Taake - Nordbundet

official video off the “Noregs Vaapen” album released in 2011

anonymous asked:

Who are your favorite characters in Sagan om Isfolket?

Oh my, Anon…

Tengel den gode and Silje are lovely. I adore Sol, she’s awesome and wicked and a great witch. Tarjei is wonderful, I also adore his name. Villemo is awesome, I love her spirit. Dominic is just perfect (for Villemo, njehe). Ulvhedin is also a great character, much thanks to his wife Elsa. And Shira, she’s another terrible and great persona. Heike and Vinga is another couple that I love, they are both lovely. Kol is an interesting character too, but I fancy his daughter Saga even more - as do Lucifer. And I absolutely adore Vanja and Tamlin. Marco is also awesome. And I think those are my favorite ones…


I got tagged in this by lyserklart

You can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to (not really though). Hit shuffle on your iTunes, iPod, phone, media player, etc… and write down the first 25 songs( or you can cheat, like me and just put a picture of the playlist you always put on whenever you need to take a bus anywhere and the weather is a little grey). Then pass it on to 10 people! (or not)

In the photos above are my 24 results. I don’t know what happened to the 25th, I was sure it was there but then I did a quick count and suddenly it was gone.

But I tag nannaluwhispaasir-renn-the-ulvhedinmoemoe202