El Salvador Runs Monday & Tuesday Editions

So I think I wrote on here last week that I was going to start making a concerted effort to run in the mornings before work. The underworld has come to DC and brought the heat with it, so morning runs are just ideal. Initially I thought I would start when I got back from El Salvador. But then I decided that I should start while I’m here. Here’s why…

El Salvador is in the Central American Time Zone which is two hours behind DC’s East Coast Time Zone. So I’ve been waking up at 5am here which is actually 7am in DC. Now granted, this actually isn’t waking up “early” because my body is just waking up at 7am DC time, but I figure if I can train my mind to recognize that when my alarm goes off at 5am it’s time to get up and go run while I’m here, I should be able to transition this to when I go back to DC and start getting up at 5am DC time. For me the issue with getting up is mostly mental. Hopefully this week will begin to condition my mind to wake up early and I’ll finally become a morning runner. At least through the summer. 

Anyway, all that being said…I’ve been getting up at 5am these last couple days and knocking out my runs on the treadmill. I talked to some of the people I’m working with down here at the U.S. Embassy about running outside and they advised against it for many reasons, poor street quality, crazy drivers, and gang violence. Oh well. I’ll suffer through this week of treadmill runs and continue to stay alive…which in my book is more important than running outside. 

5 Treadmill Miles

Split Times
1: 7:50
2: 7:38
3: 7:25
4: 7:14
5: 7:00

6 Treadmill Miles

Split Times
1: 7:30
2: 7:25
3: 7:19
4: 7:14
5: 7:09
6: 6:56

Morning PT and an Evening 50 Minutes of Run

I’m going to be sore tomorrow. This morning during Navy PT I led the physical training of our, how should I say, less physically fit members. The goal is to help these guys lose weight so they can pass their physical fitness tests. I decided to use one of the workouts I found on here.

I’m definitely going to be sore tomorrow but I think I may have killed the guys I was working out. Hopefully this motivates them to stop being out of shape so they don’t have to work out with me anymore. 

I love the feel of going out for a run and finding that zone where everything just clicks and the run is almost effortless. That’s exactly how I felt tonight. 

I set out with one goal today, go slower than yesterday. Going slower definitely made this a more enjoyable run. 

I asked coach today when training starts for my upcoming 50K. Apparently it starts Monday. He told me to enjoy the runs for the rest of the week because my training is “going to get crazy”. He didn’t specify exactly what he meant by that but I’m a little scared. 


Richmond Marathon W2D1
4 Miles

Went for a late night run around old town Alexandria. It was gorgeous out. A little humid after the storm that came through here this afternoon but it wasn’t unbearable. Plus the storm clouds were just off in the distance and I got a little bit of a light show from the lightening in the far off clouds.
The run was probably the best part of today because work was so crazy. I’ll be happy when this week is over. I’m getting ready to head out of the country for work and the prep has been insane. I’m ready for the trip to be over and it hasn’t even begun.


Survived a very hot afternoon run. Never again. I’m going to start making some changes and start doing my runs in the morning. I’m heading out of town for work on Sunday, that might be the perfect time to start forming my new habit.

This Run was Rough

15 Trail Miles
Potomac Heritage Trail

You know it’s a tough run when it takes you longer to run 15 miles than it did to run 20 miles the day before. It’s not really because my legs were all that tired, (although they were), it was more because this trail was a lot more difficult. I spent a lot more time climbing up rocks and crossing streams and rivers. 

I forgot to turn automatic laps back on my watch so I didn’t get mile splits but given how slow I was get over some of these rocks, it’s probably good that they weren’t on. I’m sure there are a couple 15+ minute miles today. I did miss a turn so I had to back track at one point but that comes with trail running. I’ll have to remember that on race day. 

