Does your face/sinuses/life feel hella gross? Fix it:

- Super deep cleanse with Ultrabland. Just like, rub it all over your face for like 10 minutes.

- Wipe the Ultrabland away with a hot wet washcloth.

- Do a Mask of Magnaminty to start clearing your pores out like a champ and to help wake you up.

- T Tree Toner Tab to take the mask off. Steam your face for as long as you want because you’re fucking worth it

- Let a cup of tea brew while you’re steaming your face with the leftover boiling water from the toner tab. Ignore the texts you’re getting because people like you and want to talk to you. THEY CAN WAIT FOR YOUR REPLY. (And they will. On the edge of their seats. Because you are lovely.)

- Drink tea. Watch all the Parks n’ Rec and How I Met Your Mother (or whatever shit you watch) you have DVR’d and haven’t seen cause you’re a busy hardworking goddess.

- Bonus points if your tea is Equal Exchange. Because then you’re supporting both my workplaces AND loving life.

Ultrabland challenge: day 1

I bought a small pot of Ultrabland 2 months ago, and almost took it back 3 times. I just wasn’t seeing what the hype was about it and I couldn’t get it to take off my makeup for the life of me! I thought it was oily, and thick, and just this weird cream stuff that I got a dud pot of. It made my face feel oilier and just all around gross. I seriously don’t know why I never took it back.

Well, since bringing it home, I have gotten a job at Lush. In training, I found out that the Mafia (creators of Lush!) swears by Ultrabland and if you want to seriously reset your skin, to do the Ultrabland challenge and use nothing BUT Ultrabland (toner & moisturizer, if needed) for 30 days. Now for me, that is a long time to commit to something that I didn’t like in first place! I talked to my MIT, and she said that I can make it better by using a hot washcloth to remove it all and then use a toner afterwards if it still feels too heavy.

I’ve done some research and a lot of bloggers only do Ultrabland challenges for a week and see AMAZING results, so I’ll start with that. Even just doing the routine last night, this morning, and tonight, I have already started to see my skin change! :)

I do weekly updates (if I do more weeks if I don’t get the results I want after a week) on my skin and how the product is doing for me! I am excited to see the results!

review: Lush Ultrabland facial cleanser

Ultrabland is an oil-based facial cleanser, much like an old-fashioned cold cream. Its ingredients include almond oil, rosewater, beeswax, and honey.

1. This shit works really well as an eye makeup remover. I massage it into my eyelid and the surrounding area for about 30 seconds and then wipe it off with a damp cotton pad. Works like a charm!
2. When used in the above manner, it leaves behind a little bit of oil which makes my eye area feel nicely hydrated, like I’d just used a fancy eye cream.

1. Ultrabland leaves a greasy residue, even after using as directed (rub on a small amount, then remove with a damp cotton pad). I used coconut oil as my moisturizer for years, but even so, I don’t like this residue. It doesn’t seem to sink into my dry-combination skin, and it doesn’t even feel particularly moisturizing - just greasy and gross.

I won’t be using Ultrabland as my facial cleanser, though I’ll probably keep using it as a makeup remover, because it sucks to buy a product you can’t use! I imagine this would be a nice cleanser for someone with dry or maturing skin, or someone who was accustomed to cleansing with oils.


my top 10 skincare products of 2016

1. Ultrabland cleanser/makeup remover from Lush $31.90

Super good for getting off makeup excess lol recommend buying a good toner and cotton pads to go with it. Also helped reduce some of my sun spots and acne scars on the right side of my cheek!

2. Vasanti Brighten up exfoliator $34.98 (I have the sample sized one that came with a birchbox but it has lasted me)

Really good exfoliator that isn’t too harsh on skin and doesn’t leave any post exfoliation redness!

3. Blue Tansy mask by Herbivore $48.00

So good for anyone who has dry rough skin! Keeps it hydrated and literally after you wash it off it keeps your skin feeling like silk!

4. Collagen mask by Mario Badescu $18.00

Got this because of my crows feet and it’s helped a lot! It also smells nice and keeps your skin looking and feeling firm! Use it every other day!

5. Soothing face mist by Glossier $18.00

Really good rose water spray for post cleansing! Smells good and it came in handy when my skin was drying up during my trip to the desert earlier this year!

6. Floria cleanser by Tonymoly $12.51

Good inexpensive cleanser! Smells so damn good too!

7. Overnight Peel by Derma E $13.69

Good overnight peel thats super gentle on my rough dry skin! My mom recommended this to me and it’s legit! Leaves my skin feeling brand new in the morning!

8. Collagen stick by Etude $6.00

This along with the Mario Badescu mask really help keep my skin feeling firm and tight! I have bad genes when it comes to wrinkles so yeah this stuff helps!

9. Manuka Honey Oil by Manuka Doctor $21.33

This stuff smells funky but has helped my skin so much!! Also good product for anyone with dry rough skin!

10. Sunscreen by Lioele $18.00

One of the best sunscreens ever! Smells pretty and does the trick!!! I live in Socal and the sun is literally always beaming down on my skin which has given me some bad sun spots in the past but this has helped prevent that ever since I started using it!

i suck at reviews but whatever!!

Lush Hacks

I just realized I’ve never done a post about my favorite combos and alternate uses for stuff from work!

