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A/N: since i literally don’t have any barry allen oneshots i brought this one back from my old account :)))

  • PAIRING: Barry Allen x Reader
  • SUMMARY: In which Barry always goes to Jitters but somehow always sees a girl there, typing. Boy meets girl, bam they fall in love right? Not their story…
  • WORDS: 1116 (it’s long sorryy)

DAY 1. It was a Sunday, he had work and she had an entry to write. He decided to stop by a place he’s all too familiar with to grab a cup of coffee to go. She decided the same.

He goes for the coffee, she goes there for inspiration. It was bound for the both of them to meet somehow.

That was the day, a cappuccino he ordered to the barista. That’s when he saw her, sitting on one of the uncomfortable chairs, the coffee shop had many to offer, her laptop on the square table with a notepad next to it. While her brows were furrowed, an obvious look of concentration, as she typed her delicate fingers on the keyboard.

The moment he saw her face, he was in shock at her beauty, gaping almost. The barista snapped him out of his daze, “one large cappuccino for Barry!?”

The young man shook his head, coming out of his daydream. Taking the coffee from the woman, smiling his infamous smile showing off his pearly whites as thanks.

With one last look at the mysterious girl, he left to go save the day.

DAY 2. He was there yet again, it’s officially been apart of his daily routine to get a cup of caffeine before he arrived at his workplace.

‘I guess you can say coffee has taken part of my life now,’ he would say if anyone commented about it. However, it was true if anyone had the courage to question about it.

When he was in line for the second day that week that was when he saw her, yet again, typing away at her keyboard. Her Y/H/C hair parted on her shoulder neatly, as it cascaded down to her waist [that’s how long my hair is lololol].

Barry couldn’t help but gape at her, again. He looked at his watch that his adoptive father gave him, sad to go to work now.

DAY 3. This time he went to the coffee shop around the afternoon, it was a Tuesday; one of his favorite days since it’s his day off.

That’s usually the day where he goes to his day job, S.T.A.R labs. However, today was different, he went to Jitters with his friends today.

Right when he walked in the ornate cafe, with his two friends by his side, he saw her once again.

This time though she stopped typing and looked up at him too, their eyes met for a split second but it felt way longer. As if time stopped, and they were the only two people on this Earth.

Cisco was the person that snapped him out of his daze, telling him that they found a table. It was at least 3 feet away from the stunning girl.

The whole time Barry shared his company with his pals, he kept his gaze on the mysterious girl that he keeps running into somehow.

Every time she would look up to meet his stare, he turns to his companions and played as if he was interested in their conversation. Barry was whipped he didn’t even know it.

Caitlin and Cisco noticed, sending a few knowing glances at each other. They didn’t say anything until they got back to the lab, Cisco immediately bringing it up. “So who was that girl at Jitters you were staring at?”

Barry just gave his long-haired buddy a glance, furrowing his brows. “I don’t know what you’re talking about…”

His pal gave him a mischievous expression, “Dude just ask her out.” The sentence made the brunet sigh, shrugging his shoulders.

DAY 4. The sentence that Cisco told him kept replaying in his head, over and over. Though Barry tried his best to shake it off.

The brown haired man didn’t know that they were going to meet again except this time it wasn’t at their usual place.

It was the job where his childhood best friend Iris worked, Picture News. The young man went to pick up his best friend for lunch.

Barry went towards her desk, where he greeted her. She smiled at him excitedly, “Barry! I’d love for you to meet someone,” the young woman enthusiastically greeted him without actually greeting him.

He was confused but still smiled his shy smile, and that’s when he saw her. Iris gently grabbed her by her wrist, smiling genuinely at her.

The girl’s eyes went wide when she saw him, it was the young man she has been coincidentally seeing day by day. Even though she didn’t look up the few times he saw her she still saw him from the corner of her Y/E/C eyes.

Once Iris brought her next to her, they were officially face to face. “Barry, I would like for you to meet my new colleague Y/N.”

After looking into each other’s sparkling eyes for a moment, they finally snapped out of it and introduced each other. “H-Hi I’m Y/N Y/L/N.” She politely extended her hand for him to shake.

He charmingly smiled, showing off his pearly whites. “Um…Barry Allen,” he shook her hand, butterflies erupting in both of their stomach’s. “Nice to meet you.”

DAY 5. It was work day now, waking up at seven AM has been his usual wake up time right about now.

He went to Jitters once again, then he saw her. Y/N, since he knows her name now and she knows his.

When he saw her, she looked up from her computer screen, smiling at him. He smiled back. Then checked his watch, luckily he had about ten minutes to spare especially since he is the fastest man alive.

He pulled up the chair across from the girl, almost immediately capturing her attention. “Hey,” Barry chuckled nodding his head at her.

“Hi,” she shyly smiled at him.

There was a moment of awkward silence between the two, then Barry asked the question he has been dying to ask her ever since he saw her. “Why is it that every time I see you, you always seem super attentive towards your computer?”

She licked her lips before speaking, a habit she’s picked up recently. “Well, I’m a writer and I recently started working at Picture News. Aside from actually doing my job, I like to write.”

He seemed mesmerized by her, “But why write here?”

Y/N looked around the cinnamon smelling cafe, smiling then looked at the cute boy in front of her, who’s looking at her like she’s the most beautiful girl in the world. “I come here for inspiration.” The girl shyly muttered, rubbing her neck with her hand.

