inspired by a post by @languageekk. this painting is made by Even Ulving.

en akvarell - watercolour
en arkitekt - architect
en arkitektur - architecture
en kunst - art
en billedkunst - visual arts
en kalligrafi - calligraphy
et mesterverk - masterpiece
et staffeli - easel
en farge - colour
en blyant - pencil
en kultur - culture
et blekk - ink
en skisse - sketch
en tegning - drawing
en utstilling - exhibition
en gravering - engraving
en kunsthistorie - art history
de skjønne kunster - fine arts
et monument - monument
et museum - museum
et stilleben - still life
et papir - paper
et landskap - landscape
en maler - painter
en oljemaling - oil painting
en akrylmaling - acrylic paint
et fargestoff - paint
en pensel - brush
et portrett - portrait
en skulptør - sculptor
en skulptur – sculpture
et lerret - canvas

Sorry but I need to rant

I had to unfollow two people today for posting that chauvinistic GITF moffat gif and then agreeing with it. I mean to each their own but I don’t want to be subjected to it. So in order to make myself feel better, here’s my own little take on his comments.

First off, I can concede to the possibility that he was infatuated with her because of who she was in history but was he in love with her? ABSOLUTELY NOT! It was plain to see at this point in time that he was head over heels in love with Rose and trying to distance himself after running into Sarah Jane again which just made him start thinking about Rose’s mortality and how he shouldn’t be getting involved. Which just proves that no matter how clever The Doctor might seem, he’s also an idiot. Here we see him just after returning from France.

This is what I call The Doctor’s Broody McPouty Face

He makes it a lot when he screws up or lets someone down or makes a promise he can’t keep and someone dies. It’s his go to facial expression for feeling guilty. Here’s a few more examples:

Then there’s this reaction. This is what actually happens when you lose the Love of Your Lives. Those trails going down his face, yeah those are tears. (Talking to you Moffat)

He then proceeded to get pissed at Donna for asking about Rose

And then he tried to kill himself. (And even succeeded in that alternate reality cause Donna wasn’t with him)

He wanted to die. Not regenerate, DIE. That’s how broken he was when he lost her.

He then proceeds to talk about Rose continuously through the 3rd season and of course pisses Martha right off because of it. I don’t recall him ever once mentioning Madame de pomp-face again. (Seemed to get over her death pretty quickly too)

And when they were reunited and he realized the metacrisis regeneration (yes it counts, I have another rant posted on my blog about how Tentoo is The Doctor) would allow him to live out the Slow Path with Rose, he leaped at the chance. You can’t tell me from the look on his face in the TARDIS when the full Time Lord announced dårlig ulv stranden that he didn’t know what was going on. He could have argued or fought about it but he didn’t because he wanted to be with her and he told her the first chance he got.

And of course as you can see, his full Time Lord self isn’t exactly onboard but loves her enough to give her this so that part of him can give her Forever. I like to think that on rough nights after a long adventure, it gives him some comfort to look back and know that a part of him is actually happy with her in that other universe.

Rose may have come from a lower class background with no fancy education or status, but that doesn’t make her any less of an equal for The Doctor. Because the truth is, love isn’t based on what you have or where you come from. Love is unconditional. It requires trust and faith.

But of course someone who once claimed to have “shagged his way round television studios like a mechanical digger” and spouts out constant misogynistic crap constantly wouldn’t understand that kind of sentiment.