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Don’t Change For Me

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Raphael x Reader

Don’t Change For Me

Prompt: Hi! I was wondering whenever you have the time can you write about Raphael taking the serum that makes the turtles human like in the movie and to have him on a date with his gf who is shocked and mad at first then finds out his reason for it and fluff

Note: Aaaaaaaah! Yaaaaaaas!!

Raphael waited outside your door nervously.  He couldn’t stop checking his reflection in his phone. God, he looked different like this. Well, of course he did. He was human. Temporarily anyway. But you didn’t know about this. When he had told you about the purple ooze, you had shot him down, telling him you would rather make sure he was a safe, healthy turtle than risking his safety by becoming human. But here he was. It had worked, and he knew you would love it. Well, he hoped you would.

He knocked, adjusting his grip on the large bouquet of red roses in his large human hand. It wasn’t as large as it had been, in fact, he was a little smaller all around. Still built, but smaller.

Finally, after an agonizing wait, you opened the door. Surprise washed over your face.

“Um, hello?” You looked over the attractive man in front of you with confusion. He was tall, buff, with these (familiar?) dazzling green eyes and the warmest smile in the world. “Do I know…?”

“Ya ready for our date?”

Your jaw just about hit the floor.

“R-Raph? Is that you?”  

“Yeah. It’s me.”

“What happened to you?” You took his smooth human face in your hands and looked him over.

“Donnie.” He chuckled. “So, do ya like it?”

“I…I do, I’m just a bit shocked, I guess.” You couldn’t take your eyes off of him. He was so much shorter than you were used to, so much smaller and way less green. “Wow.”

“So, I figured I’d take ya out for dinner and a movie and then we could come back here an’ cuddle. Or somethin’.”

“That sounds great! Just let me grab my coat.” You walked to your room, grabbed your coat and your purse, and walked out to greet him. He looked at you like you were his entire world, because you were. You were everything to him. As soon as you got close enough, he pulled you close, holding you in his smaller arms.

“Yer so close now,” you heard him whisper. “You ain’t ever been this close.”

“Come on, Red. We don’t want to be late.”

“Yer right. Let’s go.”


The night flew by. You went out for dinner, which was Raph’s first time in a restaurant, went to the theater, hung out in the arcade for a while, and then went back to your apartment. As soon as the two of you walked in the door, Raph groaned.

“What? What’s wrong?” You asked with concern. He doubled over and then collapsed to his knees with a loud thud.

“No! Not yet!” As he spoke his voice got deeper. The seams of the human clothes that he had probably borrowed from Casey began to creak as he got taller and larger. His muscles stretched, his fingers fused together. He stumbled as his shell took form, hardening and reemerging. The extra weight threw him off and he fell backwards. Green flowed into his face and hands and feet, and Casey’s borrowed clothes finally burst off, leaving him in his sweatpants.

When it was over, he just sat on the floor in a daze, waiting to see what you would say. You knelt down in front of him.

“Are you okay?” Your voice was soft and caring and your soft, smooth hands held his cheeks, forcing his emerald eyes to look at you. “Raph, talk to me. Are you hurt?”

“Nah, I was just uh,” he let out a long sigh, obviously disappointed that the ooze had worn off so soon. “I was hopin’ it would last a little longer.”

“I had a lot of fun tonight, Raph.” You said. You shifted positions, instead sitting down on his thigh. “But I missed this you.”

He chuckled and shook his head.

“I don’t know how you do it.”

“Do what?”

“You get up every mornin’ and look at this ugly face and somehow ya still love me.”

“You’re not ugly.” You nuzzled into him and pressed a few kisses to his jaw. “But I do love you. A lot. So, how about we cuddle now, huh?”

“Yeah…” he nodded and started to move up onto the couch. As soon as he settled in, you grabbed a blanket and curled up on top of him. The two of you picked a movie and you started to drift off, feeling very safe and very warm in his arms.

“You don’t need to change for me.” Your voice was no more than a sleepy mumble. Raph’s eyes widened a little as he processed your words.

“What’re ya-”

“Shhhh…” One tiny little finger pressed against his lips. “I love you just the way you are. Don’t change for me…”

He chuckled.

“All right.” He nodded and pressed a long kiss to your forehead, gently moving the hairs out of the front of your face with one of his huge fingers. “God, I love ya.”

“I love you too.”


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What tattoos does Gavriel have, I can't remember? You seem like the right person to ask since Gavriel is yours 😉

Best anon of the year award goes to….
One of the best questions I’ve ever received, my lord. In HoF Gavriel comes to Mistward to have Rowan ink him, like Rowan inked his own face after Lydia’s death, in honor of the brethren he lost in some battle. It’s probably not the first time he’s done this, since Rowan doesn’t question why he’s here and he just grabs what he needs like it’s nothing. But that day Gavriel got tattoos on his left pectoral, ribs, and hip (pg. 274 of HoF) and I swear to god….yes Rowan’s face tattoos are hard core. But Gavriel has NECK tattoos. Like a choker, but made of tattoos.

