um can i have her face

  • Kara: Lena, I have something to tell you. I'm-
  • Lena: You're Supergirl, Kara. I know.
  • Kara: How...?
  • Lena: The scar on your brow. Kinda gives you away.
  • Kara: Um... Oh... I didn't realize anyone could see that tiny scar.
  • Lena: You scrunch your nose in the most adorable way when you're flustered and the cutest little crinkle appears right beside it. And then when you're frustrated you frown and I can't even with your puppy face. And when you sleep fly to my apartment and you're asleep next to me, you're so peaceful and relaxed and I brush over it with my fingers and-

Abby Griffin in every episode | 3x09 Stealing Fire

“I won’t let this happen to you.”

Thank you for your request! Female pronouns have been used because that is what you used in your request.


  • would confess to his crush after school in an empty classroom
  • he is actually super nervous and when he looks at her he sees her face go from elated to conflicted
  • “I-um-uh, aren’t you dating Oikawa?”
  • Iwaizumi is taken aback but his crush doesn’t notice
  • she starts to tell him that she really is flattered and she wishes that they could have been a couple
  • “But I’m not dating Oikawa!!”
  • “Don’t make excuses!! You’re a great guy but don’t cheat on your boyfriend!”
  • she starts to walk away but Iwaizumi grabs her hand to stop her
  • “What can I do to convince you that I’m not dating that idiot Oikawa?”
  • “Break up with him honestly then we can date.”
  • so Iwaizumi has to embarrass himself by publicly declaring that he and Oikawa are through
  • his crush nods approvingly and she and Iwaizumi start dating


  • he would ask to meet her after they were both done with their club activities and confess sincerely
  • his crush would tear up a little because of how beautiful the confession was but would be sad knowing that it could never work out
  • “Daichi that was so lovely but what about Sugawara?”
  • “What about him??”
  • Daichi would be so confused because since what did Suga have to do with this and now his crush was sniffling sadly
  • he would try to come closer to comfort her but she wouldn’t allow, creating more distance between them then Sugawara walks in accidentally
  • Sugawara looks surprised to see them, which she mistakes as anger
  • “I’m sorry, Daichi! I can’t be the reason you cheat on your boyfriend”
  • she runs out, Daichi is even more confused, Suga is trying to get the heck out of there
  • “Oh no you don’t Sugawara, you are going to help me fix this.”


  • Kuroo would tell his crush to meet him after school, very confident that his confession will have good results
  • when they do meet, his crush would look nervous but Kuroo would confess anyways
  • “I like you too but let’s not date. You already have Kenma.”
  • “What? I can have a friend and a girlfriend at the same time ya know”
  • she would be suspicious bc she is pretty sure Kenma isn’t just a ‘friend’
  • “But wouldn’t you be cheating on Kenma if we dated?”
  • now Kuroo is confused but his crush is walking away telling him to be honest with Kenma and his feelings
  • Kenma pops up beside Kuroo and says he is an idiot
  • “She thought we were dating so you better clear things up.”
  • “girls are so confusing…” Kuroo murmurs as he goes to find his crush, bringing Kenma with him so they can explain things properly

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anonymous asked:

So I imagine Zarya as a private person when it comes to relationships and i feel like that might freak me out a lil idk? So can you please do a zarya x reader where she thinks zarya doesn't want their teammates to know their together and is insecure and finally she cries and tells zarya how she feels and zarya just heaves reader over her shoulder and is shouting "she is mine. I am hers. I love her. No one else can have my baby." And stuff like that and reader is embarrassed but also relieved?

“Oh Y/N who are you waiting for?”

“Oh um…no one! I just like to see that everyone has made it home safe!”