One thing Barry knew in that moment, was that he was absolutely awestruck by this girl.

Fifth times a charm.

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Situational Conversation

Character(s): Barry Allen x Reader

Fandom: The Flash

Word count: 1127

Requested: No


The first time you see him, you don’t. Instead, you see a streak of red and the flourish of papers caught in a newfound whirlwind down the street as your jacket ripples by your waist and your hair flutters out of place. You pause to re-arrange your hair and straighten your jacket and the streak known as the Flash is long gone, then you continue down the street. murmuring“Go Flash go,” to yourself as a quiet cheer to Central City’s scarlet speedster.


Peering down at your phone to check the time you turn into the doorway of the forensics lab and knock on the door, then put your phone down and look up to see a brown haired man looking vaguely confused at your presence. “Hi, um, I’m looking for Barry Allen? Detective Casey asked me to come and get a file that’s needed for later today and I-” He cut you off as he stood up, recognition flashing in his eyes “Oh right, Julian said someone would be by to pick up some files. I’m Barry, by the way. Which one did you need?” Presuming you had been welcomed, you step into the room “The Henderson one,” you state as you glance around the lab and then back at Barry who had spun around and at the current moment was looking over a pair of desks with files strewn about. “It should be right – no not that one, it’s uh, this one! Here you go, um I didn’t get your name?” Smiling you took the outstretched folder and tucked it under one arm, swinging your hand back out, “It’s Y/N”.


Clutching your coat together, you glanced around the dark street and hurried on down, anxious to get home. Why had your friends wanted to go out tonight anyways? The click of your heels echoing down the otherwise empty street as you pass a dark entrance, a man materializes, “Hey baby, why don’t you stop and we can have a little chat?”, and you suck in a breath at his words. Your hand drifting down to the outside pocket of your purse, you swallow as you feel the smoothness of the pepper spray canister. “Hey! I’m talking to you!” You hear quick footsteps and his hand clasps your elbow, followed by a second voice, this one deeper and almost as though there were multiple speakers,“I don’t think the lady’s interested”. Relief flooding your veins as you turn and jerk your elbow out of the first man’s reach as the red-suited figure watches, and then you watch as the offender disappears in a red blur and only yourself and the Flash remain. “Are you alright?” his voice tinged with concern as you nod. He returns the nod and then vanishes into the night, a thank you whispered to the space he left behind and you hurry on your way, taking care to clutch the canister you procured until you arrived back at your apartment.


“Ohmygodimsosorry!” were the next words you heard addressed to you from Barry Allen, as you walked across the floor of the precinct approaching the stairs. Unfortunately for you, Barry had been headed across the floor in the opposite direction and had managed to collide with you, knocking both his and your coffee’s neatly onto you and the surrounding floor tiles. Yelping the sudden change in temperature and the impact of the collision you took a step back and dropped your coffee cup, suddenly finding yourself with his hands on your shoulders and an audience in the entire precinct. Shaking their heads, most of the precinct returned to their jobs, any morning entertainment over while Joe West sighed heavily, “Way to go Bear” slipping out of his mouth as he headed over to where the two of you were currently standing. “When you’re done here I need to talk to you Barry,” and then he left you alone again, walking deeper into the maze of cubicles. “Are you alright? I didn’t mean to,, I was thinking about something else and I wasn’t looking where I was going-” “Barry its alright. I’m fine, I only live a few blocks away I’ll just run home and change quickly.” “At least let me make it up to you somehow, let me buy you a coffee?” Eyeing the man, you heard the sincerity in his voice and the concern in his eyes, any inhibitions about accepting this offer vanished, “Alright, when and where?”


Clearing your throat, your fingers smoothed over the sheet of paper again as you counted the number of people ahead of you at the bank. Why your bank couldn’t do this online you weren’t sure, nor could you explain how you ended up here at what appeared to be the busy time for banking, as your counting ended, placing yourself 15th in line. Sighing, you pulled out your phone and sent off a text:

Y/N [3:34 pm]: Adulting sucks. Been at the bank 25 minutes and only two people have left… 14 people to go :/

Barry [3:34 pm]: Wow really? Wonder what they’re up to…

Snorting, you moved to reply as the doors swung open and a loud voice announced “Okay everyone, on the ground, hands where I can see them. Bewildered, you slid your phone into your pocket as gracefully as you could while crouching down to the ground and raising your palms. As a pair of the men who had showed up with the louder one, presumably the leader, headed for the open tills and towards the safe you waited for the Flash to arrive, and seconds later he streaked into the building followed milliseconds later by Kid Flash; the two of them making quick work of the gang as the police arrived to place them in custody. As the police took the robbers away and began to reassure people, you noticed some younger people gathering around Kid Flash while your eyes continued until they looked with the Flash’s. He returned the eye contact for a brief second, then turned and sped away, having been successful yet again, a silent thank you falling from your lips.


“I’m telling you, Alana, something about his eyes seemed familiar,” you stated as you walked into the elevator with your friend as the day wound to a close. “I don’t know where I’ve seen them, but I swear to God I’ve seen them before.” “Okay well, is this like the time you swore that guy was Tom Hiddleston?” she asked as Barry joined you in the elevator. Glaring at her, you replied “That was different, a) it was college and b) I was drunk. This was different. There’s something about the Flash that I can’t quite get down. What do you think Barry?”