Little Ham Man (Small!Hamilsquad x Reader) 14

A/N: Since all of you are being so kind today, I decided to post the next chapter early! Enjoy you beautiful people!

Previous Chapter // Next Chapter

“Time to get out this room, Philip,” You said, striding to the desk. He looked up, frowning at you. He was finally changed out of his blood-stained clothing, wearing the clothes that you bought the boys when they were small. “You need to see the outside of this room, and it’s going to happen today. I told you, I’d give you two weeks. You have to face the world you’re in.”

His scrunched up his face, “But Y/N-“

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After all this time - Jughead x reader

Hey so I’m putting out this much of the story just to see if it interests anyone, because I won’t write the second part if no one reads it. Please be kind <3

Words - 1601

Warnings - none I don’t think

As you entered Pops for the first time in forever, you wondered if you would see any of your old friends there, or if any of them would recognise you. As you looked around at all the booths a red haired girl caught your eye, Cheryl. You had heard about what happened to Jason last summer and as you were about to give her your condolences, you realised that she probably has no idea who you are, because even before you left, you guys were never close.

“One chocolate milkshake please!” You asked Pop, as you handed him the money he looked up and a surprised look flashed across his face; “(Y/N)???” Pop asked, “Wow I haven’t seen you in well,  how long has it been now?” “2 years, I’m back for senior year and I hope it’s a good one” you replied, “Well it’s sure good to have you back here in little old Riverdale, (Y/N).” Pop said, handing over the milkshake.

You turned around to find somewhere to sit, and that’s when you saw them, you old friends from when you were merely 15 years old; Archie, Jughead, Kevin and Betty, they all sat in a booth together with some girl you had never met before. You glanced at them to look at how much they’ve changed. Juggie is still wearing that beanie, typing away at his laptop, Archie was as athletic looking as ever, Kevin was laughing and smiling just like you remember him and Betty, Betty still looked the exact same, blonde and beautiful.

You almost went over there, but you got too scared that they wouldn’t recognise you and then in turn think you were a freak. So you sat at a booth that wasn’t too far from them so you could hear what they were talking about, while sneaking a few glances.

“I can’t believe we’ve only known you for a year, Ronnie.” You heard Betty’s voice say, Ronnie must’ve been the girl you didn’t know.

“Yeah it’s crazy, V” Archie chimed in.

“Feels like we have been in the presence of the infamous, Veronica Lodge for years” you heard Jughead say. His sarcastic comment ruptured in some laughs from the group.

Suddenly a phone rang, “Hello? Yes, okay I’m coming now, okay bye” Betty was the one talking, “sorry guys I have to go, mother dearest is waiting” she got up and as she walked past your booth you stuck your head down praying she didn’t see you, you weren’t ready to be ‘officially back’.

“We better get going too Ronnie if we want to hit the shops for the perfect back-to-school outfits” Kevin said to Veronica, they hopped up, said bye to Archie and Jughead and walked out.

“Okay man, now it’s just you and me.” Archie’s voice said in a not so whisper. “Are you going to tell me what happened between you and Betty? She hasn’t told anyone and we’re all going crazy over here not knowing.”

“It’s nothing really, after we kissed we tried to start dating but I couldn’t keep up with her expectations, I’m not you after all buddy” Jug replied, sarcastic tone and all. “But it’s cool, she’s one of my best friends so I would rather not lose her anyways, it’s better off this way, no harm no foul.”

“Okay man, well I’m going to go practice with Val, so I’ll see you at home later?” Archie said, slowly standing, waiting for Jugs reply before he got up fully.

“Yeah man, see you later” and with that sentence, Archie was off.

Now Jughead sat all alone, with his laptop, he looked absolutely concentrated on whatever task he was doing, you felt a little bit more confident now that it was just him, so you stood up and slowly made your way towards him, you put your milkshake on the table and sat on the seat across from him, you didn’t think he had even noticed until you looked up from your phone and he was staring at you with a questionable look on his face.

“Um, hello?” He said, “Who are you?”

You got a burst of confidence from hearing his voice and before you knew it “Do you not remember me, Juggie Buggie?” slipped out of your mouth.

It took Jug a few seconds but then he remembered the nickname “Juggie Buggie” and who had given it to him, his best friend that moved towns 2 years ago. “(Y/N)?!?” he said with a surprised tone, “holy shit is it really you?”

