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irelandforever  asked:

Hey, i um made an edit using that Markiplier neon edit you did, I was wondering if i could upload it to my blog and tag you, i made sure to leave your watermark in it. If you dont want me to upload thats fine

Okay, that’s fine :D
170121 K-루키즈 파이널 콘서트 마마무 직캠 MAMAMOO Fullcam
로고크롭 금지/DO NOT CROP OR ERASE LOGO 2차가공시 문의/Ask us if you want secondary processing

[OT4 Full Fancam] 170121 Mamamoo @ K-Rookies Final Concert || © VIEWFINDER || Do not crop or erase logo, Ask for permission before editing.

Setlist: Um Oh Ah Yeh (0:00) || Talk 1 (3:35) || You’re the Best (5:40) || Talk 2 (9:37) || Décalcomanie (10:45)

rebelcaptain + the little mermaid

Cassian Andor is being forced to chose a wife by his royal advisors. He’s reluctant to marry, until a mysterious woman saves him from a shipwreck. 

Jyn Erso just wants to experience life above the water, against her father’s wishes. When she saves a man from drowning, she decides to seize the day and trade her voice for a chance at a human life. 

aesthetics → yuri on ice characters + quotes

“Don’t stop us now, the moment of truth
We were born to make history
We’ll make it happen, we’ll turn it around
Yes, we were born to make history.”