I did get to see some pretty cool wildlife today. blue heron, cardinals, chipmunks, tons of squirrels, one crawfish, and…

Run Streak Day 129


Last Run Before the Boston Marathon
30 Minutes

There it is, one final shakeout run to prepare my mind and body for tomorrow’s race. There’s nothing left to do but trust my training and run a smart race. The weather is looking like it’s going to pretty warm tomorrow but I’ve been hydrating all day and have a very good plan to stay hydrated throughout the entire race. Now it’s time to carbo load some more, do one final check of all my gear and get a good nights sleep.

Run Streak Day 108

Richmond Marathon W2D3

5 miles

I have been so busy as of late. I barely have anytime to run. In fact the only time I seem to have is either very early in the morning or super late at night. Today however, I didn’t have time for either so instead here is yesterday’s run that I didn’t have time to write about. (Which I’m posting after midnight so technically this is from two nights ago now.)

Richmond Marathon W2D2
5 miles

I didn’t head out for this run until after 9:30 at night. It was well past sundown so I had to run by the light of my headlamp. What was cool about this run was running toward a thunder storm off in the distance. I had this amazing light show the entire way out. Luckily I had brought my phone for this one (it was late so I figured I should take it incase something happened) and I was able to get some pretty awesome pics. 

On the way back the storm started chasing me so I had to pick up the pace a little. Good thing I did too because as soon as I got home the storm reached me. Shortly after the lightning started, the rain came. It was a torrential downpour. Normally I’m all for running in the rain…but not at ten o’clock at night in a thunder storm. Safety first!

I’ve talked to the Broach and I’m going to make up today’s run tomorrow morning and then run tomorrow’s run in the evening at a more relaxed pace. This means I HAVE to get some sleep. I feel like I have no time this week. It’s been so insane. I’m ready for the weekend. 

When I left Ohio, having just run one of the hardest trail races I’d ever run (yes, that includes the 6 days I ran through Colorado) I had pretty much decided I wasn’t going to be doing any more trail runs for a while. That is until I talked to @cupcakeconditioning. She told me that her Ragnar team was in search of more members to run the trail relay in August. The intrigue was just too tempting. I told her tentatively that I would join. Well…today I made it official. 

Looks like I’ll be back on the trails one more time. 

Last Run Before Boston

This run was not the best. At the start I was weaving through crowds of people on their way to the BAA 5K and at the end my usual stomach issues forced me to slow to a walk. I’m not worried though, there will be plenty of time to resolve any issues I might have on Monday morning at the Runner’s Village. 

As I was nearing the end of my run I passed by a woman that looked familiar. When I looked back I immediately recognized her.

Not a bad way to end the run…


Guess Who’s Back?!
75 Minutes of Running

After a very long week (and weekend) of touch and go runs I finally feel like I’m back to a place where I can train pain free. There is the occasional twinge of something in my abdomen/groin/leg but I’ve continued to stretch and that’s helped immensely. This run today was proof to me. Even though it rained pretty intensely at times I was able to just go out and enjoy the run again. I’m so happy to be feeling confident again. Now it’s back to last minute training for a 50 miler in less than a month. This should get interesting for the next couple of weeks.

On an unrelated note, everyone should go say congratulations to my best running friend @butterfliesandairplanes because today she completed 366 days straight of running! She’s such a beast that she’s continuing the streak for foreseeable future!

Run Streak Day 143

Seven Days to the Boston Marathon

70 Minutes 

Taper week…it’s the best of times, it’s the worst of times. My goal for this run was to stay above 8 minutes per mile. It’s crazy, when I run with @butterfliesandairplanes on Sundays, I’m so distracted by our conversation that I don’t notice when we’re running 8:30 miles. When I run that pace by myself I feel like I’m walking. I felt so slow today. I have a feeling this is going to be a long week of taper runs. 

As you guys might have seen I got my Honey Stinger Tri top today. 

I wore on today’s run to try it out. Honestly, this is a really great top. It’s a little more form fitting than I usually wear but the material is so nice that I didn’t notice how it fit during the run. This top also has two pockets on the back so I tried running with a gel in each pocket, they didn’t budge. This might be my new favorite top. 

