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4 days to race day.  Maybe figured out my foot/leg issues

My feet and legs have felt horrible for more than 2 weeks now.  I thought it was just taking me forever to recover from Ragnar, but that just didn’t make sense.  Turns out the issue may have been my shoes (of course).

A month or so ago I bought a pair of Brooks Ghosts to try out as my new road shoes.  They would be my first ever neutral road shoes.  I’d previously been wearing Nike Structures (I hated how they felt) and walking in Nike Lunarglides (they feel okay).  Before that I’d worn Brooks Adrenalines for both running and walking for at least 5 years.  But after a couple of thorough gait analyses told me that i don’t over-pronate at all, I decided to go with the Ghosts.

The Ghosts felt pretty good when running, but until Ragnar I’d still been wearing my Lunarglides for walking.  At that point I started wearing my Ghosts full time.  My ankles, feet, and various parts of my legs have hurt ever since.  I blamed it on racing my face off at Ragnar, which was a good excuse for a while.  But after a week that wasn’t a good excuse anymore.  I kind of hit a low point last night.  I walked a few miles throughout the day yesterday and my feet were miserable by the end it.  Then for some reason this morning, I decided to give my Lunarglides another try.  And I almost immediately felt a difference.

The second I stood up in them I noticed the lower heel drop - and it felt better.  I could also feel the significantly less cushioning - which also felt okay to me.  Now half way through the work day my feet and legs feel better than they’ve felt in 2.5 weeks.  I don’t know if it’s the drop height or the stability, but these feel way better.  Which makes no sense considering how much better the Ghosts feel to run on.  Maybe it’s the midfoot strike of running versus walking making a difference.  I’ll experiment more after the race, but for now I’m just hoping that this gets me physically back to where I need to be for the race.  I can’t limp my way into 66 miles.  I’m not okay with this being a junk race after months of training.

And on a totally unrelated note, God I can’t wait for winter.


Ruby Muir

Running allows me to go to a place that I can not access in modern society. It lets me tap into a part of my brain that can only be reached through such physical exhaustion and determination that running 10+ miles can create. If it were merely about staying in shape or looking good I’m not sure it would be as appeasing. Something about running for hours at a time, having emotional ups and downs, and getting to the point that your mind is cloudy but calm all in the course of a single run is addicting. You just can’t get that much pain and pleasure for free anywhere else
—  NakdRunr