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How would the RFA members, including V, react to MC being pregnant?

(⁎⚈᷀᷁▿⚈᷀᷁⁎) OH YEAAAH. Sorry they’re kind of short, I was trying to study and write this out at the same time. As a bonus, I had to add in Unknown because I thought of something stupid for him.

Side note: playing rock, paper, scissors over the phone with Seven is amazing


  • you were about a two months pregnant when you found out
  • welp got to tell your husband
  • you two were casually playing LOLOL with your guild
    • he was on the main computer while you were on your laptop on the couch
  • the guild was having a quick powwow before they would head into a new dungeon
  • and you kind of just say it in front of the guild members
  • Yoosung turned so fast he pinched a nerve in his neck
    • he doesn’t care if it hurts though because BABY!!!!
  • “MC…is it true?”
  • when you nod it’s his cue to burst into tears of joy
  • he has to take off his headphones so the other guild members don’t hear him cry
  • he goes to hug you on the couch while you comfort him
  • meanwhile, the guild is cheering them on
    • mainly with “WHY TO GO YOOSUNG!!!”


  • it started when you two were at the cafe and a mother came in with her baby daughter
  • during clean up you found the baby’s abandoned booty 
  • suddenly you two went baby crazy after that
    • “Look how tiny this little booty is!!!”
    • “(//^^//)”
  • finally in a doctor’s office with the two of you squeezing each other’s hands
  • the moment the doctor said the insemination was a success
  • stone face Jaehee had tears running down her cheeks
  • it was the happiest moment of your lives
  • Jaehee is determined to be an excellent mom and so are you :3


  • you were hoping to make the announcement elaborate to surprise him
  • at your date, you were going to give him a box with a pea and a note inside that said, “It’s this big.”
  • but that morning you were just too excited
  • before he was going to work, you just let it slip
  • his eyes widen and he becomes so overjoyed
  • way to be dramatic Zen don’t be a drama queen
  • when he comes to, he turns into Dad Zen


  • you found out you were pregnant for about month 
    •  you did the at home tests and did some blood work, it’s all positive :3
  • with your developing pregnancy brain, you forget to Jumin
  • then one day you were getting an ultrasound and he calls you asking where you are 
  • “Oh, I’m at the hospital. Don’t worry there’s nothi–”
  • you hear him RUNNING before he hangs up
  • next thing you know he’s entered the ultrasound room
    • okay how did he get here so fast???
    • he’s a confused donut
  • but he stands beside you without a word
  • when the doctor points out the little thing the size of a walnut on the screen is your baby,
  • you feel he’s got a tight grip on your hand
  • awww his eyes are definitely watery


  • honestly, you don’t know how or what to tell this jellybean
  • on one hand, he might have a panic attack, but on the other, he might be so overjoyed he pulls you into a bear hug
  • you manage to convince Saeran to make an app that would display your announcement if he could crack the system
  • so you tell Seven about this app that you found that someone made so no one could get into it
    • lol stupid right???
  • the boy doesn’t sleep all night and it’s not until afternoon the next day when he FINALLY cracks it
  • and he just BITCH CRIES when he reads the message
  • not the reaction you were anticipating but it was something


  • you decide it would be fun to frame the ultrasound picture you got that day and hang it on the wall to see if he would notice
  • not your brightest idea 
  • because he does notice it but his face is right up to it
    • oh yeah he’s almost as blind as a bat
  • so when he asks you what it is
  • “It’s my ultrasound.”
  • he thinks it’s your ultrasound from when you were a baby so he jokes how he should find his and hang it up right next to it
    • oh sweet precious bb
  • when you correct him he just freezes
  • he touches the picture
  • “This is…ours?”
  • has to constantly wipe his tears 
  • still insists you hang yours and his ultrasound over your child’s


