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Rec: Force Bond Reylo part 2

There are so many great force bond fics that I decided to make another post! Will edit as more are found/written; suggestions welcome. 

+ - fic is mature/explicit

* - fic is incomplete 


*+ Truth and Consequences by slantedsunlight

Cosmic Irony by jackie_01

*+ The Familiar Taste of Poison by DragonWhiskers

*+ And judgment taught us that our hearts were wrong (but they’re the ones that we’ll look down upon) by ElixirBB

*+ Into Temptation by the-reylo-void (Anysia)

*+ From the Ashes by Teague

*+ Making Waves in Sand by ignitesthestars

What Stays and What Fades Away by astra_inclinant

+ crave my heart (it’s bleeding in your hand) by bittersnake

+ World Without End by diasterisms

* The Dark Places Between Stars by anythingtomakeyoustay

*+ Ultra Vires by luna_plath

+ Ten Years of Rey by Articianne

*+ Pain Relief by Luv_Haze

+ climb so fast to fall by thewayofthetrashcompactor (BriarLily)

*+ Mine To Hold by Auraki

+ Fractured Fate by tinylittlebrain

+ Commemoration by CharlotteCAgain

*+ Unspoken Forces by terapid

*+ One-Track Mind by jackie_01

*+ Dreaming Against The Stars by DragonWhiskers

*+ Sunless Shadows by cypris

*+ The Sum of Two Souls by raethye

+ Delicious Ambiguity by Juulna

* Desafinado by apolla

*+ Ja'ak by Trebia

*+ Destinies Intertwined by WillowsWisp

*+ Artifice by CoraRiley

*+ PREY by KagamiSorciere

*+ The light, the dark and the balance by ReyloRobyn2011 and Shwtlee

* Ashes of Eden by LadyLionhart

*+ Your face, so sweet and tragic by elenlith

* What Moves The Stars by uncleanakin (unclemoriarty)

*+ Death Sticks by CharlotteCAgain

+ That Blooms in Adversity by Elywyngirlie

*+ Watch Me Drown by sasstasticmad

*+ Through A Mirror, Darkly by TearoomSaloon

*+ Splintered by daxcat79

+ Fugue by Elywyngirlie

*+ Exigence in Force Majeure by KagamiSorciere

*+ Thwarted by Perry_Downing

+ A Collision of Stars by dustoftheancients


+ The Complicity series by TheAfterglow

+ The For What is Light Without Darkness series by Lucidlucy

The nothing is so healing as the human touch series by WildConcerto

+ The A Series of Holes series by Articianne

+ The You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid series by Xqueenie

+ The Set in Stone series by ladyazura

The Grenade ‘verse series by unpossible


+ Even the Darkness Has Arms by Fastslayne

+ Tangled Web We Weave by Elywyngirlie

+ Sweet Tooth by mweerden

Sanctuary by Elywyngirlie

Radiant by ruuutabaga

The First Knight’s Struggle by terapid

+ Infection by CharlotteCAgain

+ A Lady Should Never Promenade A Ballroom Alone by KagamiSorciere

+ for whatever we lose, (like a you or a me) by ReyloTrashCompactor (NextToSomething)

The Island by Hormonal_Trashbag

+ show me a place I can realize love, not your illusion by kuresoto

+ here your dreams are sweet and tomorrow brings them true by the-reylo-void (Anysia)

+ the one thing you leave behind (is how did you love) by MostTulip

In Balance by LarirenShadow

A Ghtroc 690, Fully Restored by SouthSideStory

Convergence by the-reylo-void (Anysia)

+ Your humble servant by ReyloRobyn2011

+ Ignis Fatuus by ChecktheHolonet

Awake by ns241

+ Penumbra by ambiguously

+ your body’s a message (send my regards to hell) by t0bemadeofglass

+ Dark Apprentice by A_wild_reylo_appears

Look For the Light by KristinaMarie

+ Indoctrinated by tinylittlebrain

Clarity by Andromeda_Chained

Rec: Slow Burn Reylo

NOTE: I will be gone for about a week because of the upcoming semester, so I am loading up my queue for the time that I’ll be gone. My schedule will be back to normal soon! :) 

EDIT TO NOTE: I just realized that these posted backwards from my queue, so you guys got Slow Burn part 2 before you even got part 1. Keeps things interesting, I guess! *drags hand down face* 

Advisory: These slow burn fics are best accompanied by snack food, blankets, and mood lighting. ;) Will edit as more are found/written; suggestions welcome! 

+ - fic is mature/explicit 

* - fic is incomplete 


+ Stigmata by SaintHeretical

*+ Sand in My Shoes by Sabi

+ Now Is the Time of Monsters by Elywyngirlie

The Word of Skill by TehanuFromEarthsea

*+ Ultra Vires by luna_plath

Colorblind by belowtheprecipice

+ Dark enough to see the light by MartineBishop

+ A Gentleman’s Wager by PalenDrome (nerdherderette)

+ Ten Years of Rey by Articianne

*+ A blessed unrest by Necronaut666

*+ Just For You by ahh_frances

+ ‘Til I Hear You Sing by Copper_Nails (Her_Madjesty)

+ Lies and Lightsabers: A Reylo Fanfic by terapid

+ Get Out While You Can by iliveinthemoon

*+ Professor Ren by American_Punk_1990

*+ sicut diligunt mortem. by ghosttprincess

*+ An Independent Will by Butt3rfly

*+ Forces Intertwined by marla_singer21

+ A Collision of Stars by dustoftheancients

*+ Mountains on the Moon by Sundaethroughfriday

*+ Explosions by iliveinthemoon

* I Guess It Is You by RubyPirate

+ Ileenium Manor by WaterlilyRose

*+ Scavenged Goods by tinylittlebrain

*+ Uneasy Lies the Head that Wears the Crown by beyond_this_illusion

*+ The Sum of Two Souls by raethye

+ The Cell by Elywyngirlie

*+ This Will Destroy You by yesmydarling

*+ Reflektor by ReyloTrashCompactor (NextToSomething)

