I fell apart at 16 because the boy I wanted a thousand different futures with told me about another girl. The only thing I could think was that I didn’t know how to spend my forever without him. Breaking at the thought that it was the only thing still holding us together, I remember feeling like the phone line hanging between us had my heart dangling from it like a sheet in the wind.

To think my whole world revolved around one person, who couldn’t even look me in the eye while he threw my heart back into my arms, made me want to hollow out my veins of every broken promise that felt like acid to keep.

I know he was my dream, but reality felt like a break from the chemicals he’d set off in my head. There’s no easy way to explain this, but my forever without him feels like a chance I never knew I needed.

—  My heart isn’t on the line for him anymore


College Confession #72

My school’s lecture hall has a giant chalk board and it makes a ton of dust during class. 

Almost every lecture this one girl in our class will have a sneezing fit that lasts for almost a minute. The professor and everyone taking the class is so used to it now that we all pause and count the sneezes to see if she would break her record 

(It’s 16 btw).

- University of Miami