  • you were kind of freaked out to tell him when you tested positive on the at home test and the blood work at the hospital
  • because you don’t know how he’ll take it
  • so you were planning on avoiding it
  • but he comes into the bedroom with the used pregnancy test in his hand
  • initiate silent standoff
  • “…You’re pregnant…?”
    • haha finger guns
  • he just takes your hand 
  • “No. We’re pregnant.”
  • (  ˙-˙  ) 
being pregnant with Chris Evans’ child would include

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  • him fainting when you tell him you’re pregnant
  • touching and caressing your belly every chance he gets
  • “i’m an over stuffed sausage”
  • “no, honey, you’re beautiful, you’ve never been this beautiful to me”
  • him crying whenever you cry
  • “you are gonna be so pretty, just like your mommy”
  • him snapping pictures of you when you’re asleep
  • forgetting to turn the flashlight off
  • “oh shit”
  • him making a pregnancy scrapbook and writing everything down
  • “day 85: she wanted a sandwich with sausage, pickles and peanut butter”
  • buying the baby Captain America onesies
  • “day 97: she hates chocolate”
  • his voice being the only thing that can calm your baby down
  • “shhh my little princess, let our mommy rest, okay?”
  • “darling, it’s not a princess, it’s a prince”
  • “princess”
  • “prince”
  • “princess”
  • “prince”
  • betting on the baby’s gender
  • him making playlist of songs the baby need to hear
  • putting big headphones on your belly and pressing play
  • him drawing on your tummy
  • “day 141: she adores chocolate, buy as much as you can”
  • him telling your baby about his day
  • “Dodger, stay with y/n and protect her, okay?”
  • “Chris, you’ll be gone for only 20 minutes”
  • him snuggling into you with an arm gently placed over your belly
  • “have you thought of any names?”
  • “yes, love, Eric and Belle”
  • “Chris, i’m not naming my kids after disney characters”
  • kissing your forehead then kissing your belly before going out
  • painting your toenails
  • showering with you
  • giving you incredible massages
  • “day 193: she says she hates me”
  • “Chris, i’m so sorry, darling, i love you”
  • crying together
  • waking up to see cute little messages written on your belly
  • waking up to kisses on your lips and stomach
  • him kissing your new stretch marks
  • “you’re gorgeous, my love”
  • “my boobs are huge!”
  • “i love your huge boobs”
  • him crying when he hears your baby’s heartbeat at your first ultrasound
  • him framing the ultrasound picture
  • posting it on twitter “our little peanut”
  • waking up to him talking to Dodger about the baby
  • “i’m the happiest man in the world, pal”

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My grandmother had to gone through a similar situation my mom was only 12 and her mom had to go through surgery to help her bladder cancer and she was pregnant and didn't know she was only 5 weeks when she lost the babe and she is now well into her 50's and still has the ultrasound framed on the wall

aww that honestly breaks my heart. such an awful thing to go through, i wouldn’t wish it upon anyone :(

Christmas with Taehyung

Onto my lil bean, the other half to my Daegu princes, Kim Taehyung (also I’m just really excited rn bc I got the pt. 2 album and I got Tae’s photocard and I’m just really really r e a l l y happy rn) and also I didn’t realize this until two seconds ago and I literally did a double take straight out of a movie but I hit 600 followers and I want to say thank you so much!!!!

