ultra violet


My purple hair looks like the Cheshire Cat in these for reasons I can not explain but I’m not mad… or am I?! 🙃 I’m also extremely tempted right now to make this a very real thing. 👻💜🦄



A somewhat unexpected crossover I had in mind a few weeks ago. Since this post got people’s attention, I’ve decided I would draw these.

I wanted to draw Osomatsu-san’s secondary characters as well as the NPC’s from the Yume Nikki fangames, but I was too lazy to relate them.

You can use these pictures freely and repost, if you want to, but just don’t take credit from it. It took me around a week to finish all these.



By せみ

*Permission to upload was granted by the artist

Saving Syria's heritage: Archaeologists discover invisible solution

The recent plundering of priceless artefacts from Syria and Iraq by both terrorists and criminal gangs has taken place on an unprecedented scale.

Stolen items have been turning up in Europe and the US, where they have then been offered to private collectors.

The UN heritage body Unesco says the illicit trade is worth millions of dollars.
But an innovative solution may now be at hand which enables archaeologists to trace precious artefacts.

Working in secret, in areas outside Syrian government control, Syrian archaeologists have begun painting some of the country’s most valuable artefacts with a clear, traceable liquid.

The solution is invisible to the naked eye, but detectable under ultra-violet light. Read more.