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Pft the human only has to point at their mouth when asked about overlord and everyone in attendance is like 'oh fuck youre right'

Everyone except Whirl, that is, who looks deep in thought for a moment before exclaiming “Oh!  I get it!  Overlord!  Because he v-!”

Ultra Magnus forcibly removes him from the vicinity.

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Hello there! Could you write some fluffy Whirl headcanons with a human s/o please? ♥

One order of fluffy birb boyfriend coming up!

-Whirl is like that best friend that pranks you terribly and snuggles up to you at the end of the day, banged up but content after a lot of fun and devious shenanigans.

-You two love to laugh! Jokes, pranks, chaos, drama, salt, etc. You name it and you two are there, most likely making it worse by snickering at it. Bonnie and Clyde have got nothing on you two shit-disturbers.

- Secret fact: it makes him melt a little when you giggle at even his worst jokes.

-You two always go on some kind of crazy, daring adventure together; every day is the day to “carpe that diem right in its face” as he likes to say. Your ideal date is somehow ruining Ultra Mags’ life and then making a wild run for it when he invariably finds out you did it.

-He’s not terribly good at romantic gestures, so instead he tends to show off like mad, and you always go along with it, cheering him on, whooping and hollering. 

-Whirl will always keep you somewhere safe, whether it be on his person ( did I say safe? I meant “safe”) or hidden high up to catch him in action. He later brags about it and you swoon over-dramatically, to which he commences some kind of play war.

-Play wars, half of the time, end up in you getting a scratch or hurt very insignificantly, but you love to make Whirl squirm, so you pretend to fake cry in order to make him freak out and cuddle you.

-You often refer to him as THE WORST™.

-You call each other “babe” and other terrible pet name unironically.

-Secret fact: Whirl is generally regarded as rugged and without a shred of gentle circuity in his body, but you know otherwise. He has his tender moments, though he vehemently denies they even exist to any other person. Like how you kiss him on the side of this face when no one is looking, and he’ll get all flustered and uncharacteristically bashful, and mumbles incoherently while nuzzling you like the giant mess that he is.

- You like to stuff a bunch of pillows and blankets into Whirl’s cockpit and take naps there time to time. Even though he claims to be a precise murder bird ninja con-killing machine, he’ll still tip toe and be extremely cautious while you’re in there. He’ll also shush any passerby that talks above a whisper while you sleep, referring to you ask “precious cargo”.

-Secret fact: Both of you share the same favourite movie franchise: Die Hard, and you will make references to the series at any chance you get.

Looking over my race calendar for the year and I’m having a moment.

I ran a 50 mile race in November. On my birthday, 11 days ago, I ran a 50k. Not even a race, but because I wanted to.


Me, 3 years ago: “If I keep at it, maybe I’ll be able to run a 5k without walking.”

Me, 3 minutes ago: “I think 3 weeks enough time between a 50k race and a 50 mile, right?”


No– but really though, I just went back through at my old Nike+ data. LOOK AT THIS ↓  JUST. LOOK AT IT ↓  3 years ago, almost to the day. ↓ ↓ ↓ 

January 20, 2014 – 3.44 miles, 10’56” avg pace,

“First ever group run with fleet feet. Snowed, breathed REALLY hard, but I met a girl named Emy who paced me well. Really excited about it.”

3 years ago. I look back on this moment often. Hits me right in the feels, for several reasons. It reminds me anything is possible. If you want something, and are willing to work for it and work hard, the world is your goddamn oyster. At the time, I only ever *dreamed* of running a half marathon. Me? Run 13.1 miles? I could barely wrap my brain around the idea of running 5 miles

October of the same year (9 months later), I ran my first marathon. It sucked. It sucked so much. It sucked to a point where I was ashamed at how terribly it went, that I didn’t even write a tumblr post about it, which was why I started this runblog in the first place– to document my training leading up to the momentous event of running a marathon. So yeah. It sucked. But I kept running

…and now I’m here, sitting in a coffee shop, trying to pick a couple 50 mile races for the spring, and deciding which 100k I want to attempt in the fall. 

Still not sure how I got to this point, but I’m really fucking happy to be here.

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Hello! Could you please do LL Rodimus, Swerve and TF4 Hound and Drift staying up late/Waking up early to watch the sunrise with their s/o? Also can I be your friend ;u;. Thank you!!

(Sure Anon, we can be friends! But I’m not really talkative! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ)



  • As captain, he decided to stop and get some more supplies on a nearby planet.
  • And one of those nights of goofing off and having fun, you ended it off in your small yet a cybertronian friendly motel, chilling on your stomachs on the bed/berth watching the sun rise together.
  • Hands interlinked and heads on each other and cuddling together as the light from the giant star filled the motel room.
  • You never wanted this moment to end…
  • (but the moment was ruined with Ultra Magnus busting open the door and saying something about getting up and doing things, eurgh.)


  • Remember issue 21? Where Tailgate, Rewind, and Swerve Hang out (at what I THINK are the Oil Reserves)???
  • It’s like that except you’re more cuddling than talking and maybe if you’re really enjoying you could say i love you
  • But he’d just blush and his fans might start running but nothing too special.



  • The first time was probably just after talking wayy too much and ending up staying all night and then in the morning you go ‘oh shit.’ but you enjoy the sunrise together anyway.
  • It might end up happening once a week because the first time was really fun and enjoyable for both of you so, of course, you do it again and again.