I don't care if Iris is dead, we need this next season
  • Joe: Uh, Barry? Something you've been meaning to tell us?
  • Barry Allen: What? No! This kid is not my grandson from any - uh when. Heck! Iris and I don't have any kids.
  • Iris West-Allen: Um, Barry?
  • Barry Allen: What?
  • Iris West-Allen: I'm pregnant.
  • Barry Allen: What?
  • Iris West-Allen: I jut found out this morning. I was going to tell you tonight - [Iris glances to side towards Impulse] in private.
  • Impulse: (waving to Iris's stomach) Hi, dad! Hi, aunt Dawn!
  • Barry Allen: Wait! There are two in there?
  • Iris West-Allen: We're having twins!?
  • Impulse: Oops! Spoilers.

BARRY INTERRUPTED! did someone ask for pain? It legit hurt making all these I shit you not. Underneath the cut are 39 icons + 1 misc. from S4E1: The Rebirth of Barry Allen. Feel free to use for all your rp purposes, just credit and like this post if taking/using pls and thank. Upon request, I will watermark for you for a small fee. Here’s what that looks like . Here’s another example. cause I can’t words rn. I take icon requests but just know that’s going to cost a bit more. I don’t do new episodes until it’s been out for at least a week.

x32 Barry Allen

x2 with caitlin 

x3 with joe west

x1 with iris

x1 with the team

x1 main still from next weeks episode ( don’t worry it’s not that spoilery, it’s just barry being a sunshiny babe )

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Um...What? [a Barry Allen AU]

Request: i adore you for busting out all these oneshots like a boss so thank you so very much; can i request one where the reader (who’s a tiny bit like harley quinn) and evil!barry just like robbed a bank or something and the reader is ecstatic like “shoot we’re gonna be rich” and they’re just having an evil couple moment in front of the cops (bonus points if team flash is watching this like ‘wtf’)

a/n: bless my soul

You and Barry are a match made in heaven. Okay, maybe not heaven, but you are quite the pair. Ever since The Flash went rogue, you have been by his side, planning heists and stealing precious items. What was really fun though, what really peaks your interest, is robbing banks.

Laughter fills the steel vault as Barry shoves the stacks of money in the duffel bags. “Babydoll, you need to be quiet! The cops are outside!“ he chokes on his chuckles, shaking his head; the longer than usual brown hair flopping. He hands you bag, scruff outlining his sick grin.

Peeking inside, you giggle, zipping up the cash. You beam at him, jumping slightly in excitement. “Shoot, we’re gonna be rich!” you rejoice, voice higher than it normally is. Tossing the bag over your shoulder, you adjust your tight half red/half black crop top, noticing that a cop has been watching you the whole time. “Aw, Big B, we gotta peeper!“ you pout at Barry, pointing across the room.

“Oh, oh, that won’t do…” Barry snarls, scratching his scruff slowly. “That won’t do…” His red boots click on the tile of the bank’s main area, sashaying towards the cop holding a gun. “Joe! Fancy meeting you here! Did you meet my babydoll yet?“ he ponders in a sultry tone, raising an eyebrow.

You step forward, slinging a leather clad arm over his broad chest, balling his dark green cotton sweater in your fists. “Who’s this, puddin’?” you purr in his ear, pressing your chest to his back. Barry muscles relax, feeling your body against his. Damn, he loves feeling your body on his so much.

The man stares at the two of you, tears brimming his dark brown eyes. He raises a hand to his ear, pressing the small com with his pointer finger. “Cisco, are you getting all this?“ he quivers, focus never leaving Barry’s smug face. He notices the makings of a goatee beginning to form and the mischievous glint in his hazel eyes.  

“Holy shit, is that Barry?” Cisco shouts, scrutinizing the computer screen with a lollipop in his lips. “It is! Caitlin! It’s - what the fuck!“ he gulps, enhancing the audio while Caitlin gasps.

Barry laughs evilly, bending over and grabbing the bag. He peers at you, hand flying towards the man, “Babydoll, meet my foster father, Joe. Joe, meet my…Babydoll, Y/N.” You wave at Joe, giving him a deceitful smile. “I’d love to stay and chat, but-“ he pauses, letting you push his hair back from his forehead. “Need to run.” he winks, hoisting your legs up his waist.

Meanwhile, at S.T.A.R. Labs, Cisco gazes at Caitlin while a flash of lightning appears. “Um…What just happened here?“ Caitlin mutters.

“Classic case of the famous Joker and Harley Quinn.”

Quiet Dreams (Part 6)

Summary: After Barry changes the timeline and saves his mother, he discovers a huge aspect of his life has changed, maybe for the better. (Set after the finale of Season 2)

Universe: The Flash

Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader

A/N: !!!! I can’t link the other parts but if you’d like to read them, just go to my page :) !!!!! Hi!! This is the last part and I’m sorry if it’s disappointing but I really didn’t know what to do from here. When something is in //-// it is a memory (I sadly don’t have access to italics right now.) Thank you so much for all the support on this fic, it’s been amazing. Love you all!!


Wherever you need to go, whatever you need to do, do it. And when you get back, I’ll be here. - Iris West, The Flash Season 2


You shake your head, taking a sip of the fresh coffee and heading to your car. You needed to go see Felicity.