You forced a smile onto your face, your mind tuning out the rest of what they were saying as your eyes turned up to look at the dropship that was making its descent onto the vertiport. You absolutely hated lying and you hated hiding why you were here even more. While a portion of your statement was true, you did want to make sure everyone made it back safe, the real reason you were here was to make sure your beautiful girlfriend had made it back home unscathed. Zarya had a tendency to make light of any injuries she endured and while she was the strongest woman in the world, in your opinion, that didn’t make her invincible. She was sweet and loving, confident and strong, but incredibly private when it came to personal matters. Most didn’t know of her family back in Russia or about her tumultuous childhood, things she had slowly opened up to you about. They also did not know about you.

Honestly, you had rationalized it and it made sense. You weren’t a field agent, merely one of a handful engineers that had joined the recalled Overwatch. Zarya was the image of beauty and strength and surprising grace while you were…just you. While you were absolutely sure no one would mind if they knew about you, you could understand why Zarya didn’t want to tell anyone that the two of you were dating. She deserved someone just as glamorous and spectacular as she was and while she had chosen you for the time being, you’d understand if she’d move on to bigger and better things without you. Your stomach twisted up any time your thoughts strayed to ideas like that, unshed tears burning in your eyes as you watched the ship touch down. You loved Zarya and she loved you but maybe your thoughts were right, maybe you just weren’t a right fit.

“Oh look look! Here they come!”

You blinked rapidly, trying to force the tears away, hands quickly jumping up to push away the tears that had managed to slip out as your fellow engineer shook your shoulder. The handful of non-field agents and the few field agents who had wandered out grew into a slight tizzy as agents began to began to disembark. Agents walked up unabashedly, McCree greeting Hanzo, Lucio walking out with his arms around Hana’s shoulder, Reinhardt offering Ana his hand and escorting her inside. You felt butterflies burst from within you as you caught the flash of pink behind the massive German man, before your gaze locked onto Zarya’s cerulean eyes.

She had removed her armor already, leaving her in only loose black cargo pants, her black boots with pink accents and the tight black tank top that made you feel weak in the knees. Her eyes lit up giving you a small half nod of the head before continuing down the ramp. Every part of you wanted to run up and throw your arms around her neck but you resisted to respect her wishes. Instead, you gave a weak half wave, not trying to draw attention to yourself or the fact that she was looking at you. A genuine smile crossed your lips before it wavered for a moment, throat still slightly tight from the pained thoughts that had been plaguing you earlier.

“Dammit”, you cursed softly, under your breath as you lifted your hand and twisted your head away to rub hard at your eyes and stop the line of tears that threatened to spill. Closing your eyes tight you rubbed hard again, mentally admonishing yourself before opening your eyes once more. “Eh?!”

Your shoulders jumped, eyes going wide in surprise as you watched Zarya make a beeline towards you, concern apparent on her face. Your jaw dropped, hands lifting to wave in front of you, trying to silently signal to her that you were alright and she didn’t have to blow her cover if she didn’t want to. Her look was stern and serious as she quickly made her way to you, stopping and grabbing your chin much gentler than one would expect of a woman of her size. Your face began to burn, eyes darting away from her as nervousness churned in your belly.

“Moy mishka”,Zarya questioned, her thumb lightly tracing one of the tear streak on your face. “Why do you have tears in your eyes? Who hurt you? I will break them.”

Your bottom lip quivered at her words, your teeth biting down hard to bite back the cry that threatened to tumble out. Face scrunching up, several tears rolled down your cheeks as you sucked in a shuddering breath through your nose. Zarya made a soft sound low in her throat, both of her hands cupping your cheeks and pushing more of your tears away. You weren’t able to hold it back anymore, a quiet sob falling from your lips as she smoothed a hand over your hair.

“I’m sorry”, you breathed out, hiccuping softly and sniffling. Your hands lifted up, covering her hands with your smaller ones and squeezing. “I just…I know I’m not that great and I’m sorry that you’re stuck with me…I know that you don’t want anyone to kn-know about us but I w-wish I c-could hug y-you wh-when you get b-b-back. I-I’m so so-sorry for being selfish.”

You were blubbering and stuttering by the end of your short rant, shoulders shaking as you tried to rein your emotions back in. You sniffled, trying to pull away from the Russian bodybuilder but not being able to break away from her touch.

