8.       Last year I shopped my hair all the way up to my shoulders and I can’t wait for it to grow back and never cut it again.

9.       When looking to the future one of the things I’m most excited about is being a mom, as cheesy as it sounds, I really look forward to that day. And I want to have babies when I’m still young because I don’t want to be like those mothers that are very old and grumpy, I wanna be a cool mom and play, run, jump and everything.

10.       Most scented candles give me headaches. 





32.       I kind of love unicorns… like A LOT. I know they “don’t exist” (in my world they do).

33.       I hate fish and sea food, even talking about it makes me want to vomit.

34.       My first crush was in kindergarten when I was about 5 and I had the biggest crush on a boy that lived near my house and we used to go out on our bicycles so I guess that was my first date too.



25.       I used to be massively addicted to the sims, I would be on that game from the moment my eyes opened to the moment my eyes closed at night.

26.       I believe in karma.

27.       I can’t stand cinnamon, not even the smell or anything. My friends usually go to get a cinnamon pretzel and I hated it, so I started getting the one with pizza flavor and now I’m addicted.


6.       I’m obsessed with horror movies, I love the feeling of fear when you’re watching one and I love when I jump of fear, it sounds really sick and weird but it’s awesome. The only bad part of it is that I get so traumatized by them that I am afraid of almost anything. 

7.       Continuing the last random fact, I remember every part of every movie I have ever seen, I have a very visual memory and I can remember even some dialogs of random movies.



Well a lot of you have been asking me to start a blog, and i don’t really know how to start. I think this picture shows kind of how I feel about this new “stage”, which is very scary but also exciting.  Maybe you can help me and also become a part of this new process, please send me your requests on the things you want me to talk about, also send me your blogs so I can check them out.

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ps: please reblog :)   

49.       Every time I go to the bathroom, even when I just want to look myself in the mirror I have to be listening to a song… usually is a lana del rey song.

50.       I wanna get a tattoo but i can’t decide what i want yet…

SOOOOOOO, that was it! Hope you enjoyed and please send my your blogs so I can check them out, also please REBLOG THIS! Let get this blogging thing started :) 



28.       I would love to have a beauty blog, but I’m too lazy to start.

29.       I used to hate orange, the color, but now I’m all about orange I love it.

30.       I am allergic to almost everything on earth, starting with the sun.

31.       When I was younger I was so terrified of roller coasters that I would cry even in the small ones, but when I went to Disney world I went on every single one of them and I loved it, now I’m a huge fan.



17.       I have seen the movie parent trap a million times, I used to watch it in the Disney channel like when they put the movies twice a day, I would watch it twice.

18.       I hate sleeping over someone else’s house, I just love my bed and I get homesick.

19.       Even though I was born in 1995, I still consider myself a 90’s kid because I have two siblings that forced me to watch every single tv show… and now when I try to talk to my friends about our childhood I realized that while they were watching barney I was watching sabrina the teenage witch, are you afraid of the dark?, sister sister, etc. thanks brothers.


35.       I have always been a very girly girl, I love heels since I can remember, and I would always be the girl when we played family with my friends… and we were all little girls, but someone had to be the father and it wouldn’t be me.

36.       I am a serious planner, I usually always plan thing ahead but they don’t usually work the way I had planned them.

37.       Traveling is one of my favorite thing in the entire world but I’m terrified of flying, and I cry in almost every turbulence.