“In the flesh” you replied with a giggle, “so whatcha writing there writer boy?”

“Just a wee piece on the murder of Jason Blossom, no one knows who did it even a year later”

“So you’re going all detective to figure it out huh?”

“You know it sunshine” he said with a smirk, god this boy sent shivers up your spine even now, 2 years later. How did you still have a crush on this boy 2 years later?

For the next couple of hours you and Juggie caught up and after no time you seemed to be best friends again, he was always over at your house or you at his/Archies. You bonded with the whole gang again and even became super close with Veronica.

A few months later, Cheryl Blossom walks into the lunchroom and commands everyone to be silent to listen to her, she invited everyone to her house for a party tonight, “Be there for good times, good games and drama” were her exact words.

“What do you say, Jug? Wanna go get trashed with Queen B?” You said after she left, everyone else in the group was already going to go as they never missed a Cheryl Blossom party, but Jug wasn’t like everyone else, you knew it would take some convincing to get this boy out and partying. “I’ll think about it” Jug said, giving you a sarcastic smile.

Once school was finished you spotted Jug and Betty talking, behind them was V and Kevin, so you walked around Jug and Betty to see them. As you got closer, before anyone knew you were walking towards the two pairs, you heard Betty say “she’s changing you Juggie, you would never go to this party if it wasn’t for (Y/N)’s influence.” That made you stop right in your tracks. You paused for a bit and walked right up to Ronnie and Kev, they knew you had just heard what Betty said and had shocked expressions on both their faces, “ready to go guys?” you asked and walked towards your car, “oh how you’re such a bad influence, (Y/N)” Ronnie said, winking at you to make you feel a little better about the awkward situation you stumbled apon.

Once you were at Ronnies, you text Jug “Hey, saw you talking with Betty, seemed pretty serious, everything all good? Can’t wait to party with you tonight”

“Okay I’m sorry, I’ve held this in for a month or two now, but honey, you’re so obviously in love with that Jones boy” Kevin said, with Ronnie behind him nodding as a back up.

“You’re both crazy, me and juggie are just friends. I swear.” you replied, the two exchanged ‘whatever’ looks, “Why don’t we see about that tonight?” Ronnie asked, “Great idea, Ronnie, didn’t Cheryl say there would be games?”  Kev said, you rolled your eyes and laughed at your friends.

Cheryls party was huge, people were everywhere, you got kind of nervous, you were wearing some of Veronica’s clothes and you felt a little out of your comfort zone, but a few drinks will hopefully fix that, you thought to yourself.

After a while everyone was sitting down playing truth or dare, it was Reggies turn and he turned to you and bit his lip, “Truth or dare, (Y/N)? You’ll probably pick truth because you’re too scared for dares aye?” You looked at him and laughed, “Dare, Reg” He looked genuinely surprised, he obviously didn’t have a dare lined up, “uh, um, scull your drink and mine” so you stood up, downed your drink, walked over to Reggie, and downed his, “what a lovely dare, Reggie, thanks for the drink”

When you turned around to sit down you looked at Juggie, he was glaring at Reggie, you turned your head and noticed Reggie was not even subtly checking you out, it’s probably Veronica’s clothes, you thought to yourself, you turned back to Jug and smiled, he smirked back, god that smirk would make you weak in the knees, you sat back down to continue playing the game.

After a few more rounds of truth or dare it was Cheryl’s turn, she looked at you, then Jughead, and smiled. “Betty, truth or dare, you’ve picked 2 truths in a row so sorry love it has to be a dare this time, house rules.”

“Um okay, dare then.” Betty responded.

“I dare you, to take Jughead into the closet for 7 minutes in heaven.”

Betty didn’t even blink, she stood up, grabbed Jug’s hand and started walking towards the closet. You couldn’t breathe, you stood up and announced you were going to get fresh air and a drink, you then went off and got yourself another drink from the kitchen and downed it, then poured another one, as you walked away Kevin and Ronnie looked at each other, both knowing even before you did that you were head over heels for Jughead Jones, and that the reason you left the circle wasn’t to get some fresh air, it was to get away from the fact that he and Betty are in the closet for 7 minutes in heaven, and it broke you thinking about all the things that could happen in that closet.

MLFluff Day 1 - Blush

A/N: 2k isn’t long by any sense but when you meant to do 500 words, it’s mind boggling. Still working on my process because I would like to crank out pieces instead of being 3 days behind, haha. Critics and comments are welcome and encouraged! ENJOY~~ 


Over the fierce hangover, Adrien discerns whispers and giggles but this is not abnormal when he enters the building.