So now I have a tri watch (Garmin 920XT) and a tri top. Maybe next year I’ll start doing triathlons…

Run Streak Day 102

Richmond Marathon W1D7

Easy 30 Minutes

I woke up early this morning and met up with @butterfliesandairplanes for a nice easy run into the city. My new favorite toy right now is my electric massager. My muscles feel so worked over after using it. The only side effect is that I’m always sore after using it. (Much better than pain I used to feel)
I definitely felt the soreness today. Thankfully the pace wasn’t too strenuous today. 

We decided to run into the city today because REI putting on an event called United Outside. As part of the event they sponsored free kayaking from the Key Bridge Boat House. This was my first time kayaking on the Potomac. It was awesome. I think I’m going to have to get a kayak of my own next spring. 

On a side note, with today’s run I’ve run 1300 miles so far this year. 


The Weekend

It was long run day on Saturday and Nike Run Club was hosting a long run. I decided to go and run with them just so I’d have some good company for what was going to be my longest run in a while. The only problem..they met at 8 and by that time it was already in the high 80s and the humidity was disgusting. For safety reasons, the NRC Pacers decided it was better to just run together as a group at a slower pace. So that meant really slow miles for and more time out in the sun for everyone. Thankfully as we started heading back the Pacer I was running with told me that if I wanted to go faster I should just go. I definitely did.

Today I’m doing a little traveling for work. I’m sitting in the Miami airport waiting for my next flight to start boarding. I’m not sure but I have a strong suspicion that most of this week’s runs are going to be on a treadmill…for my own safety.


Recovering From Boston

Woke up and went out for some very slow miles to try and work out some of the lactic acid in my legs. Considering we have a 9+ hour drive back to DC, getting this little shakeout run was a necessity.
Another reason I went out today was so I can start training for my 50 miler sooner as well as keeping my streak alive. Keeping the streak going the day after the 50 may prove to be VERY challenging.

Run Streak Day 110

El Salvador Runs

Well I was right. The place I’m staying in San Salvador isn’t ideal for running outside. It’s not that I’m in a dangerous part of town. It’s just that there’s a good chance I’d get hit by a car if I ran outside. Which means from today until Thursday I’ll be doing all my runs on a treadmill. I really wish this wasn’t the case. I love exploring the places I visit through my runs. I guess I’ll be exploring this place through the window of a car.

Keeping the Streak Alive

1 Mile

It’s Friday that means it’s easy run day! Only one mile to keep my run streak going.

After the run the Princess and I did a nice short chest and core FitStar workout.

This week wasn’t the most ideal week for my Boston marathon training so I’m really looking forward to tomorrow’s 23 miler.

Oh and a big shout out to Garmin and their customer support line for getting my 920XT back on line and working perfectly.

Run Streak Day 57

Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10 Mile Race Recap

It’s taken me a few days to fully absorb and understand how this race played out. I think I can finally write about how my day went.
It wasn’t the most ideal day for a race. Temperatures at the start of the race were in the low 30′s with a wind chill that took that down into the 20′s and the gust were expected to be in the 30-50mph range. I had hoped to run around a 1:04:00 but when an email was sent out by the race on Saturday saying the race was going to take down all signage because of the wind, I started to temper my expectations. 

I had hoped to get to the start area early so that I could meet up with the rest of the Fort Belvoir team for a pre-race warm up and picture. Unfortunately the metro that I took in took longer to get there so I had just enough time to do a two mile warm up, find a port-a-potty, and get into the corral. I think though that it was probably for the best that I didn’t get there too early. I was able to stay out of the cold more than the people that got there early. I know several people were hiding in port-a-potties and metro stations to try and stay warm. 

I started the race still unsure of how this race was going to go and whether or not I was going to be able to run my goal time. I knew Meb Keflezghi was planning to run a 6min/mi pace so I thought if I could at least stay with him for most of the race I could come close to my 1:04 goal. Unfortunately I never found him in the corral. 