  • This is gonna feature a tiny hint of father!Tae (all of the father related posts are here)
  • This lil precious ray of sunshine
  • He’s double excited around this time of the year bc not only is it Christmas but it’s also his birthday
  • You two have lost count of how many Christmases you’ve had together bc you were best friends long before he asked you out
  • It is your first Christmas as a married couple though
  • Nothing really changes tbh except now you’re starting to form a lil bby bump that’s barely visible  
  • You manage to hide your pregnancy from Tae since you’d only found like a week ago
  • You figured since it was nearly Christmas, you’d just wait to tell him 
  • He didn’t really suspect much tbh
  • You wore his huge shirts around the house a lot more but he figured you just found them comfortable (bc they look s o comfy ight I want to raid his closet)
  • It’s actually pretty difficult to keep secrets from him purely bc your relationship’s so open
  • Like this kid couldn’t keep a secret to save his life
  • It’s pure luck you don’t find out what your presents are bc he’s always just giggling when he looks at them and you can tell he wants to tell you what they are but he holds himself back  
  • And he’s just so trusting like he doesn’t even think for a single moment you’re hiding something but you know he’ll be so excited to find out on Christmas so it’s worth it
  • He’s extremely into Christmas
  • “Taehyung, take the reindeer antlers off it’s December 2nd”
  • “NEVER”
  • “Hey bby, sweetheart, love of my life, look at me”
  • “If I turn around to see you in a Santa costume one more time Kim Taehyung is2g”
  • “…never mind”
  • He goes all out with the tree and buys way too many ornaments but it’s ight bc he also bought a mini tree for the bedroom
  • The ornaments range from typical to “you’re really going to hang a sock ornament???”
  • He definitely has one or two anime ornaments on there just bc this is Tae
  • His favorite thing to do is make some hot cocoa, put on a Christmas movie and cuddle
  • You’re not complaining bc you get hot cocoa and cuddles and you get to hear his lil giggles of happiness the entire time
  • December is just a really happy month for him
  • The smile never really leaves his face and it only widens whenever he sees anything Christmas orientated
  • When it comes time for the actual day of Christmas, don’t expect a quiet morning
  • He wakes you up at like nine by screaming that it’s Christmas and you’re just laughing bc he does it every year and his excitement never dulls
  • His excitement is contagious so you’re both just racing for the tree
  • You open all of the presents underneath and you save your announcement for last bc none of your other presents are gonna top that
  • By the time he’s done opening them up, he’s got a bow on top of his head, one on his leg, one somehow on his back and wrapping paper is everywhere
  • He molds a hat out of it at one point and is just sitting there by the tree with it on
  • You hand him his final present (a framed ultrasound picture bc cute)
  • At first he doesn’t get it bc Jin is also gonna be a dad in like a month and he thinks it’s one of Jin’s bby girl’s ultrasounds
  • He’s just so ??? bc why are you giving him an ultrasound of Jin’s kid but then you just lift his your shirt up high enough to show the bump
  • Then it’s just !!!
  • He honestly tears up and can’t stop asking if you’re serious
  • “If this is a joke, it’s the meanest prank you could ever pull, don’t joke around with this plz tell me it’s real”
  • It takes you like 5 minutes to convince him this isn’t Jimin playing around with him and then he just basically tackles you into a hug
  • He makes sure to be careful though bc not only are you his love but now you’ve got bby Kim he’s gotta be extra gentle
  • He immediately goes for the lil bby bump and is just like w h o a this is happening and he spends like a solid hour talking to it
  • His thumb is just gently rubbing the bump as he talks and it’s so endearing to watch his eyes light up with adoration
  • Christmas with Tae is filled with a hell of a lot of Christmas spirit, cuddles 25/8, and wrapping paper e v e r y w h e r e
Christmas Secret

Keeping this a secret had been hard, and Y/N had known for nearly two months, but she was so close to telling Joe, and she could not wait to see his reaction.

The most important part was how she would tell him.

There was a few different options, she just knew it would be on Christmas Day, because it would be the ultimate present, and they had planned to spend the morning alone, just the two of them. Which would be the perfect time to tell him.

She felt a sense of giddiness as she wrapped his present, after checking every single room in their shared home and texting him to ensure that he was indeed not home. Y/N was excited for their future together, and knew that after the initial surprise, Joe would be as excited as she was. She just happened to have a few months to wrap her head around it. But that’s fine, because he still had roughly seven months to get prepared.

Christmas morning arrived, and after the two lounged around in bed for a while, basking in the morning warmth of their blankets, Joe’s childlike excitement began to overtake his mind, and he practically dragged her into the living room.

Their tree had been up and decorated since the beginning of the month, and when they went to sleep the night before, they had left the lights on so when they walked in, it glowed brightly.