“Do not want anyone to know”, Zarya questioned, her gentle comforting movements slowing on your face. “Kukolka, do you think I am ashamed of you?”

You hiccuped again, a silent confirmation as your head tilted downward. You tried to curl in on yourself as Zarya’s hands pulled away from your face, eyes shutting tighter as you waited for the inevitable rejection. Your eyes flew open as you felt Zarya’s hands on your hips, squealing in surprise as you were hoisted up from the ground and then over her shoulder.

“A-Aleks”, you gasped out in surprise, lightly pawing at her back as she began to walk inside. One hand brusquely rubbed at your face, pushing your tears away while trying fruitlessly to scramble away from the tight hold. “Wh-what’re your doing?”

“Everyone”, she shouted, the lingering field agents and stragglers turning around to look at your girlfriend. You felt your face begin to heat up in a blush, your body going limp as you realized all eyes in the room were on thrown over your girlfriend’s shoulder. “Y/N is mine! I am hers! I love her! No one else can have moy kroshka! Eto panyAtno?”

Your face burned as you listened to Zarya claim you to all that could hear it, your hands lifting and covering the blush that was stretching across your skin. You were terribly embarrassed, but in the same breath relieved, butterflies exploding in your center as she instantly silenced every single voice in your head. You could hear the soft, good humored chuckles around the room and the surprised whisper of your colleagues, the giddy blush travelling down your chest and to the tips of your ears. Your hands were still covering your face as Zarya carefully lowered you to the ground, the tall woman gently coaxing your hand away from your face. A shy smile rested on your lips, your eyes glimmering and misty with happiness.

“Thank you”, you murmured, voice barely above a whisper, Zarya bending over slightly and pressing a kiss to your lips.

“Anything for you.”

BTS As Things My Brother Has Said Pt. 3
  • Seokjin: Honestly the chicken was very dry
  • Yoongi: Wow. I hate her so much that her face is actually making me gag. Shit, I’m going to throw up
  • Hoseok: I just. I think bumblebees are cute
  • Namjoon: Hey guys...I don’t mean to alarm you, but I think I broke my collarbone. Haha. Don’t worry though. Um. Haha. Can...can the hospital i aM IN PAIN
  • Jimin: The best part about dating her is that she’s shorter than me. Even in heels
  • Taehyung: I have an elephant but I can’t show you. It’s private
  • Jungkook: 1997 BITCHES!!!!!!!!
  • - Eden (*^3^)/~☆

“I’ve known a lot of people with money, and they are definitely not worth you. And besides, if they have something nice that makes you feel inferior, we can just take it.”

“I like the way you think.”

“Well, and then they’re just, y’know, shit without anything, and you’re… you, with their stuff.”

Crushes (Smut & Fluff) [Requested]

“I told you mine. Tell me your crush!” Octavia demands, poking you. You blush a dark red color.

“I might have a…crush on….Bellamy?” You say, your voice getting higher as you say his name. Octavia freezes looking behind you. You turn around and see Bellamy staring at you. Your eyes go wide.

“A crush on who now?”

“Um….” Your face gets impossibly darker and your eyes are glued to his, hoping that he honestly hadn’t heard. “No one?” You try.

“Really because I’m pretty sure I heard you say my name.”

“I- uh-”

“Leave her alone, Bellamy.” Octavia says from behind you. To your dismay, he ignores her.

“Y/N, can we talk?” He holds out a hand to you and you take it, letting him help you stand up. He leads you to his tent and you don’t say a word the entire trip. He unzips it and let’s you in first, zipping it back up when he gets in behind you. You turn around and, man, is he close to you.

“Look, Bellamy-” His lips are on yours and he pushes you back until your legs bump into his makeshift bed. He lightly pushes you down on it and gets on top of you.

