8.       Last year I shopped my hair all the way up to my shoulders and I can’t wait for it to grow back and never cut it again.

9.       When looking to the future one of the things I’m most excited about is being a mom, as cheesy as it sounds, I really look forward to that day. And I want to have babies when I’m still young because I don’t want to be like those mothers that are very old and grumpy, I wanna be a cool mom and play, run, jump and everything.

10.       Most scented candles give me headaches. 





32.       I kind of love unicorns… like A LOT. I know they “don’t exist” (in my world they do).

33.       I hate fish and sea food, even talking about it makes me want to vomit.

34.       My first crush was in kindergarten when I was about 5 and I had the biggest crush on a boy that lived near my house and we used to go out on our bicycles so I guess that was my first date too.



25.       I used to be massively addicted to the sims, I would be on that game from the moment my eyes opened to the moment my eyes closed at night.

26.       I believe in karma.

27.       I can’t stand cinnamon, not even the smell or anything. My friends usually go to get a cinnamon pretzel and I hated it, so I started getting the one with pizza flavor and now I’m addicted.


6.       I’m obsessed with horror movies, I love the feeling of fear when you’re watching one and I love when I jump of fear, it sounds really sick and weird but it’s awesome. The only bad part of it is that I get so traumatized by them that I am afraid of almost anything. 

7.       Continuing the last random fact, I remember every part of every movie I have ever seen, I have a very visual memory and I can remember even some dialogs of random movies.



49.       Every time I go to the bathroom, even when I just want to look myself in the mirror I have to be listening to a song… usually is a lana del rey song.

50.       I wanna get a tattoo but i can’t decide what i want yet…

SOOOOOOO, that was it! Hope you enjoyed and please send my your blogs so I can check them out, also please REBLOG THIS! Let get this blogging thing started :) 



28.       I would love to have a beauty blog, but I’m too lazy to start.

29.       I used to hate orange, the color, but now I’m all about orange I love it.

30.       I am allergic to almost everything on earth, starting with the sun.

31.       When I was younger I was so terrified of roller coasters that I would cry even in the small ones, but when I went to Disney world I went on every single one of them and I loved it, now I’m a huge fan.



Well a lot of you have been asking me to start a blog, and i don’t really know how to start. I think this picture shows kind of how I feel about this new “stage”, which is very scary but also exciting.  Maybe you can help me and also become a part of this new process, please send me your requests on the things you want me to talk about, also send me your blogs so I can check them out.

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