Last night, the Gabriel brand had an end-of-project party to celebrate their new Miraculous fashion line. A new team of designers and marketers joined the company for the project and their work was phenomenal. They committed hours of labor that was well deserved for a celebratory break. Adrien remembers next to nothing of the affair. Which he assumes should be a bad sign, but his heart was so devastated that he refused to consider the events.

Nino Lahiffe, his best friend and stage manager for the runway, is leaning against the door frame of his office. His face looks anxious. Adrien is use to the pressure of working in the entertainment industry so a few anxious faces in the morning is nothing to sneeze over.

“Hey, Nino.” Adrien greets. He walks through the door and slumps into his chair.

“Hey! Wasn’t sure I’d see you, buddy. You didn’t answer my texts. You doing alright?”

Adrien sighs. “Nothing traumatizing. I managed to wake up only 3 hours late. I must of drank the whole bar.” He runs his hands through his hair.

"Man, I knew you were bold but, hell, I would be holed up in the Alps for a week after that show.”

“Show?” Adrien can’t recall much of the party after sitting at the bar, waiting for Marinette to arrive. “Did we have an impromptu runway walk?“

Nino laughs. “If that is new runway choreography, people will storm the doors like another French Revolution. I didn’t know you had such great moves. For a minute, I thought I turned to the other team.”

"I–What? I’m not following.”

“Dude…please tell me you remember something about last night.”

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Teen Wolf x Reader x Supernatural 5

Previous Part : Part Four


(Y/N) = Your Name
(H/C) = Hair Color
(E/C) = Eye Color
(S/C) = Skin Color
(N/N) = Nick Name


“(Y/N) I told you we would drive you to his house.”

You rolled your eyes. “Yes, and I don’t feel like you threatening him with a gun in your pants going on about how you’re my big brother and no one should hurt me blah blah.”

“Well, it’s true - ”

“I’m sixteen Dean,” You interrupted, glancing around the parking lot, seeing everyone rush to their cars to leave for the weekend, “And the most powerful one of all time. I think I can handle myself.”

“Yeah and last time you said that I got shot in the ass.” Dean barked, and your voice died in your throat, hearing him sigh, “(Y/N), this is for you and them. If you can’t control yourself around them then
they won’t think twice before attacking you. And then we have to show up and I don’t want to shoot teenagers, supernatural creatures or not. You know you can’t control it when you get angry.”

“Dean, we’re going to watch movies and eat junk food. The only thing I’ll get mad about is my ships not being official.”

“What the hell does that even - ”

“He’s coming. Bye Dean.” You hung up before Dean could finish, putting your phone in your back pocket, smiling back at Stiles who had Scott and Allison following him.

“Was that your brother?” He asked, putting his bag in the jeep and standing next to you.

“Yeah. I talked to his uh…” What did you call Cas? “His boyfriend, and apparently Dean was just upset that he couldn’t meet the guy who I’m hanging out with.”

“Was that because he wanted to or because I was to be inspected and threatened?”

“Some mysteries are best left unsolved 007.” You smirked, smiling at Scott and Allison.

“So you guys following us or are we all piling in his jeep?”

“Oh, we’ll be following.”

“Boyfriend?” You looked at Scott weird.

“Yeah, is there something wrong with that?” Allison elbowed Scott, sending a glare in his direction.

Stiles looked confused, Scott never seemed to have anything against gays, he was fine with Danny. “No, it just…You hesitated, seemed like you were lying.”

“Well,” You glared heavily at him, “I’m not. So can we head Stiles’ place now?” Your voice was icy, trying to cover the panic. You remember reading something in the lore about weres being able to hear
when someone was lying.

Stiles awkwardly cleared his throat, sending a smile at Scott who had the decency to look sheepish. You and him climbed into his jeep, seeing Scott and Allison walk to his car (or maybe hers you had no
idea) talking about something. “Sorry about him, he never seemed to be against that before.”

You smiled at him, “It’s fine. I told you I don’t think they like me much.”


“Hey dad.” Stiles greeted, walking inside, you following behind, his dad looking up from his coffee, eyes widening at the new face.

“Stiles,” He greeted, “And um…?”

You reached out to shake his hand, “(Y/N) (L/N), I’m new, my brothers are staying in town for awhile. Stiles invited me over, we were gonna watch some movies.” He nodded, looking between you two
before setting his gaze on Stiles, “Okay, well I have over night at the station so uh…” He had his keys in hand, heading for the door, “Be…be safe okay?”

Stiles’ face quickly grew red as his jaw dropped a bit, stammering out some words as you felt your cheeks heat up, both understanding the double meaning behind his words. “Mr. Stilinski we weren’t - ”

“Dad - ”

He raised one hand, silencing you two, both slamming your jaws shut as he said goodbye, opening to door to come face to face with Scott and Allison, another car pulling up. A look of realization crossed his
face as he turned back to the two of you, nodding awkwardly. “Scott, Allison.”

