We read, “Let my prayer arise in your sight as incense,” but what we hear is, “Let the incense be like my prayer…” In the inverted world of modernity, ideas are considered spiritually “real,” while actions and rituals are somehow suspect. “If incense is like prayer, then perhaps it is legitimate,” we reason. And this is precisely how its use is often explained to those who ask.

But this reasoning inverts the Scriptures themselves. For the writer of Psalm 141, the offering of incense to the Lord is spiritual reality. It is an obedience to the command of God and a fulfillment of His divine will. It is “prayer” that is suspect – so much so that he must ask that his prayer be accepted in the same manner as incense.

— Fr. Stephen Freeman

The signs as fictional lands:

Aries: Westeros/Game of Thrones
Taurus: Middle Earth
Gemini: Fran Bow’s mind/Different realities from the video game Fran Bow (Ithersta, Ultrareality, ect…), Harold and the Purple Crayon universe.
Cancer: Fantasia/Fantastica (Neverending story),
Leo: Avatar the Last Airbender, Mortal Instruments universe
Virgo: Rapture, Star Wars Universe
Libra: Ooo, Adventure Time, Oz
Scorpio: Panem, The Giver universe
Sagittarius: Neverland, Marvel Universe
Capricorn: Hogwarts, South Park universe
Aquarius: Wonderland, Alternia (Homestuck universe)
Pisces: Narnia, A Wrinkle in Time (L'Engle universe)

The 10 most influential 21st century art movements

Twitter poetry, 4th generation post-hashtag neo-nihilist

1st generation Deviant Art ultra-violent ultra-realism

Tumblr ex-post-dada animation stories

Multi-user kik room, UK CA US

Minecraft free improv

16-bit cover version of Pink Floyd’s “The Wall.”

Black & white self-portrait avi Twitter, 3rd generation

Wu-Tang/Fugazi mash-ups

The 2012 Interactive presidential election campaign

Butt selfies 2013