“I like you too, now shut up, and get naked.” He pauses, “Please.” He takes off his own shirt and puts his gun off to the side, undoing his pants and taking them off, his underwear following as you take off your shirt and pants. “You want this right?” You nod and he pulls off his underwear, going for your bra and undoing it as you push off your underwear. Two fingers inter you and curl and your gasp. The kisses you slowly as his fingers start going in and out of you quickly. “I always liked you. Up on the ark you never noticed me, but I would come in and clean the cafeteria and you would be talking to Octavia.” He adds another finger, “I remember thinking about how pretty you were.” His finger twist and you moan. “That feel good, princess?” You pant out a yes and he smirks, pulling his fingers pup and drawing a whine from you.

He kisses you before lining himself up and pushing in slowly. It was only slightly uncomfortable but Bellamy felt the need to distract you and his hand goes to your clit as he kisses you harder. His fingers rub tight circles against you and you moan. “Y-you can move.” He goes slow for a while, eventually picking up the pace until he is slamming into you and neither of you can hold back your moans. His hands move up to your breasts and squeeze. You cum hard around him and a few thrusts later, he does the same.

“Be mine, Y/N?”

“No, I just had sex with you because I do that with every guy that asks.” He doesn’t share your smile. “That was sarcasm, you dolt. Or course I’m yours.”


“I have a daughter?” Gibbs asked quietly, staring at Jenny like she had two heads.

“Yeah. Her name is [f/n] and she’s been dying to meet you.” Jenny answered, struggling to keep her voice level. “She hasn’t even seen you face to face and she practically idolizes you already.”

Gibbs nodded, a slow, shocked smile spreading over his lips. “Wow. Can I, um… can I see her?”

“If you want.”

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Hollstein Astronaut AU

Because ukulelekatie asked for one.  Not exactly what you wanted?   But maybe close?  I don’t know, but I really liked the idea.

“Mission Control to Athena.  What’s your status Athena?”

A beat.

“Well hello there Mission Control.  You’re new.  What’s your name cutie?”

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So I was just remembering this girl I met about four years ago. I don’t remember her name or face. She was a customer and I was the cashier. While I was ringing up her purchases I noticed half a tattoo under her shirt sleeve. I asked her what it was. She lifted the shirt sleeve up and it was a gorgeous tattoo of an angel.

I said “wow, that’s beautiful.”

To which she replied “Oh um thank you. It’s uh…supposed to be lucifer.” She suddenly got very defensive and said “I’m not a satanist or anything.” She wasn’t badmouthing, she just was worried I’d judge her for it but continued. “He was gods brightest and most beautiful angel-” she said more but I can’t remember all of it.

I said “It’s okay, you don’t have to explain anything to me. It’s a beautiful tattoo. I really like it.”

Her face got a little red and we both smiled.

I don’t know why that memory stands out to me but I just felt like sharing it.

um. Ok let’s pretend I have some context to this aside from I just really wanted Daroga to kiss Raoul

Let’s say maybe Raoul was having some sort of sexuality crisis and he doesn’t have any many male friends to ask so he goes to Nadir all flustered and upset like “HEY SO I’M SORT OF FREAKING OUT BECAUSE I THINK I LIKE GUYS??? LIKE I KNOW I LIKE GIRLS I LOVE CHRISTINE SHE IS FANTASTIC I LOVE HER SO MUCH BUT I MAY ALSO LIKE MEN BUT I’M NOT SURE SO COULD YOU MAYBE KISS ME OR WHATEVER PLEASE” and Nadir is sort of like “Um.” but like, Raoul is so cute and sad and pathetic that Nadir gets all emotional like How can you say no to that face? So Nadir just. Takes one for the team.

And that’s how Raoul found out he might be really bi the end.

Conversations with mommy

*time for kitten to go home but her legs were tangled with mommy’s*

Me: I have to go home now.. *pouts*

Mommy: Nooo

Me: Yesss

Mommy: *pulls me close* no.

Me: But I have to leave now..

Mommy: Nope.

Me: *whines* plsss let me go?

Mommy: Only if you can guess the password

Me: Is it please?

*mommy shakes head*

Me: um… thank you?