“Mr. Stilinski.”

He stepped around them, you and Stiles starting to laugh as he left. “Did he really just say that?”

“Oh God, I am so sorry.”

“What just happened?” Scott asked, and Stiles laughed at the clueless look on his friends’ face, clapping him on the shoulder, “When you’re old enough Scott I’ll give you the talk.” A disgusted look
passed over his face as he playfully punched Stiles, who laughed in return, more people you recognized from school coming in. You smiled, but you knew it was fake. You wanted to enjoy this, you
really did. You had a new friend/crush possibly, and if they liked you his friends and you may get along but you knew with them being what they were and you being what you were it wouldn’t work.

“(Y/N), you okay?” You looked up from the ground, Stiles giving you a concerned look, “Hmm?”

“You zoned out, you looked upset. You okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.”

He smiled, “Good, tonight’s gonna be awesome.”


“I just don’t feel safe with her being out this late. With them being some sort of creatures and (Y/N) still struggling with herself.” Sam rolled his eyes, putting down his beer bottle. Last night you and the guys
had discussed the strange things you had noticed with Stiles’ friends and Dean did a back check, seeing a lot of supernatural mayhem go on in this town. Sam had an idea on what they were but didn’t
want to say anything to Dean who was blinded by the fact his baby sister was making friends with a boy she may like.

“Dean, she’ll be fine. She’s a big girl. And she can control it enough.” Dean shook his head, sitting on the motel bed, rubbing his eyes.

Sam’s phone went off, and he picked it up, flashing the screen at Dean who sent him a ‘see’ look. “She’s probably asking to spend the night.”

“At a boy’s house? Tell her no. Actually tell her fu - ”


“S-Sam?” He sat up straighter, hearing the waver in your voice.

“(Y/N),” He put you on speaker, Dean coming to sit by him, “What’s wrong?”

“I - I need you to come pick me up.”

“What happened (Y/N)?” Dean asked, already getting his jacket and keys.

“Y - You were right D - Dean. I - I got mad and they saw - oh God they saw. I couldn’t control my anger and - and I just lost it - ”

“Where are you?” They were by the impala now, remembering last time they heard you this broken up.

“I - I don’t know. My hands had - they - the fire and when it died down they were just staring at me and I ran, and I don’t know where I am and it’s dark and - ”

“Hey (Y/N) it’s okay,” Dean pulled the car out of the parking lot, “Look around for anything and we’ll find you.”

“Um,” You paused, “I - I think I’m in the woods by the high school? I can see the sport lights and - and I think those are in the field at the school.”

“Okay we’ll be there in like ten minutes. Five if no cops see us.”

He heard your phone beep, “(Y/N)?”

“My phone’s almost dead. I - I’m gonna sit here. My legs are shaking I’ll just w - wait here.”

“Don’t move from where you are. You had your gun and demon blade right?”

“Y - Yeah.”

“Okay, keep those out and ready.”

He heard your phone beep before the line went dead, signaling your phone had died. He and Sam shared a glance, if those kids knew what she was or suspected it could cause more trouble than this weird
creature get together hunt.



“(Y/N) where are you?”


“Who are you two?” Dean and Sam spun around, both raising their guns in warning.

“Woah woah! Okay put the guns down no shooting!” They both lowered their guns, glaring at the lanky teen, seeing a few others trailing behind him.

“Who the hell are you?” Dean barked, and Sam saw the dude flinch at his tone.

“I’m Stiles. Dude chill on the dead voice we get it you’re terrifying. Jeez you and Derek should get together and be cops.”

“Stiles,” The older one glared at him, causing Sam to be confused. He definitely wasn’t a high school friend. So that meant he was the -

“You’re the little punk who’s befriended (Y/N) huh?” Dean sent a sarcastic smirk at him, “How’s that going for you?”

“Yeah about that - ”

“What is she?”

“Be careful how you word your questions that’s our sister.” Sam put a hand on Dean’s chest to stop him from lunging at the one with the crooked jaw, who stepped back some from the heat of Dean’s
glare but didn’t stop asking questions.

“I saw her eyes flash purple at school. And tonight - her hands they,” He looked at his own, not knowing how to put it into words, “She’s not human.”

“Neither are you.” Dean was tense and Sam was worried he’d go off and shoot them all.

“Who are you?” The older one, Derek, spoke up, and Sam was almost grateful for the change of topics, that might calm Dean down more.

“We’re the Winchesters.” Dean barked, and nope he was not calming down any.

“The Winchesters?” The smaller girl, standing next to the nosy teen questioned, and Sam heard a waver in her voice, indicating she knew who they were. Derek took a fraction of a step back, a surprised
look on his face.

