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Flags (Part Three)(#PrideFic)(Spideypool)

Happy Pride Month Lovelies!!
Wade and Peter talk a bit about sexualities in this chapter, please keep in my mind these are my opinions and aren’t meant to upset anyone. If you would like to talk about anything mentioned in here, feel free to message me or drop by my ask box
Pride Month is about all of us feeling welcome and secure in who we are, and I would never want to hurt anyone’s feelings or offend someone.

Wave your flags, babes, we are all perfect the way we are.

Part One     Part Two


“So.” Peter took a bite of the ice cream Wade offered him. “So pansexual means you are attracted to everyone.”

“No.” Wade shook his head. “No it means I can be attracted to everyone. Lots of people assume pansexuals are whores, that we will sleep with anything with two legs but that’s not true.” He shrugged a little. “I once dated a girl with one leg. No problem.”

Peter burst out laughing and Wade leaned down to press a cold kiss to his lips.

“Love that laugh, baby boy, glad you enjoy my jokes.”

Peter’s lips tingled a little from the unexpected kiss and he looked up shyly.

“So you can be attracted to anyone? I guess I dont see–”

“It’s like this.” Wade slipped a thick arm around Peter’s waist and steered him through the small crowd. “If I had seen you from the back, and fell in love with this ass–” He patted Peter’s butt lightly. “when you turned around and I got a look at the rest of you, it wouldn’t matter if you were a guy, a girl, non binary, asexual, it wouldn’t matter. I’m already attracted to you so that’s just that. Its not that I WILL sleep with anyone, its just that I could.

“So… even like, trans–” Peter hesitated. “I don’t know the right word, I guess.”

“Petey what’s your favorite thing about a girl?” Wade asked and Peter made a vague motion around his chest. “And you’re favorite thing about a guy?” Peter didn’t answer and Wade tried hard not to laugh. “Alright, so imagine being with someone who has both those qualities. It’s fun and exciting and… fun.” He shrugged a little. “Sexuality and gender is no hindrance for me when it comes to choosing partners. I can be with whoever catches my eye.”

“That sounds… freeing.” Peter admitted.

“It is. But so is deciding on your sexuality, no matter what it is.”

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John x Reader

Requested by Anon

John smiled when he spotted you walking through the offices. You’d been so busy with your nose on one of the huge books Michael had given you to check that you didn’t notice the doors or the objects in your way.

“Move.” John hissed when someone stopped in your way and he had to steer you back to your desk.

“You know you like her right, we can all tell.” Finn pointed out as his brother sighed and sat next to him.

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Chapter 1 - Chapter 2

Well, long post. Related to No such thing as fate, by mysecretfanmoments. This scene doesn’t match with the one in the fic at 100% because I’m a hopeless idiot. 

About this comic adaptation, honestly I don’t know what I’m doing. I was practically shivering until I did this. And it’s not enough. I need to draw more, to draw better, grrr, Levi is just as ugly as fuck I hate myself, sigh. 

Um. Read the fic. Enjoy it! I need to do something with these Ereri feelings GRR 

Dadster (Chapter 8)

The Great and Wonderful Dr. W.D. Dadster

With the best story title, ever, if he must say so himself.
Clearly it will go down in

An Undertale Fanfiction by: Topaz Shadowwolf
Undertale is owned by: Toby Fox
Rating: Teen for mild cursing, violence and to give me some wiggle room for later down the road
Heads up: Cursing, violence … not all sure, still in development
Ch 1 Ch 2 Ch 3 Ch 4 Ch 5 Ch 6 Ch 7

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Six Degrees - I [G/t JSE]

Hi! This is the first chapter of a JSE G/t piece that crosses over with the game Little Nightmares. Knowledge of the game is not required, though it helps! 

(If you’re unfamiliar with the game, it’s essentially about a girl named Six who’s stuck in an oversized world full of grotesque giants who want to capture her. :))

Also! Before I start I want to tag a couple people: @tinypancakes and @tzds-gt. I’ve been too shy to create an account until now, and while I was anonymous I looked at these blogs a lot, so, um…here’s a thank you! :)

This chapter is ~1.8k words. Enjoy!

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Wishing on the moon (Spencer x fem!reader)

AN: wow what even is this, so I found an imaginensfw thing where you wish on a shooting star and your fav character becomes real…, and I wanted to write a full story, idk I have had this feeling for every fictional character I cared about on a deep level so yeah. Um tagging some peeps.
@dontshootmespence @maybe-mikala @bookofreid
Um yeah enjoy.

Loneliness was something you were used to, always had been, it wasn’t new to you.
Most days you did a set routine, wake up, sit in bed scrolling through your phone, finally getting up to pee and then going to work, it was the same routine, since you had moved out of your parents place, you liked the small apartment you had, it was cozy enough for you, and the quiet was a nice feeling. But sometimes, it was too quiet.

