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Karacas liked to tease fans cryptically on whether or not girl twins for Ultra prison existed. I don't think they do, but if they did, how do you think they'd look and how the Twins would react?

I think abt this a lot like, I don’t think they existed either and I don’t think they’d get along at all <_< like…. at all….

I wonder if they would have went extreme with the “opposite” route and made the female counterparts like, not get along with each other as well?

I have no idea 

There is so much one could say. Take everything that follows as provisional. I may change my mind or mood. This is just where I am at right now. And I’m tired. It’s late.

In truth I didn’t hate all of it. I kind of wish I did. Because the glimpses of stuff that felt like they worked were still building on the relationship - the heart of the show.

The synchronicity between John and Sherlock, the constant checking on each other. They were sexy as hell in moments. This felt like a new them. Tighter. Sure of each other. Without a quiver of doubt. But the coldness of the episode - the abject callous cruelty. It was so bleak.
For the first time this is an episode I don’t like the thought of revisiting and it retroactively taints the entire story before it. All the way back to ASiP and makes the whole thing tragic and under a dark looming cloud. Really horribly tragic.

There were seeds there of the unfolding love story - of them moving on into a new happier more secure place together and all it was was glimpses. Clearly there. But overwhelmed with this horrifically morbid tale. In which a family finds redemption in sitting together in an ultra maximum security prison. With no real chance of healing. No way to ever get back lost time.

All our emotional energy was being told to go to that story but meanwhile Martin and Ben have never been this in sync. It feels a shame to think if there’s no more to follow we don’t get to see them play crime fighting lovers. For flashes of it you could see it. How it would work.

But if this was the big finale why not go there now? Just say it. No more subtext. It works. These two really work. And instead they had to pull Mary in again when we’d already had her “blessing” on the relationship in TLD. Why bring her back from the dead again? It felt like we were being told to focus on the “boys” but it was pulling us to look at her. Which is what kept happening - the thing to watch was them. The center of the show but we were expected to put our emotional investment elsewhere. When it was screamingly obvious that John is now family to Sherlock. His family of choice. Non negotiable. And so we weren’t allowed to revel in that. Enjoy that after such a long arc of pain since TRF. Instead it was even more pain.
And meanwhile they were right there. Partners. In cahoots. Creating a new life.
That speech of Mary’s - it felt like it was meant to be an olive branch of inclusion to all kinds of fans. But it didn’t feel groundbreaking. It wasn’t historic. And they could have done it so easily. It would have taken very little to have visually acknowledge the clearly shifting relationship in an unambiguous textual way. There were multiple missed opportunities.

I feel like we were on the brink but lacking the necessary conviction. The calm surety and boldness. It could have worked. In spite of the plot holes and other critiques there were lines and pictures we were missing that could have so easily been there.

What a lost opportunity.


God I love this show. Favorite show <3