The curly swirly: This was actually discovered by a coworker of mine, but I’ve modified it slightly. 2 parts Curly Wurly Shampoo, 1 part Turkish Delight Shower Smoothie, 1 part Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner. Optional: sweeten it up with a squirt or two of Snow Fairy or It’s Raining Men Shower Gels, or go full-on rose with a squirt of Rose Jam Shower Gel!

Angel’s Delight soap with Snow Fairy Shower Gel.

Using Lustre as a dry shampoo!

Full of Grace Serum under a fresh mask (I love Oatifix, The Sacred Truth, or Catastrophe Cosmetic). Can also be used to moisturize stretch marks or loose skin. Potassium encourages cell restoration.

Sandy Santa or You Snap The Whip Body Butters used under the arms after shaving. The body butters are fab for deodorizing hairy pits too.

Lemony Flutter Cuticle Cream as a foot lotion. Or as a tattoo brightener!

Fair Trade Foot Lotion on the neck for tension headaches. Arnica is pain relieving!

I Love Juicy Shampoo cleans glasses. For reals.

Ocean Salt a layer of Ultrabland off your face. You’ll feel like you’ve been dropped into Photoshop and had a smoothing tool run all over your face.

Best bath cocktails: Lord of Misrule/Gold Fun, Big Blue/Sunnyside, Butterball/Rose Jam Bubbleroon, Geo Phyzz/Rose Jam Bubbleroon/Floating Island Bath Melt, Dragon’s Egg/Green Fun.

anonymous asked:

What are your fave lush products for hair? Also just like overall?

favorite hair stuff! i love lush hair stuff. bless mark constantine and his passion for trichology. what i use right now:

  • blousey shampoo - PERFECT its made with banans and clove and anise and thyme and etc etc etc… i love it. i have a very tetchy relationship with shampoo, it always makes my hair feel sooo gross and sticky and weird and i just hate it!! before lush i barely used shampoo because i just… its just too much. but blousey is ideal because it was designed for turbo overprocessed hair so it lathers super gently and it doesnt strip color and when i wash with it my hair still feels soft and nice and i just. big love to blousey
  • american cream conditioner - this is our double strength conditioner!! with bleached hair u def need something a bit stronger but my hair just doesnt get along with retread (our strongest conditioner). it smells really nice like… strawberry vanilla. i usually dont like sweet smells but it totally works for me. also it has lanolin in it which is what sheep produce to protect their wool :^)
  • r&b hair moisturizer - youve probablly picked up on this but! i have really dry hair! you can put r&b in whenever (i use it when my hairs wet, thats just the routine that i prefer) and it softens your hair and smells really good and while its totally possible to overuse it and become a ball of grease, when you find a happy amount it works wonders and it doesnt build up throughout the week and yeah r&b is great. if you have curly hair or afro hair or bleached hair you should look at trying some out
  • h’suan wen hua hair treatment - this is my ultimate. its basically like every dyi hair treatment (crack an egg into your hair, slather your hair with olive oil, etc) in one. this is like… a bath bomb… for your hair… if that makes sense. just because like its not something that you get a whole lot of use out of but holy shit. its like? $22 and i get three uses out of it and that sounds like a lot but it literally… put the curl pattern back in my hair. i used it once a week and left it in for about an hour each time and after the first time my hair was noticeably healthier and by the end of the tub i had springy curls and natural texture and etc i swear by this stuf

when i had short hair i used the new! shampoo bar (im a big fan of the shampoo bars and this one helped my hair grow quicker!) and the big solid conditioner (its good for volume and my hair is already super voluminous so after a certain point of my growout i stopped being able to use it). if i need some texture i spray a bit of sea spray into my hands and fluff it into my hair. whn my hair was shorter i LOVED the zeste styling jelly. really good hold and your hair stays soft and it smell good

ugh god i can write so much about lush FAVORITES IN GENERAL:

  • full of grace facial serum - unless you have an allergy to one of the ingredients, you have no reason not to use this. its a miracle bar.
  • ultrabland cleaner - literally the best makeup remover in the world, confirmed by my friends in the theatre (stage makeup) and several makeup artists and taylor reed
  • sympathy for the skn lotion - it smells and feels like ice cream and it brightens tattoos
  • anything with sparkles; did you know our glitter and luster are made with seaweed and synthetic mica and stuff? its cool
  • anything with cinnamon or fennel or ginger
  • handy gurugu - my hands are eczematic and dry and awful and this is the only thing strong enough to hydrate them
  • feeling younger skin tint - my favorite… its like a highligher and its opalscent and gorgest its so so so pretty i just tap a little onto my cheekbones and its perfect
  • all the color cosmetics and mascara!!!! our mascara is amazing and NOURISHING!!! WE HAVE REALLY FUN PRETTY HEAVILY PIGMENTED MUTLIPURPOSE COLOR COSMETICS I LOVE THEM
  • just in general the bath melts are my first choice of the bath products
  • putty for your hands - a non lathering soap that is soooo amazing for sensitive skin
  • breath of god perfume - me in a scent!!!!!
  • wiccy magic muscles massage bar OR fair trade foot lotion - whenever my pain gets particulary bad on the floor i rub one of these on my lower back or shoulders and its basically like moisturizing icyhot

ok im done. this is why we dont get me started on lush