ultra short hair



Once upon a time I had long dark brown hair. Although sometimes it was really pretty I really hated it. It made me miserable and I felt ugly with it. I finally got the guts and chopped off 14" of my hair. And my god did I have a headache after cause that stresses you out a lot. I began to feel confident again and I loved it. Spikey hair, mohawks, poof bangs, shaved side of my head, so much. So happy and so in love with short hair.

Finally I got the guts to bleach it and dye it too! And I love that too. I feel so much more myself. I’ve gone green/blue (which isn’t really my color) purple/blue, purple, pink/purple, pink, and now I’m red/pink. I couldn’t be more happy about my hair and i’m so much more confident about it. 

Moral is fuck the people who tell you that you won’t look good with someone or to not do it for some stupid ungodly reason. Fuck them, do it anyways! Hair grows back and can always be re-dyed. Can always be fixed. Do what makes you happy. You’ll look good and feel good. Go on beautiful people, don’t let nobody stand in your way. 

wintergls  asked:

Are you gonna straighten your hair after you cut it in June? (I had a dream in which you had straight shoulder-length hair before which i had been thinking that if i cut my ultra-curly hair that short it would fro-out and be insane.)

I’m gonna let it do what it wants! If it wants to fro-out and be insane then so be it! :P 


sirsaki  asked:

Any particular hair styles you like or dislike?

Ultra Short hair on girls are ffffffffffffffffffffffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeee and dandy