Joe had decided that they would sit on the floor together in front of the tree, taking turns to hand each other gifts, enjoying each other’s reactions.

Y/N loved every moment. She had always loved Christmas, and spending the morning with her family had been one of her favourite parts, but getting to do it alone with Joe this year was wonderful. It was the beginning of their own little tradition, and they would be heading out in the early afternoon to meet up with his family.

For right now though, it was just them. The two of them. This year.

“Alright,” Y/N smiled as she picked up the wrapped item. “This is the last present.”

“What?” Joe asked, taking it. “I didn’t get you anything else though…”

“It’s fine, you opening it will be enough.”

“You have something planned, don’t you?” He eyed her carefully, but she simply shrugged.

“Open it and find out.”

Joe studied her for a moment longer before nodding, beginning to carefully open the present. Y/N felt the nerves begin to build, but made sure to keep her eyes trained on Joe’s face, because she wanted to capture this moment in her mind forever.

“A picture?” He mumbled, revealing the frame, but he continued to tear away the paper, eyes falling on the image placed within the frame.

It took a moment, but then she watched his eyes slowly widen, lifting to meet her waiting ones.

“Is this…” His voice was soft, disbelieving.


“Are you serious?”


He looked back down, fingers tracing the image for a moment as a gentle smile blossomed on his lips.

“Merry Christmas, Joe.”

He propped the frame up on their coffee table before wrapping his arms around her, pulling her into a tight hug.

“Merry Christmas, Y/N.”

They sat together, looking at the ultrasound she had framed for him.

My headcanon for the Jaspis Human AU is that Jasper would give birth to their daughter, Malachite. Don’t get me wrong, I love pregnant!Lapis too but pregnant!Jasper speaks to me in a very particular way.

I imagine Lapis reading up on the realities of childbirth and just saying, “No.” But Jasper is tough, Jasper can handle anything, so she rises to the challenge.

Being pregnant makes Jasper crave watermelons like mad. She gets sore in places she didn’t know she could be sore, and sometimes she’s so cranky it makes her usual self seem cheerful by comparison. But she’s also happier than she’s ever been, and never more so than when Lapis’s small hand is splayed across her stomach, waiting patiently for Malachite to kick.

Lapis records absolutely everything. She’s never been very good at showing her emotions, but there’s a tenderness in how she frames the ultrasound, and how she updates the family photograph on her desk every week, Jasper’s belly growing rounder and rounder each time. She there for every visit to the doctor’s office, researches the best methods for childbirth and prenatal care, and when Jasper is tired and draped across the couch, Lapis lays Jasper’s head in her lap and brushes her hair, whispering baby names and all her favorite lullabies.

And when Jasper screams and curses and roars in the delivery room, Lapis is by her side. Jasper’s hand is large and so very strong, but Lapis holds it tightly between both of hers, because that’s how they are with each other. They cling for dear life and they don’t let go, no matter how painful, no matter how frightening. Her heart is hammering and she’s terrified of what will happen, what sort of parent she’ll be–but there’s no time for doubts, not after Malachite comes yowling into the world.

Jasper is shaking and crying; she doesn’t lean back until Malachite is placed their arms, nestled safely between her mothers. There’s an audible sigh of relief; Jasper sinks heavily into the pillows, and Lapis lays against her shoulder, their hands still tightly entwined.

Sebastian w/ Fam- Part 5

Hi! Could you write a Sebastian Stan x reader where they spend Christmas morning with their 2 year old daughter and their 4 year old son please? Your imagines are incredible!! 💕💕

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

You barely registered your bedroom door opening but once there were two little bodies jumping on your bed and shaking you and your husband, Sebastian, up you figured out what was going on. “Wake up, wake up, wake up,” your 4 year old son, Cristian, hollered.

“Santa was here,” your two year old, Lily tripped over the words as she spoke.

“We’re up. We’re up,” you grabbed Cristian and pulled him down onto your lap and tickled him playfully shouting ‘We’re up.’ “Go wait in the living room. Don’t touch anything though,” you warned. The two of them leapt down and ran out of your room. “Merry Christmas,” you smiled to Sebastian and kissed him.