You didn’t know him, you didn’t. You could swear on your grave that you’d never encountered him before, so where had all these memories suddenly popped up from?

Is that what they were? Memories? Those images of you and him on the bed, watching movies and kissing. The one of him down on one knee, a velvet box in hand. Figments of the imagination, must be.

You clear your head and begin to drive, try to do anything besides think of the green eyed beauty and the pictures flashing through your head.

You park on the street and quickly enter the building, making your way upstairs to where Felicity was. You visited her every so often so it wasn’t strange to be here, you didn’t wonder why she wanted to talk.

“Felicity!” You call, and you hear her hiss something to someone.

“She’s here, so shut up and don’t freak her out!” Her voice says, and you smile a bit because she can be so, well, Felicity sometimes.

As you enter the room, she greets you with a hug, and you see a man with long black hair swirling in her chair.

“Cisco Ramon.” He smiles toothily, a lollipop in his mouth.

“Y/N Y/L/N.” You respond kindly, and you swear you hear him mutter something along the lines of “Trust me, I know.”

Felicity begins to rant as usual, filling you in on things and how life had been but you lose your focus when you see the tall, brown haired man in the room next door, the glass walls giving him away.

“Felicity,” you interrupt her and she looks at you curiously, “who is that?”

She looks at Cisco and back at you, over and over, this wave of freak out settling into her features, “Uh um, that’s Barry Allen. A friend from Central City.”

“He was at the coffee shop…” your whisper is soft and the end of your sentence completely disappears as you begin to walk towards the room.

Felicity and Cisco are panicked, not knowing whether what was about to happen next was exactly good or not, but they can’t seem to figure out what to do and let you go.

“Barry,” you choke his name out, a scene of him saying ‘I love you.’ playing through your head. He looks up at you from the gadget he was fiddling with, and lets out a heavy breath.

Every time he saw you, he felt like all the oxygen had been wiped out of his cells, like he couldn’t breathe, for you had taken all the air away. You were so beautiful, through and through, and he couldn’t let go of you.

“Y/N.” He says, his facial features are soft as you approach him and you stand there, maybe a foot in between you too, and he looks at his hands, not knowing what to do, what to say, how to explain himself.

Felicity and he had decided that maybe you two could start over, that telling you that he was the Flash and explaining it all was too much and would probably scare you away.

You don’t know what compels you to do it, you feel a bit insane as you lightly rest your hand on his face, taking a deep breath at another event occurring in your brain.

//“You don’t understand, Y/N. If I go, I’m never going to be able to come back.”//

He places his large hand over yours, his skin a bit rough but very warm, bringing you out of the memory.

His touch elicits image after image, scene after scene. Long kisses and pancake breakfasts, burnt bacon and days spent shopping, falling asleep at night with the television on, putting his broken pieces back together.

You can see it in his eyes, in the way he breathes and how he looks at you.

He loves you, and you take the realization with a hit, stepping back, taking deep breaths to calm yourself.

“Y/N.” He says kindly, placing his hand on your waist to steady you, his eyes studying your face.

//“What? Am I not allowed to admire my beautiful girl?”//

Your breathing is hitched and you really don’t know what to think.

“Barry,” you begin, running your fingers through your hair, “I don’t know you. I’m not supposed to know you I mean, but I keep- I keep getting these memories of you. Memories we never even made, I mean how could we have I’ve never even seen you before.” And you know you’re rambling but the way he looks tells you that there is so much you don’t know, and it’s easy to see that he is debating on whether to lie or not. “Tell me.” You demand, catching him off guard. “Tell me what happened, why this is all happening to me, to us.”

He ushers you to come sit with him, insisting that it’ll take time to explain and understand.

You listen intently, and the scientific mind in you is amazed at the some of the wonders of his story, wonders that science hasn’t been able to keep up with or explain yet.

He keeps running his fingers through his hair, afraid that you’ll find him insane, that fear tripled when you interrupted him with shock as he explained the engagement portion. But when he finishes, he’s surprised at how calm your demeanor is.

Your mind is moving at a million miles per second, sorting through memories, this timeline and that, trying to wrap your head around it all.

“I know it’s crazy,” he whispers, “but please believe me.” And there is this begging in his voice, that brings you to another memory.

//“And when you’re done, come home to me.”//

“Barry,” he looks back up at you, his nails digging into his arm, “although, of course, it sounds absolutely insane, and I know I’ve never met you before, this huge piece of me keeps telling me to believe you. And I do. I do.” He looks so hopeful then, so happy. “I don’t know what we’re supposed to do from here. Where we’re supposed to go, but all that matters to me is that you kept your promise.” He looks at you, confusion evident in him.

“What do you mean, Y/N?”

“Barry,” you speak in a breathless way, a smile setting in your face as his hand tightens around yours, “you came back to me.”

Felicity and Cisco watch as the smiles on both your faces grow and he pulls you into a hug.

“He got so lucky. Never thought she’d believe him.” Cisco says, throwing the stick of his lollipop away.

But Felicity just smiles, staring at them. “That’s the thing about love, Cisco. No matter what Earth you’re on, what timeline you’re in, love follows you. They were always supposed to be together, the universe had a clear way of revealing that to Barry. And when the universe wants something to happen,” her voice is soft as she watches you laugh at something stupid he has said, “it does.”