  • He’s a night owl, so if you ever really feel like keeping him company then go ahead.
  • He’d appreciate it! :)
  • you’d probably fall asleep in his arms as he whispers sweet nothings to you 90% of the time. 

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Soulmate Au where you don't know who's your soulmate until after both of you have said each other's names? (Also I freaking adore your writing. Marzifan all the way!!)

YEAH! Marzifan is catching on guys! Okay, takes place before the end of S1. 

Cupcake. Sweetheart. Buttercup. Cutie. 

At one point you realize–she’s never said your name. 

Not once. 


“Hmm?” She’s still searching through the book. You’ve taken to sitting at the computer, working with JP. 


“Ever notice that you never say my name?” 

“What do you mean, cupcake?” 

“See? There. You never say my name, I call you Carmilla, but you never call me Laura. Why?” 

Her eyes lift from the book for a moment. “Maybe I think cupcake suits you better…Cupcake.” 

My jaw clenches. “Oh, come on. It’s not like we’re going to be soulmates,” you laugh. “I mean, that’s ridiculous. Right?” 

She doesn’t answer. “…You think it’s ridiculous, right?” 

Carmilla sighs. She puts the book aside. “Cupcake, after I lost Ell…I promised myself I would never let that happen to me again. So, every new girl I met, I would use the nicknames. It’s not just you. Haven’t you noticed?” 

Xena. The ginger twins. Red. Okay, so maybe it isn’t just you. 

“I guess so.” 

“It’s just a precaution, Buttercup. Nothing personal.” 

“Say it.” You answer.

“…Who are you, Edward Cullen?” 

“No. I mean…you’ve changed, right? You know, helping us and everything. You shouldn’t need to be afraid anymore, Carmilla. Just say my name.” 

 You swivel your chair to face her. JP is still typing, probably telling you to focus, but you don’t care.

“Buttercup, not happening.” 

“What if we’re soulmates?” 

She laughs. 

“You know, if you’re so sure we’re not, you should have no problem saying my name.” 

Carmilla picks the book back up. “I am giving you one last chance, cupcake. I am not going to try and find my soulmate. Not happening. After everything I’ve gone through? I’m not doing it again. Maybe I don’t want to do it because you’re annoying me.” 

You pout. “I can’t believe I even thought for a second–” you pause, “Nevermind. JP, did you find anything?” 

The conversation is forgotten after you both find the Blade of Hastur. And Carmilla agreeing to get. Telling you she’s doing it for you. 

Note to self: Do not give up on the name thing. 

“Wait…Laura, where did you get that necklace?” 

“I thought you left it?” 

Take it off.” 

All of a sudden you feel sick, absolutely nauseous, and you collapse on the table. The last thing you hear before you pass out if Carmilla, finally, finally saying your name. You feel a tingling feeling across your entire body. 

The next thing you remember is waking up. 

“Laura, are you okay?” Carmilla says softly. 

“We’re soulmates,” you blurt out, “Carmilla, right before I passed out, you said my name, and I felt it, we’re–” 



“It was the necklace, it was poisoned, cupcake…but we’re not.” 

Could it have been the necklace? Really? You guess it could have…”You really didn’t feel anything when you said my name?” 

“Be relieved I didn’t, Laura. At least I can call you by your name now.” 

You don’t know why you’re so disappointed, but you are. 


There is fighting going on all around you, and Carmilla turns back to face you, still at the edge of the pit. 

“…You know, I’m really starting to hate this heroic vampire crap.” 

You smile. Carmilla looks back at the pit. Takes a breath. 

“And, Laura? Listen…back, with the necklace…I felt it too.” 

She jumps into the pit. You scream. Everyone tries to understand your grief in the ensuing days, but they can’t. Not really. She was your friend, they know, but a vampire. One you hadn’t even known for that long. 

But you’re not a fan of pity, and there’s no point in telling them, anyway. 


“…So you’re a giant black cat, huh?” 

She smiles, the tension in the room draining. She raises a hand, then drops it to her side, laughing. 

“You are what you eat?” She says with a smirk. 

You can’t help it; you smack her lightly on the arm. “Seriously? Way to ruin an ultra romantic moment!” 

“Hey, if we’re soulmates, you’ll have to get used to it.” 


“Carmilla, are we…I mean, did you mean what you said or was that just…” 

She gets serious again. “Laura,” she says, “I’m sorry.” 

“For lying?” 

No. Laura, I’m sorry for telling you when I did. I thought I was about to die when I did that. It must of been devastating…I can’t even imagine. But, no. I would have never said something like that unless it was true.”  She smiles. “Unfortunately, cupcake, you are stuck with me.” 

This time you’re the one that surprises her with a kiss. “If we’re soulmates, are you going to start cleaning your hair out of the drain?” 

“Are you going to remember to x out of your smut fanfiction before you leave for class?” 

“…Well, if we’re soulmates, I guess we can deal with each other’s quirks.” 

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What about when Sun/Moon and Lillie turn up only to be greeted by Guzma and a dead s/o. He's sobbing and inconsolable. He won't let them touch his s/o. They have to move on to Lusamine. They have to force him out of the Ultra Space

I completely ruined this angst for myself bc of that damn meme