“Good morning and Merry Christmas,” he said in a raspy voice and pulled you down on his chest. “Can’t we sleep a little longer?”

“If we aren’t down soon there will be hell to pay.”

Reluctantly, Sebastian got up and walked hand and hand with you to the living room where you were greeted by eager and excited faces. Sebastian grabbed the camera and sat down on the floor. “Alright, go for it,” he set the kids free.

You assisted the kids with opening boxes or toys as needed and smiled seeing the joy on their little faces.

There was wrapping paper all over the floor and toys waiting to be put together or have batteries added. 12:30, 5 hours after you were woken up, the kids were passed out on the floor cradling their new toys. You finished picking up the paper, grabbed a box that was hidden in the kitchen, and sat down on the couch next to Sebastian. “Another successful Christmas, huh,” Sebastian asked as you leaned into his shoulder. “Oh, one last thing,” he reached into the couch cushions and pulled out a two slim boxes. You graciously accepted and opened them up. “This is beautiful,” you said opening the first one with a tennis bracelet. You opened the next and put a hand over your heart, “This is amazing.” In the second box was a silver necklace with the letters S, C and L hanging off of it. “I love it. Thank you so much babe,” you kissed him and couldn’t help but smile at the thought of him opening his gift.

“This is for you,” you passed the large box to him. He unwrapped it to find three boxes inside of it. “Open the little one first.”

“Wow,” he said when he pulled the watch out of the box. “This is the one I pointed out in that little shop in France over the summer,” he quietly exclaimed so he wouldn’t wake the kids.

“You said you needed another fancy one for premiers and you liked it so much…,” you trailed on. “Open this one next,” you pointed to another box.

“New cufflinks,” he brought them closer to his face. “Our initials and out anniversary,” he smiled. “I love them.”

“One more,” you smiled almost as eager as the kids had been before. He took out the last box, that took up the whole bottom of the box, and sat it on his lap. He didn’t notice you set the camera up on your other side and start recording. He opened the box and his eyes widened.

“Are you joking with me right now,” he turned wide-eyed at you. You shook your head. “This is for real?!” He lifted the pregnancy stick and the framed ultrasound out of the box. When you looked at him again you realised he had tears in his eyes.

“Merry Christmas Mr. Stan.”

He crushed you in a hug. “Merry Christmas Mrs. Stan.”

TITLE: IT’S CHRISTMAS DADDY (based on the Twins family)
EXCERPT: Morning rolls around quickly and before I know it, I’m being awoken by two jumping kids. “It’s Christmas Daddy!” they both scream as they bounce up and down.

Theo’s POV

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, especially with two 3 year olds. Brady and Abby have grown up way too quickly. I mean, I still remember giving them their 3 am bottles and now they’re three. And since they’re three, getting them into bed on Christmas Eve is almost impossible.

“But daddy,” Brady whines. “I don’t wanna go to sleep. It’s too close to Christmas.”

I sigh, hoping my wife is having an easier time with Abby. “Brades, don’t you remember that Santa can’t come unless you’re asleep? Don’t you want presents?

“Yea,” he answers. “But I don’t wanna wait anymore.”

I chuckle. “You only have a few more hours to go bud. Plus, the quicker you go to sleep, the quicker morning comes.”

I can see he’s fighting back a yawn. “Come on. How about I read you a story and then you can go to sleep.”

“Okay Daddy.” Brady answers, as he cuddles into his pillow, holding onto Mr. Squiggles.

I don’t even get a quarter of the way through the book before Brady is out like a light. “Night buddy”, I say softly as I place a small kiss on his forehead. I leave his door slightly open, before moving over to my daughter’s room, to see if Y/N had better luck than me. As I walk in, I see my wife running her hand through Abby’s hair, and a small smile appears on my face.

“Tough time?” I ask, as I join her on the floor.

