ulzzang doll


I’ve been hesitating with making this post but it needs to be said. I’ve been “apart” of the BGAK Community for about maybe two years. I want to make a side note that I have always loves East Asian culture. I’ve loved anime since I was a small child and I’ve been trying to learn Japanese for a while now. I discovered the BGAK YouTube channel and instantly was happy because I felt less alone and it was great that I finally found a community that would “support” other black girls. But recently I’ve been experiencing and witnessing other black girls apart of this community ATTACKING & HURTING OTHER BLACK GIRLS!! It’s truly disgusting and SOOO hurtful!! I’ve gotten all kinds of hate mail and rude comments on my videos from other black girls. It’s hard to think that the same people who run around screaming Black Lives Matter hurt the very people they claim to be defending!! When black girls get together they NEVER support each other!! There’s ALWAYS DRAMA!! No other race has as much drama as black girls. I wish that we could support each other more but that will never happen. So I’m leaving the community and will not have any connection with the #blackgirlsarekawaii because there is far too much drama and it’s gross. I saw almost a third of the community attack Amina Du Jean and I was so hurt because she’s human and everyone was making up lies about her just because they could. If I want you to take anything from this it’s to STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM THE BGAK COMMUNITY BECAUSE IT”S A CULT!!!! Sorry not sorry if I offended anyone but it’s something that needed to be said. If you’re a troll fuck off because I don’t give a shit what you have to say!! Okay love you all and remember to stay strong and keep your head up!! Also I’ve seen people on the YouTube page make post and videos about other girls over editing their videos, pictures, and what not! NEWS FLASH EVERYONE EDITS THEIR PICTURES SO STOP SHAMMING OTHERS!! It’s so annoying and I just can’t believe it! Why do you give a fuck what someone else is doing to their own photos. But jealousy is a serious disease and it’s hard to cure. You don’t need to be apart of a subculture to like the “Korean/Japanese” fashion!! Hold your head up high babes ilu!!