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Now, I have no problem with you pointing people out on their shit.  But I just want to remind y'all that celebrities are also humans, and it is in human nature to make mistakes. So why point them out only? Why not point everyone out? It’s like treating them as if they are not human. You’re almost as bad as the media is, pointing out celebrities like this.

Ordinarily, we don’t respond to submissions, but for this one I’m willing to speak.

We are fully aware that celebrities are humans, and at least I (Mod Ultra) think that media coverage of celebrities can be completely violating and dehumanizing. However, these celebrities are seen as role models. They are often revered and are in the public eye. When this is the case, their behavior influences people’s - impressionable children’s (and impressionable adults’) - ideas of what is right or wrong. And this blog serves, not to condemn them for making mistakes, but to point out that they are human, and that they aren’t beacons of human perfection that should be unquestioningly emulated.

We do point everyone out. Most of the “sjws” are more than armchair warriors. When we see someone say or do something problematic, we speak up (assuming it is safe for us to do so.) We blog about celebrities because their behavior is seen by the masses, and we want to get the word out that this behavior is not okay. If I made a blog post that said, “Daniel from chem class said something ableist” then nobody would know or care who Daniel is. He isn’t anyone’s role model (well, I certainly hope not) and sometimes people want to know about mistakes their idols have made so that they can remind themselves the celebrities are only human.