Ultranimboy handheld/chiptune zine

This promising item features “original pieces from an eclectic collection of chiptune musicians, artists, and writers” reflecting on their handheld childhoods. The chip fellows have created tracks for the zine that will be released online leading up to the publication’s release.

The contributors include Tiny Cartridge favorites like Mare Odomo, Omocat, Elliot Trinidad, and others. So yeah, if you read and enjoy our site, this is probably something you’d want to pick up – preorders are available for $5.

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My TCAF haul! (Day one)
I got a ton of stuff from Gigi d.g who is SUPER nice (cucumber quest)
Wolfen jump, Hana doki Kira, object memory, Fujo sports, a silly kingdom sample, a little zine from Kelly kwang, a bunch of small zines by Megan Brennan, third wheel by peow!, ultranimboy, segazine, cats of Felicia, Solstoria, Kirby’s dream zine, the nozmo/Saicoink zine, frontier , A wonderful little zine by heather Mitchell, and more!!


Paul said he’d make this post months ago, but he didn’t haha.  So, here goes!

We both have group zines up on the Fangamer site right now:

  • Sega Zine, with a collection of illustrations from various artists.  It’s all things SEGA!
  • Ultranimboy, with a collection of new & old memories from the gameboy.  It includes music, writing, illustrations, & activities.

You can check the fangamer website for more elaborate descriptions & pricing.  Check em’ out~



Ultranimboy is a collaborative zine curated by Ultranimbus, revolving around the Gameboy.

The ULTRANIMBOY zine brings with it a selection of original pieces from an eclectic collection of chiptune musicians,  artists, and writers to ruminate on their favorite themes related to their hand-held childhoods.

The zine was sold at GDC’s POW POW event, various cons, & by Fangamer, & Attract Mode.

I did the cart/music art for Slime Girls’ entry to the zine titled “Shrebet Lake (Take me Back to)”.

Listen here! along w/ the other entries♥

Also, I did two personal illustrations for the zine: 

LSDJ - LSDJ isn’t something that was around when I was a kid, but it’s something I always think about when gameboys come to mind.  I fell in love with chiptune culture because it used things that are, for the most part, obsolete to most people now, such as the gameboy.  I found that rather beautiful it could be used for more than what it was intended for, & appreciated these people who were experimenting with something others see as a mere toy of the past.  Originally, the sounds reminded me of a simpler time when we were kids and were carefree, and I found comfort in them.  My feelings are more than that now, & there is a disconnect to the sounds being strictly being used for videogames, but for something bigger in music, and I think that’s a wonderful thing.

Dreaming -  This goes into being an adult, but reminiscing about things that you enjoyed in the past, wishing to be carefree again.  As a kid, I’d often play games till bedtime, & when i started to doze off I knew it was time to to go sleep, as much as I wanted to continue a game.  Sometimes, I’d dream about whatever I played right before bed, so it almost was like i was still enjoying the adventures.  I still do this as an adult, & there’s comfort in knowing somethings don’t change, even though many things around you do. 

Arranged by Tony Marino
Original Music by Masahiko Kondo
Art by Scare City

Game Boy music may very well be the catalyst that has lead to my shaping in to the musician I am today. Being my very first exposure to video games outside of Duck Hunt, soundtracks like that of Balloon Kid and Kirby’s Dream Land managed to worm their way in to my childhood subconscious more often than not. As the majority of the games I was playing at the time were by Japanese developers, this was perhaps my first exposure to a uniquely Japanese composing style. As the years went on and I became an active piano player, this became clearly reflected in my own performance style.

This naturally led to my interest in further exploring the people behind these soundtracks, which (somewhere along the way) caused me to stumble across Japanese pop musician Kageyama Hironobu (who among numerous other things has done work with the Mystical Ninja and Zone of the Enders franchises). Let me tell you, I was instantly hooked. Music from Japan was unlike anything I had ever heard before, and I quickly fell in love with the language. The song I have submitted is as such a cover of a once popular J-Pop tune by artist Masahiko Kondo. I thought it would serve as a nice testament to the many different inspirations I gained over the years to become the kind of musician I am today, and hope people can enjoy this unique fusion of old and new.

-Tony Marino (Chip artist, Cats on Mars)

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Check out this great TCAF footage by Erika Szabo! There’s even a little feature on the ULTRANIMBOY Zine at around 9:45. <3