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Was tagged by mah bestie ringdingdongsaeng ~lol~

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1) How’s life?

fuckin fantastic

2) Wacho name? Wha-Wacho name?

Sabri~ desu~ 

3) How much wu could a wufan fan if a wufan could fan wu?

lol wut

4) Caaaan yoouu feeeeeel duh luuuv tooniiiiiiight?

^.^ / good duck

5) If you had to choose, which one would you eat? Taemin’s Doritos, CL’s bowl of jerky, or Luhan’s mayo?

x_x jerky maybe?

6) Chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry ice cream?


7) Who would you take in one mouthful like cheese?

you be too random an hyper fo meh

8) What’s your OTP?

Law and Luffy from one piece hehe

9) If you were the opposite gender for a year what would you do?

hit on girls, jack off, hit on guys, jack off

10) Are you a willing piggy back ride giver?

i dun think im strong enough but yeah id try ^^

11) Would you rather get feels and spazz out in inappropriate situations or shit your pants when ever you cursed?

spazz out lolol



1. Where chu from pal?

2. You like Hello Kitty?

3. You gots money?

4. Naruto or One Piece?

5. Say “I love everyone” in a different language than english.

6. Favorite food?

7. Whats the one place you wanna go before you die?

8. Would you date me?

9. I’d bake you cake<3

10. And let you use my internet

11. You a gamer/favorite video game?