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Some 2nd generation fans literally always brag about their faves and how everyone should acknowledge them when I never saw none of them acknowledging 1st gen groups who actually created K-Pop. I've been in K-Pop since 2006 and seniority doesn't mean more talented than younger groups. There's 3rd gen groups that could kick some 2nd gen groups pretty easily in terms of talent.

Those with superiority complex 😷 i used to be a 2nd gen stan (2pm was my ult fave) but no shade, 2pm’s vocal line when they debuted was nothing compared to exo’s vocal line. Seniority means nothing - respect and credits where its due, but dont pretend music/a group is better bc its older lol

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hey nik!! i'm not sure if anyone asked you this before but what are some of your favorite jongin performance fancams?? :D

i’ve been asked this like 2yrs ago but since its you poh, im gonna give you an updated version~ o u o

in chronological order:

this is already so long, yet there are so many more i lov rip

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What do you think bout the Yoongi Suran thing?

all i heard was that yoongi reached out to her when she was feeling depressed which is totally understandable since we kind of know he was in a similar situation himself,,?? i support this friendship 10483909% i love my ult faves being there for each other

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I saw one of your answers to what makes you happy was "reading really, really good fic" so I was wondering what some of your faves are? sorry if you've already answered this before! ^^ I know you've said you're a taekook fan, so I'm curious! :)

i don’t read much scenario fic anymore but i really loved mystline / btswriter’s work (she deactivated tho), but i highly recommend @jespere-hope not only bc she’s my buddy but also her writing style has gone through a lot of changes and i’m loving what’s she written lately! she’s definitely improved a lot from when she first started and now im proud to call her one of my favourite writers :) 

specifically for scenario fic tho i love @versigny‘s ceo!yoongi, @imaginethisbtslust and errors, @jeonseok’s spellbound and unsaid and @baeseoul‘s a friendly favour

for ship fic i really love anything and everything by @uziregar, particularly beta tau sigma and a sociolinguistic analysis of epenthesis in academic convergence (i actually loved the prof!namjin one so much i made a graphic for it….)

specifically taekook fics tho i can rec u a TON but my ult fave is pour up (drank) by mindheist (i think she has a joint tumblr with a few other really amazing writers? check them out @nikkmonoxyls), i also love pick me up, buttercup by vppa, some killer king you are and hit the lights by lethallergic, comeback kids and hickory by rix aka @crossfilth, king of the library, knight of his trade by madigraye (who i believe is @homoterrors), and finally, maybe we found love (right where we are) by wowoashley (she’s @that-jeon-guy on tumblr)

but yeah coolios check ‘em out! i read a lot more ship fics these days cuz i find most scenario fics aren’t written very well (sorry) but ofc there are many talented scenario fic writers as well!!!! appreciate yo writers guys!!!! also pls lemme know if some of the links dont work lol i was in a rush

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do you have any ult fave pieces of writing that you've read and really enjoyed? for any group/individual member

I keep my fave fics on my ficrecs sideblog @kittaerecs !

but some of my top faves are:

- Underworld by @onlylovekpop (lol i’m bare trash for this story istg)

- l’Appel du Vide by @infireation

- Acquainted With The Night by @pantaemonium

- Future Hearts by @jungblue

- Equilibrium by @tayegi

- Cobalt & Charcoal by @tayegi

- Kitten’s Got His Tongue by @seokvie

- Cat Nap (and a hint of catnip) by @kimtrain

- Cat Got Your Tongue by @wonhopes

- Remember Me Not by @youmakemebacon

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I know which ones you are talking about

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could you pretty please suggest some of your fav yoonmin fics please 🙏 x

here are some of my ult faves (minus some super popular fics that most of us already know)

these fics are on-going but i really like them so far!!

  • maybe when we say love, we mean a safe place to fall apart: it starts with jimin wanting to find out who the bathroom smoker is to salvage his job; it starts with jimin walking in on him - caught in the act and giving zero shits about it; it starts with a strange proposition that jimin agrees to anyway; it starts with breaking all the rules in the proverbial fuck buddy handbook - 
    it starts with jimin meeting yoongi, and then it just doesn’t stop.
  • costly:  yoongi’s a ceo and a little shit. jimin is his new target.
  • an aperture in fine balance: fake marriage au in which yoongi is an up and coming rapper whose fame had blown up in korea, traveled throughout asia and has now landed him in the states. meanwhile, jimin is in america to study photography and find success in this land of freedom. except for one problem. his school’s policy for financial aid requires him to be either over the age of 24, have a child, or be married.
    considering the fact that he’s only 21 and can’t have a kid, jimin is left with the last option.
    that’s where yoongi comes in the picture.
  • the silence inside your aloof heart (please don’t fall)yoongi doesn’t think he deserves to love and jimin doesn’t think he can love anymore.
    (that is, until, they meet each other)
  • you spin me like a record, baby:  park jimin needed a part-time job. pronto.
  • beauty and the geek:  yoongi, being rich and awkward, decides that he might as well try to make a friend through a sugar daddy website.
    only, it ends up being park jimin.

Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim trailer 

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any good vmin fanfic you can recommend?

wowowow I am so glad you asked dear anon!! I recommend:

these are the ones I can remember at the top of my head, but I have read almost everything on this ship so I will probably keep adding stories :’)