“Who are the Winchesters?”

“The most known about hunters in the world.” She whispered, “They’re able to kill any supernatural creature, they’ve died and come back more than anyone’s been able to count and stopped the biblical
apocalypse. My dad’s both scared and idolizes them.”

“While we appreciate the fans,” Sam rolled his eyes at Dean, “We’re looking for our sister. The one you scared off to run into the middle of freaking no where.”

“We scared her?” They looked at one from the back, stepping from beside a red head, glaring at the two, “Her hands caught on fire, like actually on fire. We scared her?”

“Her hands caught on fire?” Dean sounded worried, stepping back from being restrained from Sam’s hand, making eye contact with his younger brother. “She hasn’t done that one before has she?”

“No, that’s further than she’s been able to do.” Dean rubbed his face, ignoring the bewildered looks on the others faces.

“Um, hello?” Sam clenched his jaw, man this guy was really annoying, “Are you going to answer any of our questions? Like what the hell is she? How do we stop her? What are you all doing here? When
will you leave?”

“Those are good questions, uh, what’s your name?”


“Jackson yeah…ever talk about (Y/N) like that again and I will unload every single silver wolfs bane bullets we own into your head. Understand me?” He had the decency to step back, trying to cover the
shocked look on his face, “How did you know where she was? She didn’t even know.”

“We followed her scent.”

“Her scent?” God really Dean? You’re just now figuring this out? Sam rolled his eyes, “They’re werewolves Dean.”

“Werewol - Wow…this is great. Djinns, vamps, wraiths and now weres. This is one screwed up town Sammy.” He turned around, “Whatever, you followed her scent. So where the hell is she?”

“We don’t know?”

“You don’t know? What? Wolf nose on the fritz?”

“No, it just…stops. Disappears. Like she just vanished.”

“People don’t just vanished.” Stiles bitched at Jackson.

“She was pretty upset,” Sam whispered to Dean, “She may have done something like that without meaning to.”

“I don’t think so. It only happens when she’s mad. You heard her, she was scared and upset. I don’t think she would have done anything that extreme.” He rolled his eyes, turning back to the bickering teens,
“Alright, shut up!”


“What Sam?” Without saying anything Sam held up his phone, showing Dean the text he just received.

‘Demons. Only demons.’

“It says she texted that…minutes before we got here.”

“Yeah,” Sam breathed out, “So that means - ”

“These murders were planned to throw us off and this son of a bitch has (Y/N).” He put his gun back in the back of his pants, “Stiles, older guy - ”


“Derek, you two are riding with us. We know what’s going on and unfortunately, we may need your help. The rest of you all, follow us.”

“Hold on, what makes you think we’re going to help you after knowing you might just kill us?” Stiles asked, hands up, stopping his friends from walking.

Dean took a few steps forward, face dead. “Because this is dealing with our sister. Your friend.” He studied Stiles for a minute, “After hearing her talk maybe more. So you’re going to help us, maybe not
for us but her.” He looked at the rest of the teens, “As for you, you don’t help you die. You help we leave. Simple as that.”

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Next Part : Part Six

Knock Knock Knock

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“Coming!” you shouted from across the house. It had been over a month since you put an ad in the paper looking for a roommate, and even though you’re outside the city, you thought there would be a little more foot traffic than this.

Taking a deep breath, you open the door, and looking back at you is a tall, slender male, no more than 30, with a gentle look on his face.

“Um…hello! Are you Miss…Y/N?”

Smiling lightly, you nod your head yes.

“Hi! My name is Dr. Spencer Reid. I was wondering if you were still in need of a roommate?”

Seeming to be unphased by your opposite gender, you say, “Yes. It is still available. Would you like to come take a look?”

Smiling, Spencer steps inside.

"Well, this is the main living area. Over to the right is my room and the sun room. The sun room doesn’t have any furniture, so feel free to fill it with yours. It would be a nice place for you to have a private guest, perhaps a nice lady, o-or gentleman friend, since you can shut the door to obtain your privacy.

Over to the left is the kitchen, and the little room beside it holds the fireplace and some more sitting room.”

Starting up the stairs, you continue with your tour, “Down at the ends of either side of the hallway are spare rooms. Each has their own full bathroom, so feel free to take whichever one you like. I don’t watch TV much so I don’t have cable, but I’m more than willing to provide it if you have a TV you wish to hook up.”

"Oh, no, that’s alright,” Spencer said. “Technology is ruining the pleasantries of the past.”

Chuckling, you say, “Couldn’t of said it better myself.”

Backtracking towards the double doors, you throw them open into the hallway.

As Spencer stares in with a twinkle in his eye, you say, “this is my library. It was a connecting wall between the two rooms, but I burrowed it out to add this addition. If you have books or book cases, feel free to put them here if you don’t want to put them in your room.”