Mommy: *giggles at me* Nope

Me: China?

*mommy shakes head again and buries her face into my neck as I guess several more times*

Mommy: you have one last guess and then I’ll tell you the password okay?

Me: *nods*

Mommy: *watches me for around 5 minutes and laughs everytime my face scrunches up with concentration*

Mommy: What’s the password kitten?

Me: Blue!!!!

(mommy has blue and black hair - its pretty)

Mommy: That’s not the password, should I tell you?

Me: Yes plss

Mommy: *rubs her nose against mine* are you sure?

Me: Tell meeee!!!

Mommy: *wraps me in her arms & kisses me*

spookyandcute-mikey  asked:

😺😸😻😹 ((have fun))

😺 - Happy and purrs 24/7, loves to plays and bounce around
😸 - Won’t stop snuggling, no concept of personal space
😹 - Little wobbly but lovey, can’t walk in a straight line and runs into everything
😻 - Loves everyone and everything, runs face and butt on anything it possibly can

“Ohmigosh! So many kittens! Gah! I love them!”, Skylar squealed, stars in her eyes. “Oh wait! Be careful Wobbly!”, she said, as she picked up the kitten. Another one clung to her leg. “Um, don’t rub your face up against that!”, she said. Skylar giggled as another kitten bounced around. “Thanks Mikey!”, Skylar said, grinning. @spookyandcute-mikey

“Can I help you, m’lord?” 

Vlad turned, then started at the unexpectedly close proximity of the barmaid who was smiling coyly up at him. If she were any closer he’d have felt compelled to propose out of propriety.

“Um,” he said, watching as her fingers trailed slowly up her neck, head tilting to the side in an inviting manner as she reached to tuck an errant curl away from her face. “You haven’t seen a werewolf around here, have you?”

“What?” She blinked. 

“Dark hair, blue eyes?” Vlad hazarded, gesturing the length of himself “About my height but about twice as broad and looks like he could bench press a horse and carriage if he wanted to?”

“Oh, him.” her tone flattened like a punctured souffle. “There was a fight and he broke it up. Cook’s resting his hand on ice.”

“Of course he did,” Vlad rolled his eyes.

“Are you sure there’s nothing I can get for you, m’lord?” the barmaid tried again, twirling the end of a piece of silk which acted for a poor woman’s choker. “Whatever you’d like?”

Vlad smiled politely, “No, thank you,, now if you’ll excuse me…”

“Look, sorry…is that it?”

“What?” Vlad blinked.

“Only I thought…we thought…”

Vlad looked up and found himself the subject of scrutiny from several pairs of eyes, all of them belonging to a gaggle of pretty girls in possession of varying degrees of ample bosom very nearly on display, and hungry, hard smiles. One of them had even managed to conveniently prick her finger.

Oh dear…he thought, fang chasers.

“Look, I’m sure you’re all lovely and you’d make wonderful drones,” Vlad sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. “Some of you might even survive the full bite. But you can’t just flash a bit of clavicular notch and expect a quick nip and an invitation to eternal darkness. We’re not all balcony jumpers you know.”

I’m not sure if this will make the final cut, but Vlad being forever indignant about the stereotype that vampires are soulless ravishing blood suckers rendered senseless at the sight of a bit of negligee and some blood is my favorite.

#notallvampires #vampireshavefeelingstoo #thanksbutnofangs


Imagine Natasha Being Your First Kiss

For Anon

Natasha and you have been dating for a long time now. But it’s never gotten beyond a hug or kiss on the cheek. You’re hesitant and she doesn’t want to push you.

“(Y/N) when can I give you a kiss goodnight?” Natasha inquires. The two of you stroll hand in hand one summer night after a pleasant date.

“Um…,” you trail off. You’ve never kissed a one before.

“No pressure I’m just curious,” Natasha adds quickly. You face her blushing and shrug.

“Whenever you want. I’ve just never kissed anyone before,” you explain nervously. Natasha looks at your face and giggles. “Don’t laugh!”

