eyes on Tom Hanks, he was shocked to say the least, and made sure to compliment him on all of his works, and when he told the rest of the members about what happened he could only describe it as amazing*


*After he meets your dad who happens to be Adam Sandler he congratulates himself*

K: “Well done Kris, you have bagged an awesome girl who also happens to have one hell of an awesome dad”


*You lead him into your house and find your father in the kitchen and introduce Luhan, who awkwardly stands there trying to keep his excitement contained*

LH: “Why didn’t you tell me that your dad’s David Beckham?!”


*As you and Xiumin are sitting down George Clooney walks into the room and hugs you*

Y/N: “Xiumin, this is my dad, George”

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yorunotora  asked:

"I've never seen hair as red as yours before." Atsushi then pauses, realizing how that might have come out sounding like an insult ( and knowing how fiercely she can react when wounded in any sense. ) "W-What I mean to say is — it's, um, pretty."

atsushi might be right to correct himself so suddenly, hands were already to lucy’s hips, her mouth open about to deliver a strict admonishment. she was worried, for a second, that even the kitty boy was going to tease her hair. lucy thought she had grown out of having people call her ginger or whatever, and she was fully prepared to inform atsushi that if what he wasn’t going to say was a fawning compliment, he’s have another thought coming.

that plan dies on the inhale as atsushi does, actually, provide a compliment.


she wasn’t ready for that.

(what does one do in this situation ?! it’s someone normal and cute complimenting her? )

    ‘ really? ‘

lucy has to recalibrate her thought process, and try to cover up that she had been so easily surprised. she stands straight, and flicks her braid like she imagines some kind of princess would.    ‘ i mean, of course it is ! it’s a special colour, and i take excellent care of it. ‘    no she doesn’t she… really needs to get it cut, now that she thinks of it. hm! but if her hair’s pretty, she should take advantage of that, don’t you think… something nice to have.

I’m wondering um.. we’ve been to play here before many times and um i was wondering how many people in the audience have seen me in concert before? Welcome back guys! Thanks for having me. And how many people have never see me in concert before tonight? NEW FRIENDS! New friends and old friends! You know it’s incredible coming to see you because yes, it’s a long couple of flights to get here but once i get here i realised that even though distance separates us, there’s not much else that does.
—  Before Clean (Singapore Night 2)