The race started off a little slow. With a pretty large group of people, and a narrow road to start on, finding room to move ahead was limited. After two miles I was feeling comfortable and then we hit the Arlington Memorial Bridge. This is where I expected to really get blasted by the wind for the first time but it never came. We ran across the bridge, around the roundabout and back across the bridge with no serious wind. Coming off the bridge back in DC we headed north into the wind but still nothing serious. Making a U-Turn at the Watergate Complex we started heading south and with the wind at my back mile 4 would be my fastest of the first half of the race. 

After another U-Turn to start mile 5, there was nothing remarkable until half way into mile 6. As we made the turn onto East Basin Drive toward the Jefferson Memorial we got a strong cross wind. One gust was so strong that in two strides the wind had pushed me two feet downwind. Luckily, that section was short because we made a turn that put that wind at our back. From miles 6 to 7.6 it was nothing but tail wind. At this point the crowd had thinned significantly. I found myself running alone for the most part. To keep pushing myself I focused on the runners ahead of me and just reeled them in one by one. Every now and then as I passed another runner they would try to go with me but none were able to hang on. 

At mile 7.6 we made the last U-turn and headed back into the wind. Again I just kept reeling people in as I fought the wind. Even though the wind was steady the gusts on these last few miles weren’t as strong as I expected. I got to mile 9 and I started my kick. I pushed myself hard for the first half but not too hard. Then when I glanced at my watch and saw only half a mile to go I told myself that this is what I had trained for. Those 3 minute sprints through the wind on the track had prepared me for this exact scenario. I picked up my pace and told myself I could do this easily. I kicked my way all the way to the finish line and exceeded my expectations, beat Meb, and came in under an hour. 

Now as I begin my taper for the Boston marathon I’m riding a huge high. My goal for Boston is a sub 2:50. According to the McMillan race calculator, my Cherry Blossom time should get me a 2:46 marathon. You never know how things will go on race day but right now I’m feeling very confident that Boston will be my greatest marathon to date. 

Now here are some cool facts about my Cherry Blossom performance from RunPix.com…

I had an amazing time at this race. I fully intend to try and get into this race next year. Maybe next year the wind won’t have blown all the cherry blossoms off the trees!

Boston Marathon Race Recap

Ok folks, this is a long one so that Broach can see everything I did during this race. So if you want to read about the ups and downs of my race in a very detailed breakdown, check below. 

Keep reading

Richmond Marathon W2D4

5 Miles

In case you missed it, I did not wake up this morning to go for my make up run. Even though I woke up way late for the run, I quickly remembered that I’m not doing a running streak anymore. That means I have a day off that I can swap the missed run into. It’s not ideal and not a practice I intend to use often, but it’s nice to have the option. 

Today was another long day which meant another late and dark run. I’ve been using the electric massager everyday and I think it’s starting to have some seriously positive effects. This run was perfect. No pain. No issues. Just me and the barely lit path. I did have a headlamp though so I didn’t die. 

Mile four was a little slower because as I was running I just happened to look over and see the moon as it was rising over the horizon and it was a deep, dark orange. Of course I didn’t have my phone with me, not that it would have done the moon any justice, so I slowed to full appreciate how beautiful the moon looked coming up over the Potomac. 

Tomorrow I have another long busy day planned but I won’t be able to run at night, so…that means I HAVE to get up and run in the morning. And don’t worry, I’ve already got alarms set. 


Richmond Marathon W1D6
Saturday Long Run: 8 Miles

I caught the tail end of a random rain storm that passed through DC and it was awesome! It has been so hot here for the last few weeks but this storm brought the temps down by 20 degrees so I didn’t feel like I was suffocating while I was running.
I was going through my closet last night and I found an electo-therapy massager. I used it for my groin/abs yesterday and it helped so much today. I was definitely sore from how deep the massage was but I felt so much better today. I’m definitely going to be using that on a regular basis until I’m 100%