3/100: Ballet AU

Part of my 100 AUs challenge. Send me an ask to request an AU.

He’s never seen something so beautiful. Someone so beautiful.

Barry stares through the tiny window in the door to the dance class, and is captivated by the girl inside. How she moves, how she twists, how she stands. She’s grace, personified; something like one of the goddesses he read about in English last semester. Or maybe one of the Muses. He never was that great with Greek mythology. 

She spins, then, a blur of pink and brown, and before she can really slow down, she’s moving again, running slightly before leaping into the air with her arms high above her head. She pauses as she lands, and looks at herself in the mirror, contemplating something before doing those few moves again.

Barry wonders what she’s practicing for. What she thinks, when she catches a glimpse of herself in the mirrored wall. She has to know that she’s perfect, doesn’t she? That everything she’s doing, all of the points and turns and leaps, are perfect. To him, at least. 

He can barely hear the music over the sound of his own heart in his ears, thudding as he stares at her. He doesn’t even register when it ends, only noticing that she takes a deep breath. 

“Um, Barry?” 

Fuck. He turns around, and sees Cisco standing there in his band uniform. 

“Mr. Wilkins sent me out here to look for you,” Cisco explains. “Um. What’re you doing out here?” Barry tries his best to move so Cisco can’t see inside of the room, but he can’t keep the music from starting up again. Had it always been so loud?

“Nothing,” Barry says. “I was just, ah. You know. Looking for the, um. The, well, you know. The thing. The thing I was supposed to be looking for.”

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Show You Mine, Show Me Yours Pt. 1

A continuation of this prelude!

AU: Iris West is an ace reporter out to reveal Barry Allen’s secret after she discovers he’s the Flash.

Barry is a creature of habit. He has a routine that he rarely deters from unless he’s called upon. Where the Flash is exciting and unpredictable, zipping from one end of the city to another in the blink of an eye, Barry Allen goes to work in the mornings and STAR Labs in the evenings with an occasional visit to Jitters.

Iris plans it perfectly, then. It’s early Thursday morning that she lingers by the condiments table and waits for Barry to walk in. She knows he comes to Jitters at 8:00 AM today, like he has for the last two weeks. He’ll stumble in, wearing that checkered button-up and sweater outfit he likes so much, and mutter about being late.

He’s always late, and Iris can forgive the irony of it because he still manages to hold the door open for others and let little old ladies cut him in line. She finds herself smiling in thought at how one elderly woman even offered a piece of chocolate from her purse for his kindness.

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the coldflash speed dating au no one asked for

Len walks into Saints and Sinners only to be ambushed by his sister before he can get to the bar. The place is crowded, granted Len usually gets to the bar after his night shift so he’s never been here when the bouncer actually gives a crap. Must be the event that Lisa frantically texted at him as an emergency situation to attend.

“There you are!” says Lisa, hooking her left arm between his right one as she guided him to the crowded tables.  “I need to fill tables,” Lisa continues as Len finally sees the banner over the dance floor proclaiming an exclusive speed dating event. 

“Hell no!” says Len as he tries to get out of his sister’s iron grip. 

“This is the only event Mardon let me plan. And I’m not letting Shawna’s karaoke night make more money. You owe me, Len,” Lisa says with big doe eyes. For the life of him, Len’s resolve waves enough for Lisa to kick out a chair from a free table. “Now play nice with the other boys.” 

She slaps a name tag on Len’s chest and pushes him into the empty chair.

“And for god’s sake, smile. You look like an ice cube.”

Before he had time to come up with a witty response, Lisa was already on the other side of the bar conferring with the DJ - Cisco Ramon - a guy Len had caught mooning over Lisa numerous times. 

Len was ready to leave this train-wreck of an evening. Tonight was supposed to be his night off. It wasn’t until Lisa blew a shrill whistle that a stream of men and women started joining the tables around Len by little numbered cards. Lisa waltzed by and shot her brother another withering look when he made a move to get back up. Slumping back down into his chair, Len closed his eyes in frustration.

The chair opposite him scrapped across the floor as someone settled into it. Len opened his eyes to a young man with bright green eyes and a hesitant smile.  The best adjective for him would be cute. Damn, Len had a weakness for cute.

“Uh, hi? I’m Barry. Um, Barry Allen,” the man says in a rush, like he took a personal incentive to the speed part of this event. “Was that too fast? I think it was. I’m new at this. Cisco needed an extra body for this. You can just mark me down as a hard pass. I’ll understand.”

Len couldn’t help it. He was charmed.

“And why would I do that, Barry?” he drawls. “We’ve only just met.”

Len didn’t think anyone could blush that much but he was seriously wondering how low did Barry Allen’s skin flush and if he’d let Len see. 

So far, Len’s night started looking up.

anonymous asked:

Westallen 51 - farmer’s market

When Iris said she wanted to go the the farmer’s market downtown on Saturday morning, Barry thought he could handle it. After all, it was just a bunch of vegetables sitting in stalls with some bored people behind them, right? Nothing special. Nothing fancy. Just locally grown and fresh vegetables. Maybe even some fruits, if they were lucky. Or a stall that sold homemade ice cream. 

But this, this was just too much. For one, this “little farmer’s market” that she promised him stretched across an entire empty lot as well as shut down two side streets surrounding it. And he could have sworn he saw half of the city walking around, picking at the offerings. 