Today was an easy day, work was slow, meaning the one person you could stand at your job and you could talk more then usual, though today her ideals on things made you question her sanity as they often did.
“For real, if you wish on a blood moon, which I may remind you is tonight, if you wish in the moon, close your eyes and wait, in the morning the wish will come true,” you snorted shoving her shoulder
“Okay, and did the mystic miss Zelda tell you that?” She rolled her eyes at you, walking with you towards the punch out clock
“For real, try it, what’s the worst that could happen? If everything’s the same in the morning then all you did was make a simple wish…” you sighed shrugging waving goodbye as you split ways.

Now here you sat, on your couch, Netflix on and Criminal minds playing as you watched the heartbreaking episode from season 8 again, Spencer was by far your favorite character in any show or anything you had read or watched. He wasn’t real but you still felt this weird connection with his story, he seemed like, if he was real, he would understand, he’d be able to fully and truly know and understand everything you went through, he was young, but so were you, and similar life experience made you connect to him more then any other character you had fallen for before,
“If you were real I guarantee, you wouldn’t be into me” you sighed feeling your phone vibrate seeing a message from your friend
“GO LOOK AT THE MOON! ITS SO FUCKING COOL!” You laughed pausing the episode as the credits started walking over to your balcony, opening the door, you made your way out onto the cold concrete. Walking to the railing you smiled seeing the bright reddish orange of the moon, it was pretty fucking cool, big in the sky to, sighing you looked around
“Fuck it, what could actually go wrong, oh no a hot Spencer Reid is real…” sighing you looked up at the moon
‘I wish…Spencer Reid…from criminal minds, was real….a person who could understand…..that’s my wish mr…um or mrs. moon.’ Closing your eyes you counted to 30 before opening them, sighing
“Okay then” walking back inside you locked up, turning everything off before crawling into bed, sighing
“I will never tell her i did what she said” with that you closed your eyes falling asleep quickly.

The next morning you groaned feeling the sun hit your face, blinking you adjusted to the light, slowly noticing the sound of someone behind you, breathing slowly, turning slowly you screamed falling off your bed,
“You know screaming in someone’s ear can cause some form of permanent hearing loss,” you knew that voice, you had fallen asleep enough times with Netflix on to know who it was, looking up, the flop of messy curly hair covered the face of the very real Spencer Reid who was now looking down at you, big hazel eyes looking you over
“You okay? Bad dream? Forget we came back last night? I know the case was a whole lot of sad and gross, never like cases like that” what? Wait that wasn’t…you..
“Uh…wait…am I..” looking around was not your bedroom, not in any form of what you had put together back in…reality..
“Spencer…you are Spencer…like super genius 187 IQ…Spencer” his face turned to confusion as his brows furrowed nodding to your question like statement
“Yes and you are (Y/N)…my girlfriend and also kick ass profiler for the BAU…are you okay, here sit up, on the bed preferably” you did so watching his eyes look over your face his hands coming up to hold your face,
“Pupils normal, no sign of sickness, not warm, are you okay? You are shaking and look like you just fell into the rabbit hole,” you looked at him, he had caring eyes, eyes you often dreamed of seeing this close, his hair was curly and crazy like you imagined,
“Yeah, I’m…I’m fine…just…I love you…a whole lot” smiling softly he nodded putting his forehead against yours eyes closed
“I love you too…okay, always will, I promise”

wickedbrony  asked:

Hi, Toriel! So, um, I'm glad the boys enjoyed their gifts. I got a little something for all three of you as well! 150g! Now, I know what you're thinking. That's a sizable amount of money and you may be wondering how I got it. Let me assure you, it was legal. Certainly not from a skeleton scientist who may or may not have left his moneybag unattended…Well, anyway, use it in whatever way you want! I'd love to stay and chat, but I have an…appointment…yeah, let's go with that. Bye!

“Oh my … this … well … this is quite, um, generous of you, dear, but … I’m afraid, no matter what the circumstances, I cannot condone stealing. No matter … who the … person might be.”


[Papyrus pauses.]


[Toriel doesn’t say anything. She looks down at the bag, conflicted. She starts to say something, but before she can, Sans carefully slips the bag out of her hands and peeks inside.]

“whoa, that’s a lotta money …”

“Now, Sans, that doesn’t belong to us.”

“they just gave it to us, tho.”

“Well, yes, but it wasn’t obtained—”

“they said it was legal.”

“Yes, I know what they said, but—”

“i dont think theyre a liar. do you think theyre a liar, bro?”


“My children—”

“im sure wherever they got it, it’s better off with you. dont you think so, papyrus?”


“Well …”

[Sans holds out the bag to her, grinning. Toriel sighs and takes it back. As the boys wave to thank you, she opens the bag to look through it.]

“If it means less chance of him doing anything unethical with it, I suppose I can overlook my own morals, just this once …”

[Meanwhile, across the Underground, Gaster, about to go buy cigarettes, reaches into his moneybag and pauses. He looks inside. He stares for a moment, blank-faced.]