“No no I’m not laughing at you. You’re just so adorable!” Natasha exclaims and you blush brighter. Her hand comes up to cup your cheek and she smile.

“Are you gonna kiss me now?” you ask almost daring.

“If you’ll let me,” she says.

“I’m letting you,” you whisper. Natasha gently brings your face forward and leans in. Your lips meet gingerly and her hand goes to hold your neck. It’s sweet and loving. A perfect first kiss.


Kol and Freya in 3x22 (Guilt)

(Part 2)


you’ve always been like a dream to me

“You’re lucky I’m just scolding you.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, if you were mine, you wouldn’t be able to sit down for a week after the stunt you pulled yesterday. You didn’t eat, you got drunk, you put yourself at risk.” He closes his eyes, dread etched on his lovely face, and he shudders slightly. When he opens his eyes, he glares at me. “I hate to think what could have happened to you.”

um… that’s…

shouldn’t you show some gratitude that she wasn’t hurt? instead of making it all about you for once? shouldn’t you let her make her own decisions about what she does with her damn life? she can get drunk if she wants, you ass

Missing Moment: Heels vs Raptor

Claire watches as Owen introduces the boys to the Raptors. She doesn’t miss the proud look on Owen’s face as he tells them that he is the alpha and she can clearly see the excitedness on Gray’s face. Owen spots her behind them and his face instantly softens. Gray turns to see what has caught Owen’s attention and immediately smiles at the sight of his Aunt.

‘Aunt Claire! Have you meet the raptors before?’

Claire can feel Owen’s gaze become more intense as Gray asks the question and she slowly steps forward.

‘Um no,’ she replies. ‘I haven’t properly met them.’

‘How come?’ Zach asks and Claire feels a slight onset of panic, though she doesn’t really know why. Thankfully, Owen comes to her rescue.

‘Your Aunt manages this whole park. She doesn’t get a lot of time to meet all the dinosaurs.’ Owen said, bringing Gray’s attention back to him. Claire sends him a grateful look but Owen can still see the regret in her eyes. He knew that after seeing the Apatosaurus die in front of her, the animal had quickly become more than just an asset.

‘You should come and meet them now!’ Gray says, walking over to take hold of her wrist and drag her over. Claire stumbles on the first step but dutifully follows her nephew to the fence.

‘Did you know Owen was the alpha?’

Claire nods her head, still feeling Owen’s intense gaze on her.

‘Introduce her Owen,’ Gray urges and Zach does nothing to hide his smile. Claire looks up at Owen and gives a small shrug of her shoulders.

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EXO Reaction when they have to tell you extremely sad news but you look like the happiest person

Hi, are you taking requests? I want to ask for one when they have to tell you a very very sad news but you look the happiest person in the world that day. thank you <3-Anon.

Xiumin: *looks at the bright smile on your face from a distance*

You: Is everything okay? :)

Xiumin: *decides not to tell you* Yeah…everything’s fine darling.

Luhan: How am I gonna tell her bad news when she’s in such a great mood?

Kris: Why does this always happen? Every time I have something sad to tell, she’s happy. How am I going to put this in the best way possible?

Suho: Um…Sweetie, can I talk to you for a sec?

Lay: Maybe I should wait until tomorrow to tell her…I wouldn’t want to ruin the rest of her day.

Baekhyun: *frustrated* She has to find out sooner or later… But…I don’t want the smile on her face to disappear.

Chen: Great, now I’m gonna feel like an ass for killing her mood.

Chanyeol: Sweetie, I have something to tell you.

You: *with the biggest smile on your face* What is it? :)

Chanyeol: Oh… um… never mind…

D.O: To tell her… or not to tell…to tell her…or not to tell…

Tao: Honey, I think you should sit down…

Kai: Yeah no… I’ll just come back later to tell her.

Sehun: Bitch sit down. I have something to say.

Sehun: Just kidding, I’m sorry but what I have to tell you might destroy your entire mood.