“Is that a stall devoted to selling wire giraffes? That seriously can’t be all they sell, right? There’s no way that they make enough money to afford that stall.”

Iris glanced up from the peaches she was perusing. “Mmmm, I don’t know. I always see people walking up and buying a wire giraffe. In fact, I’ve been thinking about getting one for the living room. I think they’ve even started making one dressed up in a Flash suit.”

He rolled his eyes, and she broke into a grin. “Hardy har, Iris. Very funny.”

“I am, surprisingly, not kidding. The Flash giraffes have got to be pretty big sellers, because I see new ones every morning and when I leave, there are hardly and left. I mean, it’s nor surprising. Pretty much every stall around here tries to do some Flash promo or tie in. In fact, I think there is a Flash memorabilia stall around here somewhere.”

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Could you do a Snowbarry gamer AU where Caitlin and Barry are both serious gamers who play online (and often with each other)... and then meet up by happenstance at a games convention?? (Even better if all this time Barry had assumed Caitlin was a guy because of her gender neutral penname?) I'd love you foreva!!!

Note: I don’t really know how these game convention works since I’ve never been an online gamer myself, but let’s see if I can tackle this anyways :)

He knows he kind of just met Cisco, but it beats going to the convention alone.

And it’s not like he’s just met, met Cisco. They’ve known each other for like, two months now, and they talk constantly while online. Cisco’s no stranger. And it helps that he’s got a car. (Apparently his relatives are rich, so while he doesn’t look like the part, Cisco definitely has all the gadgets to toy around with, which is super cool.) Plus, he secretly checks the guy out through Joe, and he knows Cisco’s mostly clean.

So, he didn’t go the convention alone. Which was awesome, because it was his first time since he started playing like eighteen months ago (apparently he got the skill and people are actually paying him attention) and he didn’t want to go and stagger around like an idiot hence exposing himself like a sore thumb. He contemplated asking Iris out, but he knew they’d ended walking out of the convention not more than three hours later because she’d be hungry or something and they’re never gonna come back ‘cause she’d always have this persuasion to convince him to drive them to wherever she wanted to go.

(It’s not as mean as he’d made it sound to be, make no mistake―usually with Iris, he’d enjoy himself, no matter the place.)

He loved the girl (probably more than he should), but he actually, you know, wanted to stick around the event time.

Cisco’s fun. 

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Rainy Days

Rating: T

Pairing: WestAllen

Summary: It’s Iris’s first big assignment for the CCPN and she is running the risk of literally being left standing in the rain thanks to the unpredictable weather - when a kind (and cute) stranger comes to Iris’s rescue and saves her day.

Iris West was standing at the bus stop, sending a warning glare towards the very dark, very cloudy sky. “Don’t you dare raining today,” she muttered under her breath, feeling both irritated and anxious. Today was the day of Iris’s first big assignment as a journalist of Central City Picture News. She had started out as a mere intern, her main task getting the ‘real’ journalists of CCPN their coffees and – yeah, that pretty much had been it (after all, people were busy and couldn’t be bothered to answer the trivial questions of an intern). They soon found out that Iris wasn’t one to back down; she had annoyed the heck out of the staff by pestering them with questions (well-thought-out, important questions, mind you, while also being mindful enough not to keep anyone from getting their job done in addition to carrying out the tasks assigned to her – like getting coffee and files). In the end, her “pesky behavior” – as Iris’s mentor Mason Bridge liked to call it– paid off: after her internship Iris got offered a job at CCPN. She had spent the first months of her employment writing small stuff for whenever the newspaper needed a filler article and while that on its own was often very frustrating and unrewarding, Iris was determined to make use of every chance she got offered to prove her worth. And now that she had finally been assigned a real story (covering the re-election of Mayor Bellows), she was at risk of looking like a drowned rat by the time she was going to arrive at City Hall – because Iris had forgotten to pack an umbrella.

“Stupid weather,” the journalist growled lowly, angry at herself for being ill-prepared and angry at those dark gray, water-heavy clouds above her head that had turned up without so much as a warning (yesterday’s weather forecast hadn’t mentioned stupid rain at all).

A single rain drop landed on Iris’s nose.


Before the drizzle could turn into a full-fledged rain shower, the bus that was to take Iris to the city center turned into the street and came to a halt. The journalist hastily got on the bus. As soon as she had hopped on board, the rain was coming down in buckets.

‘Okay… maybe the rain is going to ebb down before I have to get off… or it’s just a shower and will stop soon altogether,’ Iris reasoned, trying to think positively. The rain drops drummed with even more force and a more erratic rhythm against the bus windows.

Low-spirited, Iris sank deeper and deeper into her seat close to the door, carefully avoiding the drenched people boarding the bus and the dripping wet umbrellas that were hauled around (not that her effort to stay dry would matter later when she was going to get off her destination, she realized grimly).

Her final bus stop was on next and it was still raining like crazy. Sighing, Iris gathered her bag (glad that it was water-proof bag and could be zipped closed; at least her notes weren’t going to get wet), maneuvering around rain jackets (of the prepared) as well as damp arms and dripping hair (of the unprepared). Iris stood at the door, waiting for the bus to come to a full stop, a (dry) tall young man next to her. He was clutching a big red umbrella close to his body, the water running down the umbrella dripping down on his worn out sneakers.