“No,” she says. “I just can’t believe how quickly they’re growing up.”

“I know. I was thinking the same thing as I put Brady to bed. But I am excited to see them open their presents tomorrow. It’s the coolest feeling.”

Y/N smiles at me. “I agree honey.” She gives me a quick kiss, before pulling herself to her feet. “Come on, we’ve got some presents to put out.”

I laugh softly, before leaning down, kissing my daughter’s forehead. I grab my wife’s hand and lead her off to the living room, where we set up our kids’ presents. After a quiet moment of looking at the tree, Y/N and I head off to bed, hoping to get a little sleep before the kids come and wake us up.

Morning rolls around quickly and before I know it, I’m being awoken by two jumping kids. “It’s Christmas Daddy!” they both scream as they bounce up and down.

I turn to my wife, who I can tell is trying not to laugh. “Okay, okay guys. I’m up. I’m up. But, I don’t think Mommy is.”

Before I know it, Brady and Abby are jumping up and down, waking Y/N up. My wife just lies there, pretending to be asleep, but I can tell she’s holding back a smile. “Mommy wake up!” I hear Brady say. “Yea mama, we have to open presents.” Abby adds.

“How do you guys know there’s gonna be presents under the tree?” I ask them. “Do you guys think you were good this year?”

“Duh daddy.” Abby says. “I know we were good.”

“Oh yeah?”


“Well I guess we better go find out.” I hear my wife say, causing all three of us to jump, since none of us were expecting her to say anything.

“Mommy!” I hear my kids yell, before they go over to her to give her a kiss.

“Morning babies.” She says before pulling them into a hug, and leaning over to give me a quick kiss.

“Well, now that mom’s awake, I think it’s time to go see if Santa came!”

I have never seen my kids jump up as quickly as they did in that moment, and before I know it, they’re grabbing our hands, and pulling us downstairs. They stop quickly, looking at the tree, before their mouths drop. “Oh my gosh,” Brady says. “Abby, look at all the presents we got!”

“There’s so many!” She says. “I don’t even know where to start!”

“Well” my wife starts. “I always start with the stockings.”

I smile as the kids reach for their stockings, and start opening their presents. Honestly, there is no better feeling than watching your kids open their presents. My favorite part is when they open one, smile big, and walk over and show it to us, jumping up and down over their gifts. My wife and I just sit there with smiles on our faces.

Once the kids finish opening their gifts, they head to their playroom to play with their new toys. I start to follow them, but my wife holds me back.

“What’s up baby?” I ask.

“I have a present for you.” She says, before dragging me back to the couch.

“Y/N, you already gave me my presents.” I say. “What else could you possibly have gotten me?”

She puts our hands together, before reaching behind her back and handing me a box. I open it up, and see an ultrasound in a picture frame. “What is this?” I ask her, feeling a smile forming on my face.

“It’s exactly what you think it is, Theo.” She says.

“So we’re having another baby?”

She smiles before nodding her head. “Merry Christmas, Theo.” She says. “Are you happy?”

I reach over and kiss her hard. “You have no idea how happy you’ve just made me baby.” I say. “I always felt like something was missing in our family, and now we’ve found it. We’re having a baby.”

“We’re having a baby.” She leans over and kisses me again, before I hear the twins run inside the room and jump on the couch, saying something about their gifts.

I grab the kids, and pull us into a big family hug, with my hand resting on Y/N’s stomach. “This is the best Christmas ever,” I say as I hold them all close. And it’s true. My family finally feels more complete. Best holiday ever.  


Yesterday @justfangirlingit and @faithhopeloveandwanderlust commented that they would like for @lolcat76 and I to fic the comments on this post. @lolcat76 wrote this marvelous fic to grant their wishes and here is my response. I hope you enjoy!


It had started with Neal.