As a stunned Spencer looks quizzically around the room, he says, “This house is incredible, and yet the rent is only $500?”

"Well…I mean, you are outside of the city a bit, and there is no cable, and only very basic internet, and…well…it’s gotten a bit lonely. It would be nice to no longer wake up to an empty home.”

Cocking his head, you sigh. “My family…perished…in a house fire when I was 18. Ever since then, I’ve been a recluse of sorts.”

"I’m sorry,” Spencer says.

“It was a long time ago,” you say, hoping he doesn’t continue to ask questions.

As the two of stand looking at each other, Spencer breaks the silence. “So, how do I apply?”

"Honestly? You’re the only person that has come to see the house. I’ll run a background check, but it’s yours if you want it.”

"Oh, ok! Well…” Spencer hands you his application. “Well, I don’t have a record. I’m a homebody as well, lots of reading and coffee.”

Smiling, you take the application from him. “Well, I’ll call you once the background check comes thru, and we can talk about the lease and moving in!”

Handing Spencer a copy of the lease, you continue, "Here is the lease to look over. If you have any questions or want to make any changes, feel free to call.”

As Spencer smiles, he says, “Thank you so much, Miss Y/N.”

“Not a problem, Dr. Reid,” you say as you escort him back to the door.

As Spencer walks out onto the porch, you smile to yourself as you come to the realization that you may no longer be alone anymore. But, as you turn your back and shut the door, you find yourself recanting the visit, and remembering how warm his smile made you feel.

Our Kind of Day (Thor x Reader)

Requested:Can you do a Thor x Reader and the reader and Thor have a cute and cuddly day? Thankyouuuuu

Words: 611

Warnings: None

Finals were done.

You could finally breath.

For the past few weeks you had been stressing and obsessing over finals, you had to well on them so you were constantly studying and reviewing. But yesterday you had completed your final exam! You were so happy, all that weight on your shoulders disappeared and you were free for the summer! Thor, your boyfriend of nearly two years, had asked if you wanted to go anywhere today or do anything special to celebrate being done with finals. 

But to his surprise you had said no. The one thing you had requested was for you and him to have a lazy day. After explaining what a lazy day was, he happily agreed. 

This morning you slept in, it was the best sleep you had gotten since Christmas break. When you woke up you had expected to feel Thor’s arms around you but you didn’t. You shot up in bed and looked around the room, he was always there in the mornings. Where could he have gone?

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feelingofnothing  asked:

The door hung partially open a few moments before the short redhead was literally pushed into the room, an anxious expression on her face. "Um... hello? Is this the place to audition?"

Ali chuckled. “Is it? Ask yourself that again before me..”


This is a bad idea. It was always going to be a bad idea.

Grace wasn’t as fond of the water as the job called for. But her friends were all signing up for jobs as lifeguards, so maybe it wasn’t as hard as it looked. She could sit in a chair and glare at children all day. She didn’t mind the extra time in the sun either. It’s the other things, specifically things that involve saving lives and interacting with children that would be a challenge.

Thankfully the day was almost over and, touch wood, nothing had happened yet.

Grace’s walkie talkie sounds from her hip, and static cuts through the air before a bored voice speaks.

We have a code ‘Jenga’ in Pool B. Over.

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anonymous asked:

Somewhere in a tree, was suprisingly a familiar child who was on a tree branch. He wasn't alone, he had a tiny, blue light on his head. "Hey, who's that?" The blue light said, having a VERY familiar voice, as the two looked over at the distance.

(Guessing this is for Tappy?)

“Hm?” He looked around him before seeing the two on the tree, which made him blink a bit, “Um…hello?” He asked facing them.

If Aizen had to replace the espada with other arrancar...

As requested by anon. :)

Disaster has struck in Hueco Mundo! All of the espada are either dead or missing or have resigned. Aizen must now pick 10 new espada using the other arrancar at his disposal. How will he refill the espada ranks, if it were based more on personality and powers than on strength?

#10: The (new) espada of anger: Tesla

Taking Yammy’s place is Tesla. Tesla does not, it is true, seem like a particularly angry guy. He’s pretty level-headed. But on the other hand, his release form makes him much larger, at which point he likes to beat people to death. So 

Tesla: Also just like Yammy, I like to follow an esapda around and interpose myself into his fights, sometimes in an unwelcome fashion.

Yammy: What do you mean unwelcome?

#9: The (new) espada of greed: Dordoni

Taking Aaroniero’s place is Dordoni. Admittedly, they’re pretty different people. But I figured the espada of greed should be somebody who wants a lot and goes after it, and that fits Dordoni. All through his fight with Ichigo, he wanted Ichigo to use his full power. He didn’t want to be shortchanged, as it were. And he was willing to use any means to goad Ichigo into using his bankai.