“That horrific weather really came out of nowhere today, huh?” He said conversationally, giving Iris a bashful smile.

“Mhm,” was all the response Iris could muster, pulling her face into an expression that must have come across as a pained smile, because immediately after that, the stranger examined her more thoroughly, suddenly becoming aware of Iris’s lack of protection from the elements.

“Oh,” he began apologetically, realizing his blunder. Before he could say any more, the bus doors opened.

Taking a deep breath, Iris hopped off the bus, barely navigating around the big puddle awaiting her outside. The first few rain drops were hitting her hair and skin, big and cool and wet.

She heard an umbrella pop open behind her. The sound was followed by a nervous, “um, hey, excuse me?”

Iris turned around, seeing the tall young man who had tried to strike up a conversation  with her, smiling sheepishly. Iris noticed that he was currently holding the big, red umbrella very awkwardly in a sweet attempt at covering them both from the cascades of rain still coming down from the heavens, despite them standing fairly far apart.

“Yeah?” Iris asked, taking a step closer to the stranger, so he could at least get a more comfortable grip.

“Um,” he muttered, a faint blush blossoming on his face.

Iris couldn’t help but notice that he was kind of cute, with his boyish looks and pretty green eyes, framed by unfairly long lashes.

But no matter how cute the guy was, Iris had a conference to get to and the sooner she made her way to City Hall, the more likely was she going to have a chance of  getting herself at least decently dry before Bellows was going to make his speech.

“Yeah?” she repeated, with a little more urgency this time.

“Oh um, I’m sorry for – I didn’t realize…” Umbrella-dude was gesticulating frantically, stumbling over his words.

“It’s okay,” Iris reassured him, strangely touched by his awkward stammering. “Not all of us can be perfect boy scouts,” she added teasingly, nodding at his umbrella, “always prepared, huh?”

The guy gave Iris a bright smile, ducking his head shyly. Gosh, he really was cute. And Iris really needed to get going.

“Well, um, I’ve got to go… I have to get to City Hall for the press conference and well, I’m from the press, so… Wouldn’t want to mess up my first big assignment, right?” Oh God, why was she babbling like a complete idiot now?!

“Oh yeah, of course, I didn’t mean to keep you, sorry,” Boy Scout started gesticulating wildly again. “Oh, and here, take this,” he added as an afterthought, practically shoving his umbrella into her hands.

Iris dumbly stared at the umbrella in her hand, then at the guy who had given it to her, before she finally finding her voice again: “What? No, I couldn’t-”

But Boy Scout simply waved her protest aside: “It’s no big deal, really. I just have, like, two blocks ahead of me and then I’ll be safe at work, so no problem,” he gave Iris a reassuring smile, before hastily adding: “Oh and  good luck with your assignment, I’m sure you’re gonna do great, bye!”

And with that, he turned around, hurrying down the street

Iris kept staring at his retreating figure, completely befuddled. The rain was still pouring down like crazy, drumming angrily on the bright red fabric of Boy Scout’s umbrella. Iris couldn’t fight the wide smile forming on her face, the realization of what had just happened slowly sinking in.

It took her a few minutes until she finally snapped out of her reverie and made her way to City Hall.

The following Tuesday was yet another rainy day. It was 7 p.m. and someone with a bright red umbrella was standing on the front porch of the West-Family-Home.

The door opened and Detective Joe West appeared in the doorway, smiling at his visitor: “Oh man, it’s really coming down this week, isn’t it? Come in, baby.”

Iris gave her father a bright smile, always happy to see him for their weekly family dinner.

She entered the house, closing the umbrella she had been carrying around with her ever since a cute, adorable stranger had given it to her in time of need, putting it in the umbrella stand right by the front door. The journalist would never have admitted it out loud, but she had actually considered trying to find Boy Scout again. Unfortunately, she didn’t have too many clues to go from: all she knew was that he had a job somewhere close to City Hall and that his first name probably began with either a “B” or a “D” and that his surname was something like “Allan” or “Allen” (at least that is what she could make out from that sloppy scrawl on the umbrella’s tag). Iris knew that a Google search could probably help her out a lot, but it felt like a  creepy thing to do (not that spending almost half an hour trying to decipher almost illegible handwriting wasn’t any less creepy or pathetic). But Iris wasn’t that desperate. At least not yet.

The heavenly smell of her dad’s homemade lasagna that wafted from the kitchen, as well as the clamorous arrival of Wally, who had still been out due to one of his later college classes, startled Iris out of her musings. With her energetic little brother in the house, the evening immediately turned into an endless string of teasing and joking around, effectively distracting Iris from her thoughts about tall cute strangers with pretty eyes.

Funnily enough, it was her Dad that brought (albeit unknowingly) Boy Scout back to Iris’s attention, when he began telling a story about “that tardy CSI Allen-kid” during dessert.

Iris perked up her ears: “Allen-kid?”

Only now did the journalist realize that her father’s precinct was pretty much about two blocks away from the bus stop she had met her Boy Scout at…

If this “Allen-kid”’s  first name now started with either a “B” or “D”-

“Barry Allen.”


“The kid’s a brilliant forensic scientist but heaven forbid he actually arrives at the precinct or a crime scene on time! That tardiness of his drives Singh absolutely mad… Last Wednesday Allen arrived fifteen minutes late, completely drenched from the rain, looking like he had swum to work or something,” Joe was about to conclude his story, before adding, incredulously: “He was in a surprisingly great mood though.”

