Instagram List of Ulzzang Girls

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anonymous asked:

Oi, anjinho! Queria saber se podes me dizer o Instagram de algumas ulzzangs que tu segues. Obrigado desde já!

oi! essas aqui são minhas favs, espero que as fotos te agradem ^^


So I recently found some more couples and I wanted to update the ulzzang couples ‘list’.

You’ll see some names more than once, it’s because they probably were in so many relationships. (lol)

1. Ryu Hye Ju + Park Ji Ho

2. Park Tae Jun + Park Ji Hyun

3. Park Hyung Seok + Park Ji Hyun

4. Kang Hyuk Min + Hong Young Gi

5. Seo Ji Hye + Shin Ho Seok

6. Yoo Bo Hwa + Oh Jung Gyu

7. Lee Dong Hoon + Lee Hyang Suk

8. Hana Reum Song Lee + Jeon Yong Ha

9. Park Ji Hyun + Gwak Min Jun

10. Kim Min Jun + Ban Nam Gyu

11. Hong Young Gi + Lee Seyong

12. Ban Nam Gyu + Kim Min Jun

13. Lee Chi Hoon + Mikki

14. Jung Hye Won + Park Hyun(g) Jun

15. Park Tae Jun + Park Hyo Jin

16. Dae Hwan + … (still don’t know it lol)

lee do hyeong | 이도형 twenty-two/twenty-three 172cm/5'8 62kg/136lbs

- > born on the 8th of May 1989. zodiac sign is taurus. has an adorable dog named Marty and loves his dog very much. likes to sing and dance. he is apparently the lead vocalist for a band. loves food. dyes his hair pretty often. has been an active ulzzang since 2008. was one of the contestants on ulzzang shidae season 3. has some knowledge of mandarin chinese as he had introduced himself in mandarin on the first episode of ulzzang shidae.