ulysses 31


Ulysses 31

(26 Episodes: 1981-1982)

Dark and moody with excellent music throughout, this sci-fi action cartoon was loosely based on Homers ‘Odyssey’ and light years away from the white-toothed, hand-on-hips chortling that accompanied cartoons such as He-Man and Thundercats.

Yes, he resembles the surviving Bee Gee (the one that looks like a lion), but Ulysses was the epitome of bearded bad-assery. And…he had a cool laser gun-sword, a wrist-shield, a utility belt with a built in jet pack and a mini-cape!

Homeric tragedy aside, Ulysses 31 had one clear message…

Defying the gods is cool!

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Things the internet is for: Long haired, beardy blokes doing 10 minute medleys of the incidental music to Ulysses 31 in their rooms.  Bravo sir.