“Huh, weird.” Iris remarked casually, eyes trained solely on the cherry in her fruit salad she was about to spear with her fork, hoping that her dad and brother weren’t able to notice the blush she was fighting off.

Next day, during her lunch break, Iris gathered up her courage and Barry Allen’s red umbrella and made her way to the CCPD. She was greeted by a few officers of the precinct and asked her way to the CSI lab upstairs while making sure to avoid her dad (Iris wasn’t naive enough to think that she could outsmart the Detective West; and she wasn’t ready to face the interrogation that would undoubtedly follow revealing the reason why she was actually dropping by; she was nervous enough at it was).

It didn’t take the journalist long to climb the stairs that led her to the open door of the crime lab. Iris peeked inside to find her Boy Scout – Barry Allen – seated by a desk, studying something under a microscope.

Taking in a deep breath, Iris knocked on the metal door and carefully enter the room with an upbeat “Hi!”

The forensic scientist’s head snapped up from the ocular, green eyes widening with surprise as they took her in.

“Oh… Hi.” The CSI greeted her, blinking furiously like he couldn’t really believe she was actually there. “How come… So, you just happened to… Um… You’re here. In my lab.” He spluttered nervously, clambering to his feet.

Iris couldn’t help her cheeky reply: “A very astute observation, CSI Allen.”

The scientist blushed furiously.

“It’s just… I didn’t expect you to turn up here – though it’s nice to see you! And, um, what brings you here?”

Iris was amused to see him gesticulating wildly again; the way he was talking with his hands was kind of endearing: “Just wanted to return your umbrella – thank you so much for lending it to me,” she smiled up brightly at him (he was really tall), while handing over the umbrella, “you really saved my day.”

The CSI blushed slightly, dismissively waving his empty hand: “It was nothing, really.”

He eyed her curiously, “You could have kept it, I didn’t expect you to give it back – hey, how did you find me, anyway?”

Iris couldn’t fight the grin blossoming on her face: “I’m a journalist, remember? Also, you did write your name on the tag, so that certainly helped.”

The look on the scientist’s face was absolutely priceless.

“Oh right… you could read that?”

Iris couldn’t help but laugh at his obvious surprise: “Just barely. I pity the poor detectives that actually have to decipher your reports.”

“It’s a daily struggle,” the CSI replied gravely, the apparent smile tugging at the corner of his lips betraying the (fake-)serious tone in his voice.

“I can imagine – I wasn’t sure if that first initial was supposed to be a “B” or an “D”…”

The forensic scientist looked at Iris in amazement: “And you figured out who I was and where to find me simply from my nearly illegible scrawl?”

“Not quite,” Iris admitted, “ I had figured out your last name and then my dad actually mentioned your name during dinner yesterday – he’s a cop,” Iris explained, “ and I realized that the precinct is about two blocks away from the bus station – so here I am.”

“Oh…” Boy Scout muttered under his breath, concentrated look on his face, “- so you’re Detective West’s daughter?”

“That I am,” Iris confirmed laughingly, holding out her hand for him to shake, “great solve, CSI Allen.”

He went along with her gesture, assuring her that “Barry works just fine.”

The journalist nodded in acknowledgment, then introduced herself as “Iris.”

“So, you really just came by to return the umbrella, or…?”

This time it was Iris’s turn to blush. “I don’t know…” She averted her eyes, unable to bring herself to meet his – she hadn’t really dared to figure out why she had so desperately  wanted to return that umbrella to Boy Scout – Barry – in person…

Iris just now became acutely aware of how ridiculous her plan (if you could even call it a plan) had been: all it had accomplished was that she had utterly embarrassed herself in front of a guy who just was sincerely nice…-

“I read your article.”

“Huh?” Iris said unintelligibly, raising her gaze to look at a sheepishly looking Barry Allen.

“I read your article,” he repeated, nervously rubbing the back of his neck with his free hand, “ I mean, I didn’t know your name yet, so I just read about every article that covered Bellows’ re-election; and in case I didn’t read it, I certainly will look it up now – but I really wanted to read your article.”

He looked so nervous, wringing the umbrella he was still holding with fumbling hands while also wearing a tentative, hopeful expression on his face. Iris’s heart fluttered at the sight.

“That’s really sweet of you.”

“Yeah?” The CSI asked tentatively, a small smile stealing its way unto his face before he ducked his head again,  slightly blushing

Gosh, Barry Allen really was just too adorable for his own good…

Iris had an idea: “Hey, I was going to go grab some lunch before I have to head back to the CCPN… Do you wanna join me?

Her question was met with a beaming smile by Barry: “That actually sounds really great.”

He quickly grabbed the jacket that was draped over the chair by his desk, shrugging it on. The two of them were just turning around to leave, when the sudden sound of rain pelting against the lab windows caught both their attention.

Another unexpected rain shower.

Incredulous, Iris stared at the window: “Unbelievable.”

“I guess you didn’t bring another umbrella?” Barry asked teasingly, before offering: “We can share mine.”

Iris smiled. It felt kinda appropriate.

“Sounds like a plan,” she said happily, giving Barry’s arm a brief tug, ready to head out: “let’s go then.”