“… @#$%.”

anonymous asked:

SolasxLavellan - timer/soulmates au, or tattoo first words exchanged/soulmates au

Soulmate Solas x Lavellan: In Another World

Words: 1,142

Wow sorry for length anon. You apparently gave me a prompt I had a lot to write about. Fluffy things, too. Soulmate things, meeting for the first time in a new world and accepting they can maybe have a happy life. Destined to be together things. And happy. Together and happy.

Lots of cheese and out of character reunions and kissing in the rain. I couldn’t help it.

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anonymous asked:

Hitler was a mental case (anxiety and other mental disorders) and a junkie who tried a concoction of all sorts of drugs. How about Ouma begins experimenting with drugs in the nurse's office in order to cope with his anxiety of the killing game. After a while, he begins abusing the drugs, and his behavior changes to the point where others worry. This prompt has some creative liberties because drugs affect people differently, especially drug cocktails. I'm interested to see how he recovers.

I’m probs gonna have to write a Part 2 to this story, because I couldn’t fit in the recovery aspect that you’re interested in. Sorry D: Probs post a part two tomorrow? Or maybe after doing a few other prompts (got 15 other in me box here oh wow :0) Either way, a Part 2 is defs being planned! :D

Anyways, I like writing an Ouma who has completely given up. An Ouma in despair, not despair crazy, just, despair… empty. Despair… sad. You’ll see I guess. :0 

Also, as a side note… I have… no idea, about drug stuff, at all. I’m kinda… not the best at that so uh, I’m sorry if my portrayal isn’t accurate D: Anyways, um, please enjoy ^u^ 

To Rekindle Your Hope

There was something seriously wrong with Ouma Kokichi.

Amami barely noticed it at first, just an off-hand comment or a strange look Ouma gave Amami every now and then. It wasn’t anything memorable, it wasn’t anything concerning. It was just a moment of weirdness that everyone got from time to time, right? Amami thought there was no need for concern.

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♞ - Caring for each other while ill (from this list) (a/n: it’s almost the prompt…)

The beep of the heart monitor sounds overly loud in the silent, sterile room. Ignoring how to constant jolt of sound is fraying his already scattered nerves, Connor surveys the guy standing off to his right. 

The man is tall, maybe just a bit taller than Connor himself. His dark hair is cropped short but is still mussed, like he’s spent a good part of time fussing with it. The eyes behind his heavy, black frames look exhausted and heartbroken. 

The man had told Connor his name was Oliver. 

The doctor had told Connor the man was his husband. 

“So.” Connor waits until Oliver looks up. “We’re married?”

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It never ceases to amaze me when people message me on my blog to tell me that they don’t like when I post certain things or when I talk about something they don’t enjoy. Um excuse me, who do you think you are? I’m all for constructive criticism but when you come to a person’s blog, that they’ve made for themselves, and you tell them you don’t like how they run said blog, well that is your problem not the admins problem. They don’t owe you anything. You have no ownership or control over their blog.

So, if you see something you don’t like on someone else’s tumblr, you have two options, and only two options, a.) scroll past it or b.) unfollow. 

To people who get messages from others trying to dictate the content they put on their blog, you don’t owe anyone anything. You are not obligated to post or change your blog according to whatever anon wants. You keep running your blog the way you like (as long as you’re not doing anything criminal or inappropriate) and let those people unfollow. /end rant


Title: Affliction (Part 1 of the Forget Me Not series)

Pairing: Reader x Dean

Words: 1,880

Warnings: Swearing, character death (you), angst, grief, minor violence

A/n: Something a little different, I think. Just needed something to get me out of my writer’s block. Love The Blacklist, love this quote, so of course I had to do something with it. Um… Enjoy?

Inspiration: “There is nothing that can take the pain away. But eventually, you will find a way to live with it. There will be nightmares. And everyday when you wake up, it will be the first thing you think about. Until one day, it’s the second.”

                                                       ~ Raymond Reddington (The Blacklist)

(Part 2 - Avalanche)


Dean hadn’t seen Baby in a well over a month, even though he’d had every chance to. She was just outside, sitting somewhere in the junkyard, but he hadn’t once thought seeing her would be advisable, nor did he think be could bring himself to do it.

Because she was bent up, broken. Her tires were all but gone, front end crunched in a harsh ‘U’ shape, windshield completely shattered. But it wasn’t her he was worried about seeing again, wasn’t her that tore up his every breath and took up his every thought. It was her, the other her. The one whose blood stained her leather seats, who’d probably cried out in a shriek of terror as the breaks gave out, as the steering wheel lost control and drove her straight into a wide oak tree. As Dean had found out later, as much as it pained him to have heard from one of the EMTs, her death hadn’t been instantaneous. She’d lasted for several minutes after the crash, had to deal with the horror of her broken and torn body all alone, until she eventually bled out.

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