A trip to the underworld with Emma and who should they run into but their son’s father. They’d come for Hook but they were barely there a day before they ran into a grim looking Neal. Despite the circumstances it had been a stroke of luck Neal was familiar with the underworld. He’d lived in it for months and without his help they never would’ve been able regain Hook’s soul. So when Hades and Persephone challenged them to game over Neal’s fate how could they refuse to play. It was difficult and taxing… but they won. Neal’s soul was transferred into an urn that upon opening in Storybrooke would allow him to reclaim his life. Regina would never forget the look in Hades yellow eyes as he slipped the urn into her hands with disdain.

“You think you’ve won but I promise you this is just the beginning,” he warned in a threatening whisper. His words creeped over her heart like a spider running down a wall but she only raised an eyebrow before removing her hands out of the reach of his icy fingers. His warning swarmed around her like smoke for the entire journey back to Storybrooke but it dissipated when she saw the look on her son’s face as he wrapped his arms around his father again.

For a while things were fine. Neal was adjusting to being back and Henry was thrilled to have his father back in his life. For a good month they thought they’d escaped any consequences but like all magic Neal’s resurrection came with price. A price that revealed itself when Snow woke up one morning to find her mother, Queen Eva, frightened and confused, sitting at her kitchen table.

It had been a shock to say the least. Eva had been dead for nearly half a century but when Regina arrived at Granny’s there she was, cheeks as rosy as a newborn babe and her heart beating like a drum. Snow was full of joy at her mother’s resurrection but as Regina watched them tearfully hug from her spot at the counter Hade’s warning echoed in her mind. Just the beginning…

A few days later Hook had his own surprise when he awoke on the Jolly Roger to the sight of Milah lying beside him. Their reunion was not as joyous.

Neither was the one Emma experienced when two weeks later she arrived at the sheriff’s station to find Graham sitting behind her desk.

The return of their past lovers put on a strain on their relationship to say the least but it wasn’t the biggest problem they had. All over town long lost loved ones were appearing from their graves as if they’d never been dead at all. After extensive research Belle had hypothesized that Neal’s returned had thinned the veil between the world of the living and the world of the dead, allowing souls to return back to their old lives. It was only after taking a long hard look at the list of the returned that Regina realized just who had been returning. Milah, Eva, Graham, Peter, Johanna. Not the dead, but the murdered. The ones who had their lives taken, the ones who’d been cut down before their time. As soon as the realization hit her two names popped into her head.

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Arrow fic: Three Pieces of Furniture and Felicity Smoak

Title:Three Pieces of Furniture and Felicity Smoak
Olicity, Felicity Smoak, Oliver Queen
Summary: Oliver Queen discovers exactly what it takes to make him happy. 

Notes: How I imagine Felicity and Oliver might get together post s2. I’m writing it before s3 drops another angst-bomb on us. 


If you’d asked twenty year old Oliver Queen if he’d like, one day, to be so broke that fast food would feel like a luxury – to be so broke that he’d be living in a studio (a studio) apartment, with precisely three pieces of furniture to his name and shared laundry facilities in the basement – twenty year old Oliver Queen would have called security and told you to get the hell out of his mansion.

But the odd thing is that broke thirty year old Oliver Queen is happier than he can remember being in a really, really long time.

He owns a refrigerator, a coffee table and a futon, all carefully sourced off craigslist. He also has a microwave, curtsey of Diggle, and hot-plate, from Laurel (he’s pretty sure, actually, that it’s the same one she had in her first apartment back when they were still dating). And an actual working lamp pulled out of a skip down the street.

And the walls here are clean, it’s not damp and it doesn’t smell totally disgusting, which is better than half the places he looked at before this one. There’s windows: he can see out onto a park. He’s thinking about putting up posters.

Also Felicity is currently kinda naked on his futon, which is doing wonders for the rest of the interior design.

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To the Oklahoma Lawmakers who Passed SB 1878 requiring women to receive an ultrasound prior to an abortion-

Why don’t you print out the ultrasound pictures and pastel frame them? Make me take them home and hang them on my wall as a souvenir of the night that is branded like red coals to flesh on my memory.

