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Geez, it sucks that the amount of meds that you need to be even remotely comfortable has that creepy side effect. But at least Tika’s there to give you an endearing distraction

I think it’s because Ultracet is half acetaminophen, which barely helps with my worst pain. Ibuprofen is much more effective, but I’m not supposed to even have that, because of my bleeding disorder.

Good thing it’s just an episode and doesn’t last all the time.

Except when he’s screaming nonstop, Tika’s a joy to have around. He’s such a clown, and he knows how much how I love it when he dances.

Spine. Legs. Abdomen. Tailbone. It’s all agony. I’m all incoherent from Ultracet, so I’ll probably just sleep soon.

Anyway, I fused Preta with another demon and was thrilled to get a Baphomet, who is one of my favorites. I’m gonna try to get Flauros too. I dreamed about him a while back, and he seemed to take a liking to me. I think he might be my patron demon. He’s a fire-elemental leopard-man who most people are put off by because of his aggression. Sounds like my kinda guy, honestly.