Gah, I could not even today. I was trying to think of something super cool to draw, but I got nothin’… so I decided to draw whatevs. :B Had way more fun just doing that. One of those kinda art days, I guess. Anyways, lemme know if you guys wanna see one of these colored!

1. Hey! There’s an old character of mine, Jamie! I doubt anyone watching me today remembers or has seen him before, but he’s an “Azul-oon”. That was my attempt at making something before Nintendo did, basically being a water Bob-omb. Instead of exploding with a fuse, I think they like… boiled their water and exploded or something? I ‘unno. There’s Jamie. :B

2. So Robo-Shark introduced me to Noppin the other day, being a middleman for bidding on stuff in Japan and WOW do they have the best stuff over there. I got a Kurousa plush today, so I decided to draw 'em… with a spoon, because chef bunneh. He’s like… super soffffft. xux I can’t. I hope to get a matching Shirousa someday. :B

3. I’ve been meaning to draw some fan-art for mustachetangelo of their character Chastley, because MY GOD he’s cute. :D He’s like a… a… I dunno what he is. According to his creator, he’s just Chastley. But then, I got the idea to combine Chastley with one of my characters, the Headbursters. I’m…. not sure if this counts as fan-art anymore. :v I plan on coloring this one, though. I apologize in advance to mustachetangelo.

4. Last one was an idea I got looking at Victini’s head. I’ve got a plush of the Pokemon and I’m thinking, “His head would make a cool helmet…” so I drew him as some kinda… Ultraman or Power Ranger type guy. :P A Pokemon Ranger, ah-ho! I kinda like how it came out. Game me an excuse to draw many a chevron!

Jamie/Headbursters - Zeta-Neubourn
Chastley - mustachetangelo
Kurousa(Sugarbunnies) - Sanrio
Victini - Game Freak 

Convergence: Crime Syndicate #2 Review

This book was the one I was looking forward to the most going into the final week of this Convergence Event.  Last issue really took me by surprise and even though I am not schooled on either the Crime Syndicate or the DC One Million heroes, I was so into the story that Brian Buccellato gave fans.  He focused on both teams and both stories were winners.  The Crime Syndicate fighting to save Superwoman’s life and the Justice Legion Alpha fighting Lincoln Luthor for all their lives were just plain excellent and had me on the edge of my seat.  Then the Dome went down and we were left with two teams facing off to save cities that want them dead.  If that isn’t an awesome setup I don’t know what is.  Does this issue live up to that awesomeness?  Let’s find out.

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The Kaiju Bar is open for business! Originally conceived as a pop-up restaurant to be open for only one year, manager Baltan’s success with the Kaiju-themed eatery has led to a re-opening in a new location in Kawasaki. New foods (including some tasty looking Twintail fried ship), new merchandise (Birdon compressed air!?) and you can take a photo of yourself to recreate a scene from Ultraseven. Very cool!