*+ Ja'ak by Trebia

*+ Destinies Intertwined by WillowsWisp

*+ It’s Better If We Just Pretend by Ellensama

*+ Journey To The Past by HerSistersKeeper

A Proposal by Any Other Name by Lucidlucy

*+ nothings into somethings by lavish (valerian)

*+ For You, My Dear Rey, I Will Tear the Entire Galaxy Apart by SpiderBites

*+ The Broker by bkermit001

Driving Miss Rey by trashofficial

+ Eyes on You by iliveinthemoon

Asunder (Previously called 'Legacy’) by smallenoughtofit

*+ I will possess your heart by ReyloRobyn2011

*+ Respite by WaterlilyRose

*+ Mitzvah by Juulna

*+ When the Day Loved the Night by NotTheYounglings

*+ Small Town by tasu7

*+ Backwater Girls from Backwater Worlds by SophiaDreith

*+ Her Becoming by Elywyngirlie

*+ Summer Heat by IshaRen

* Across the Galaxy by Scholastica

*+ Thwarted by Perry_Downing

*+ The Inheritance of the Resistance by WaterlilyRose


+ The Crossroads series by nymja

+ The Where Soul Meets Body series by UndergroundValentine

+ The Complicity series by TheAfterglow

+ The Opia!Verse series by t0bemadeofglass

+ The Daddy Dearest Series by AquaWolfGirl


In Search of Silver Linings by dezmari

ultimatums by ignitesthestars

+ When did you last conjure with the devil? by bunnystealsyourcarrots

Rec: Student/Teacher Dynamic Reylo

There should definitely be more of these. Will edit as more are found/written; suggestions welcome! 

+ - fic is mature/explicit

* - fic is incomplete 


+ Epithumia by pontmercy44

*+ So Profoundly Lonely by Amazonia21

*+ I Might Have to Steal Your Soul by Like_A_Dove

*+ Historical Emails and Other Things by Finxy

*+ A Dream in Twofold by TearoomSaloon

*+ Ultra Vires by luna_plath

*+ Wanton Lullabies by CoraRiley

* The Girl and Her Dragon by Thelittlescrimshaw

+ Aphotic by WillowsWisp

*+ Professor Kenobi by trashbaby28

*+ Faustus (Dance With the Devil) by Thelittlescrimshaw

*+Sanctuary by terapid

+ Respite by WaterlilyRose

*+ Spellbound by iliveinthemoon

*+ Reductio ad Absurdum by CoupDeFoudRey

*+ Through A Mirror, Darkly by TearoomSaloon

+ Within Monsters by AnonymousMink


+ The Wildest Aspirations series by ReyloRobyn2011


+ We’re Gonna Be Legends by t0bemadeofglass

+ Extra Credit by writingramblr

+ On Mustafar by dining_alone

+ wanna feel you in my bones by t0bemadeofglass

It’s tearing me apart by Sweet_Solitude

+ Rubicon by Thelittlescrimshaw

+ The real things of life by Miss_Magali82

+ Illicit Lessons by CoraRiley

+ The Hierophant by SanctuaryTrin

+ The Hierophant Reversed by SanctuaryTrin

Existentialism by tmf

+ Yes Professor by lovelydarkanddeep

I Can Teach You by Verisimilitude (Wolfy_Tales)

You Have Me by on_my_toes

anonymous asked:

Do you know any good apprentice Rey (to Kylo) fics you could recommend?

Hey there! I have a Student/Teacher Dynamic rec, but more specifically, these fics have apprentice!Rey in them:

+ - fic is mature/explicit

* - fic is incomplete


*+ I Might Have to Steal Your Soul by Like_A_Dove

*+ A Dream in Twofold by TearoomSaloon

*+ Through A Mirror, Darkly by TearoomSaloon

*+ Ultra Vires by luna_plath

*+ Wanton Lullabies by CoraRiley

* The Girl and Her Dragon by Thelittlescrimshaw

+ Aphotic by WillowsWisp

Within Monsters by AnonymousMink


+ On Mustafar by dining_alone

+ Rubicon by Thelittlescrimshaw

The heat flushes through her skin, the sun swelling large in the sky like an overripe fruit. Rey sees the familiar sheen of sunlight reflecting off of metal as her family’s ship sends clouds of dust across the landscape.

There is no Unkar Plutt to hold her still. Rey sprints after the steadily shrinking craft until sweat pours off her brow and her lungs contract in pain. The sun is still there, so bright it eclipses the visible form of the ship in the atmosphere. Rey staggers forward a few more steps, her breaths coming in pants.

“You’re not angry at them.”

Rey turns her head and sees Kylo standing in the dessert with her. The landscape becomes more indistinct, like the details of Jakku are slipping away as her focus shifts to him.

“I couldn’t be angry. I always thought they would come back for me.”

Kylo steps closer to her. “Because they were your only chance of not being alone.”

Rey opens her mouth to argue but he interrupts her before the words can get out.

“You think no one else would want you. That there must be something wrong with you, otherwise why would your family have left you here?” he asks, holding his arm out to the wastes of the dessert.

Not wanting to look him in the eye, something hard in her stomach knows that it’s the truth.

Ultra Vires @ ao3

fic and moldboard by @lunaplath