ulzzang tips

Ulzzang Beginner Essentials

Make up bag:

* A light foundation or BB cream


*Eyeliner (liquid, pencil, gel etc…)

*Any type of mascara

*Lip balm/gloss

*Any eyeshadow colour.

This will give you a basic Ulzzang look but if you want go for a more daring look then add these to your make up bag:

*Circle lenses

*Setting powder

*Fake eyelashes

*Eyeshadows and lipsticks in different shades.

* A few makeup brushes

Ulzzang Diet Tips:

It has been requested to share some popular ulzzang diets/tips, so if you’re thinking about dieting too, these diet plans could be a starting point or help you to make a variation of your own!!!

In no way are we encouraging you to lose weight or diet, this is just for those who are interested 

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