 Aaroniero: I feel like you lack the desire to eat everything that would truly make you me.

Dordoni: Thank goodness!

#8: The (new) espada of madness: Cirucci

Taking Szayel’s place is Cirucci. It just feels right, somehow: Cirucci has a similar mix of cruelty, perversion and craftiness to that of Szayel. She’s not particularly sciency, but maybe that’s just because she’s never had a lab. I’m sure she’d love to do terrible experiments on Ishida.


Szayel: Okay but how do you feel about traps?

#7: The (new) espada of intoxication: Charlotte

Charlotte takes Zommari’s place. But I have to be honest: I have *never* understood how Zommari represents intoxication or what intoxication has to do with aspects of death. So, uh, I’m basing this on the similarities in personality between the two. Zommari is a major control freak: his power literally allows him to take control of his opponent. Charlotte declares that “a princess always gets her way” and that the battle ends when Charlotte says that it ends. Plus, I could see Charlotte representing intoxication: being intoxicated by one’s own beauty and prowess. 

Zommari: But I would never give my attacks super long names. That is the opposite of being fast.

Charlotte: There are more important things than being fast, you know!

Zommari: You hurt me inside.

#6: The (new) espada of destruction: Ggio

Ggio takes over Grimmjow’s spot. Like Grimmjow, Ggio loves fighting and wants to prove his own strength. The two of them revel in destroying their opponents. But also like Grimmjow, Ggio’s downfall is his own self-destructive tendencies. He lets himself get goaded into revealing all of his powers, and then is taken down. 

Grimmjow: My only advice is: pick just the one shinigami you want to be obsessed with, and then pursue that one aggressively forever.

Ggio: Done!

#5: The (new) espada of despair: Loly

Taking Nnoitra’s place is Loly. Loly and Nnoitra have a lot in common: they are angry and violent, and they both have one female who is the main target for their rage. Nnoitra always attacked Nel, and Loly always attacked Orihime. For both, these attacks stem from their own secret feelings of inadequacy: Nnoitra despaired that he was not worthy of being killed, and Loly despaired that Aizen liked Orihime better than her.


Loly: Woo staff meetings with Aizen-sama!

#4: The (new) espada of emptiness: Sung-Sun

Sung-Sun takes Ulquiorra’s place. Ulquiorra was a solitary guy, emotionless and unable to understand humanity. Sung-Sun, unlike Ulquiorra, does have companions: but in a group of three fracciones, she’s always the odd one out. While Apacci and Mila Rose argue, she’s off on her own, making sarcastic comments. And sure she’s loyal to Halibel, but then, so was Ulquiorra to Aizen. Sung-Sun, like Ulquiorra, keeps any emotions she may have buried deep, deep inside - even covering her face with her sleeve to prevent any stray emotion from slipping out. Plus I could totally see her ripping off Ishida’s hand.

Ulquiorra: The next step is to pick an organ to obsess over.

Ulquiorra: The heart is mine, but you could always go for the liver.

Sung-Sun: That is a terrible idea.

#3: The (new) espada of sacrifice: Shawlong

Taking Halibel’s place is Shawlong. Finding an arrancar who’s cool with sacrifice was a little difficult, but I settled on Shawlong. Shawlong was one of Grimmjow’s fracciones, and the one who once asked Grimmjow to please eat them because they were never going to evolve any further. In other words, he was willing to sacrifice himself and his companions, but in a highly calculated way: he figured the sacrifice would benefit everyone. 

Halibel: You lost to Hitsugaya though. 

Shawlong: It was an off day.

#2: The (new) espada of age: Rudbornn

Taking Barragan’s place is Rudbornn. Barragan believed that nothing could withstand his power, and that he himself was immortal, a god. Rudbornn, although not an old dude, had a similar sort of attitude. He believed that because of his cloning abilities, he could never be killed - and he happily sent his clone underlings to his death, showing a similar management strategy to Barragan’s. In the end, of course, they were both proved dead wrong.

Barragan: How can he represent aging? He’s not even old.

Rudbornn: Um hello my face is a skull. 

#1: The (new) espada of loneliness: Kukkapuro

Starrk was defined by his loneliness: he really wanted friends, but he never could manage it. Kukkapuro is the arrancar who best captures this aspect. In all of his scenes, Kukkapuro just wanted cuddles and/or recognition from Yammy, but Yammy refused. Kukkapuro was one lonely puppy, but he never stopped trying.

Starrk: Um I don’t think Aizen would be cool with letting a puppy lead his espada.

Yammy: He let him into his army, didn’t he?