Check out this great TCAF footage by Erika Szabo! There’s even a little feature on the ULTRANIMBOY Zine at around 9:45. <3

Arranged by Tony Marino
Original Music by Masahiko Kondo
Art by Scare City

Game Boy music may very well be the catalyst that has lead to my shaping in to the musician I am today. Being my very first exposure to video games outside of Duck Hunt, soundtracks like that of Balloon Kid and Kirby’s Dream Land managed to worm their way in to my childhood subconscious more often than not. As the majority of the games I was playing at the time were by Japanese developers, this was perhaps my first exposure to a uniquely Japanese composing style. As the years went on and I became an active piano player, this became clearly reflected in my own performance style.

This naturally led to my interest in further exploring the people behind these soundtracks, which (somewhere along the way) caused me to stumble across Japanese pop musician Kageyama Hironobu (who among numerous other things has done work with the Mystical Ninja and Zone of the Enders franchises). Let me tell you, I was instantly hooked. Music from Japan was unlike anything I had ever heard before, and I quickly fell in love with the language. The song I have submitted is as such a cover of a once popular J-Pop tune by artist Masahiko Kondo. I thought it would serve as a nice testament to the many different inspirations I gained over the years to become the kind of musician I am today, and hope people can enjoy this unique fusion of old and new.

-Tony Marino (Chip artist, Cats on Mars)

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