Ultra-Car and Asexuality

Shortpacked! fandom, sit down. We’ve got to talk.

I, Wack’d, sole administrator and founding member of this blog, am asexual. More specifically, I’m a heteroromantic asexual, which basically means I’m straight but don’t really want to have sex with anyone.

Ultra-Car is a homoromantic asexual, which basically means she’s gay but doesn’t really want to have sex with anyone. And lemme tell you, folks, you seem to be struggling with that last bit.

I’ve seen a lot of comments since Ultra-Car and Malaya began seeing each other, and most of them are…well…discouraging. People making jokes about how they’re going to get it on when in bed together, people suggesting Willis write a porn comic about the two, people…just, generally ignoring the whole “doesn’t really want to have sex with anyone” part of the definition.

Now, asexual people can and do have sex for a wide variety of reasons, one of them being to please their partner, and clearly Malaya’s been wanting sex as of late. The idea that Ultra-Car could ease those urges is not in and of itself a bad thing, but that people keep insisting this is going to happen even when Ultra-Car has asserted numerous times that the idea outright disgusts her seems to ignore the realities of her character in a way that’s actively damaging. It basically makes Ultra-Car’s feelings on the matter irrelevant.

People have also up until today speculating on whether or not she’s anatomically correct, as though that was the barrier here. Not, y'know, whether or not she’d even want to use those parts if she had them. This is a step beyond–trying to find reasons why UC and Malaya can’t get it on besides “UC doesn’t want to” is turning her sexual orientation into a problem to be fixed.

Many folks today suggested she go back to her parents/creators to get the proper parts installed, and still others at other times have suggested changing her programming. I don’t need to point out why that’s bad, do I? I should hope that these things are self-evidently bad but I guess they’re not. I dunno if it’s her being a robot that makes it okay in this case or if similar changes are being suggested to real-life asexual folks implicitly, but either way…

And lastly we come to the folks who seem unaware of the fact that Ultra-Car and Malaya even are a couple, even though they’ve unambiguously been a couple for a year, simply because UC isn’t putting out. Sex is needed to validate the relationship for some reason. Real nice.

This started as an open letter and degenerated into a tirade. That’s too bad. I’m mad, I’m frustrated, and I dunno if I could edit this without it ripping my hair out. Just…just think about the things I’ve said here, and reconsider how you comment in the future. Thank you.

hagiographicnudity  asked:

I really have to know, whenever you show your copy of that Dumbing of Age comic in your reviews, or you use a Dumbing of Age comic in your reviews, are you aware that the artist makes a comic in which a female robot unapologetically rapes women? Specifically, Shortpacked pages 2071 and 2090. Do you condone blatant rape portrayed in his comics? Do you give him a pass just because he touts feminist views as you do?

Considering the dialogue of those comics for the specifically states “You stop and I will murder you” and “Oh, fuck YES” respectively, which I’m PRETTY SURE is consent and I think the good Mr. Willis would also say consent was given (considering they are his characters and he knows what actually happens in HIS comics with HIS characters) and that they are not, in fact, rape.

Also: believe it or not, some couples are fully aware of the boundaries between each other about what is or is not okay to do with their partner without explicit invitation (that could include unexpected hugs, hand-holding, kisses, and touching of certain places). It’s up to couples themselves to determine what is or is not okay for them to do and what is or is not appropriate. Malaya and Ultra Car clearly have their own determinations of what is or is not okay to do.

And for anyone who wants context specifically, here are the links (warning - NSFW):



ppl are like “but Malaya’s only redeeming feature is she’s attracted to Ultra Car and nice to her how do people like her”

uh i think you are underestimating how fucking cute Malaya and Ultra Car are

that’s not just a redeeming feature it is my heart


and malaya is cute i don’t care that she’s a jerk she is cute jerk. if all these white dude charas who do evil shit are worshipped by the masses bc they are somehow cute, then i can like Malaya, (who really the most evil thing she did i even cared about was her being a jerk to lucy and insensitive to Leslie)  while she’s being a jerk because she’s cute. just look at her. with her robot girlfriend and her iguana named fuckface. she’s adorable.

lauralot89  asked:

As an asexual Shortpacked! reader, I just want to say I think you're handling this storyline with Ultra Car and Malaya really well. Seeing a story about a conflict in a relationship with an asexual partner that doesn't reduce the issue down to "the asexual partner is broken" or "the asexual partner is a malicious, controlling jerk deliberately trapping their partner in a relationship with no intimacy" is fantastic and refreshing.


magicalgirlsunite  asked:

Hey I just noticed that in shortpacked and Dumbing of Age there's some fat-shaming (ruth towards billie, and then ultra-car towards malaya when ultra-car tells malaya to stop eating junk food because she'll risk her health, which, well. for one being fat isn't an indication of any sort of health, you can't judge health by weight, and for another, making someone eat healthily for you is kind of emotionally manipulative) and I guess this is a politely worded call-out?

Ruth is definitely being a jerk to Billie, but you will never convince me that Ultra Car worrying about Malaya’s health when she starts shoveling whatever into her body because it doesn’t matter if she lives or dies is a negative thing.