The night when his hand pressed so hard against my shoulder blade, I felt more intimacy with asphalt. Why don’t you knit the baby a sweater? Make me take it out and smell it on the anniversary of this day for the rest of my life to remind me I chose to be a murderer instead of bringing a child into a world where we kill people in the name of freedom, but imprison people in the name of life.

You could pass laws for that too. I can still see his hand prints on my thighs. Now I can see your probing eye scraping across my cervix, tattooing my womb with shame. Why don’t you send me a card every Mother’s Day to remind me of how wretched I am, sign it, 

Your friens at the State Capitol, making sure you know we actually do something all day with your tax dollars.

Look: I know it can get boring, between the Porkers’ Association Breakfast and the Oil and Gas Industry lunch. I know you need something to do between cutting funding for the arts and passing off your racism as an immigration bill, but I need a little more from you than a piece of paper. I mean, If you really want to show me that you believe in Faith, Family, and Freedom, then why don’t you come along for the ride? I could have used you that night.

After the football game, he finnaly shows me attention. I grasp for acceptance. Tell me I’m special, so when he hands me the next drink I don’t look to the bottom of it for appoval. Tell me to scream louder so someone might find us. Wrap me in a blanket when he’s done, take me home, my body a tapped keg, my hear the grimy gym floor after the pep rally. Give me the words to say to my parents when I come out of the bathroom with a plus sign on the stick and he won’t even talk to me.

The school hallway is a canyon. Silence echoes in my skull. I don’t know what to do. Tell me what to do. Sit with me at the clinic, filling out twenty pages of questions. Make me listen to the heartbeat. Give me the revelation that the blip on the screen is actually a baby. Take me home when I change my mind. Take me to the doctor every month, HOld my hand in the delivery room. I will name him after you if you will help me do my homework when he’s crying in the next room. Give me food stamps, pay my gas bills. Put him in an after-school program where he larns he can sell my pain pills. Have mercy on him when he goes to court. Give me strength when they sentence him. If you want to play God, Mr. And Mrs. Lawmakers, if you want to write your Bible on my organs, then you better be there when I am down on my knees pleading for relief from your morality.

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Don't know if you take prompts but... after losing their unborn baby because of her job, She's pregnant again but this time with twins. She decides that it's time to leave the force and go back to Law School for the sake of her husband and her unborn son and daughter, they're everything to her, her family, her all life. (au c+b) (bonus if you could also write about telling her friends and Captain that she decided leave the force) please :) thanks

This was sad, but I loved the prompt!

Castle fanfic monday!

New Mountains to Climb

Ever since she found outabout the twins, going into work made her stomach tie up in knots and her skin crawl. At first, she had equated it to morning sickness, but soon she noticed it when her husband even mentioned the idea of heading into work. And when she broke into a sweat each time her phone rang, she began to think it was just her fluctuating hormones. It wasn’t until she was sitting at her desk one day, and felt one of them move inside her. She almost didn’t notice it, and thought she was imagining it at first. But when she felt it again, she stopped talking in the middle of her sentence. Ryan turned away from the board to look at her. “Beckett, are you okay?”

As he asked, Castle’s hand came to rest in the small of her back, the concerned look on his face plain to see. She reached around to lace her fingers with his, reassuring him. “I’m fine, sorry.” They hadn’t told anyone yet, afraid of the repercussions if anything went wrong again. She shook her head, trying to remember what she had been saying before. “You two canvas the convenience store, find out what else was going on there for business. Castle and I will interview Jonas again, see if immunity might get him to give something up.” The boys nodded at her and headed towards the elevator, arguing over whose turn it was to drive. 

“So, are you going to tell me what that was all about, or leave me in the dark?” Her husband asked, his soft voice still managing to startle her. 

She rubbed the slight curve of her abdomen where her skin was stretched tight over the lives growing inside of her. It was still small enough to be hidden by baggy clothing. “One of them moved.” She didn’t know why the tears sprung to her eyes, as she hadn’t been this emotional last time. 

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