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All My Idols Ch 3: Physical Affection

That lunch with them was one of the most nerve racking moments of my life, regardless of the fact that I had spent at least 15 hours with them talking basically non stop I was nervous to be stuck in a private dinning from with them for only an hour. But my nerves were put away when they boys handled most of the conversation, asking me questions, telling their own stories, creating an amazingly playful atmosphere. By the end of it I have never been so comfortable with a group of people in my life. But the mood is ruined when manager unni tells them they should get to the studio to record a new song.

“I don’t want to go!” Seungri whines from across the table. Tae is sitting across from me with Dae on his left and Seungri on his right while GD and Top are on either side of me. “Can’t Charlie come with us?”

“No,” The rest of the group snaps in unison. I feel a little rejected by their stern response.

“She needs to go home and sleep,” GD finishes with a small smile in my direction.

“She can sleep at the studio on the couch, we do it all the time.” They all look to me, and though they wouldn’t admit it, they all want me to say yes.

With a yawn I say, “Fine.” They all smile, except for Seungri who seems to be over the moon. When it’s time to pay the bill a fight begins, who is going to pay for mine, because me paying for my own is apparently out of the question. I’m not surprised when Top wins and finally leads the way out of the restaurant. We quickly hop into GD’s car that he had parked in the back area. The only problem now is that his car only sits five. After a few minutes of trying to figure out the seating arrangement, mostly filled with Seungri whining that he wants me to sit in his lap and Tae hitting him for being such a pervert, we decide that I will sit on Top’s lap, much to his members’ surprise.

The ride to YG isn’t really awkward but in a way it is. All of them seem way too focused on Top and I. We go the spot next to the window behind GD, who is in the driver’s seat. I’m sitting on the edge of Top’s lap, my hands are gripping GD’s chair so I don’t move too much, not wanting to make Top feel awkward. He’s anything but with his arms wrapped securely around my waist for safety. GD’s hand flies up to one of mine that are resting near his shoulders, and Top’s arms hold me tighter when the car in front of us breaks hard making us all lurch forward.

“Are you okay?” They all ask together. I just nod as they all glare at the car in front of us. It doesn’t take us long to get there, GD pulls into the garage underneath the building to hide from possible fans. We climb out, Top wraps his hand around mine as he leads me through the garage to the elevator. The others stare at our clasped hands. The ride up in the elevator is quiet, the only noise from the over head speaker playing soft music. When we reach our desired floor I’m happy Top is leading me because I have the opportunity to gawk at the ultra modern design without worry of running into something. I’m surprised by the lack of people in the building, the guys cluster around me to hide me from any prying eyes we walk by. When we reach the studio I’m taken back at how familiar the room is too me. I have seen it in pictures and videos but seeing it in real life just like seeing them , feels like a dream.

Top sits me down on one of the couches while Tae and Dae wander off for stuff to snack on and drink; GD also wanders off but in search of where he left his music in another studio. Leaving me with Seungri and Top; they sit on either side of me.

“You can go to sleep now if you want,” Top offers. I glance around the decent sized room with only the one couch and drag a blank. Though I’m exhausted and could sleep many places the floor doesn’t look that comfortable and the middle part of the couch gives me nothing to lean on. Sensing my problem Top wraps one arm around my shoulders and pulls me down so my head his resting in his lap. I don’t put up a fight; the position is too comfortable for me to say anything. When he begins stroking my hair I know I’m stuck, the action too comforting for me to even consider moving.

I’m already a sleep before the others come back. But I’m woken, how long later, by one shifting me into a different position. I don’t say or do anything when Top moves out from under me and is replaced by Tae who actually pulls me on to his lap and rest my head on his shoulder. Without much of a problem I fall back a sleep in his arms. My mind is racing in my few moments of wakefulness. Thought of whether or not I should be okay with this for only knowing them for such a short time but for some reason I find myself comforted by their presence and can’t believe I lived my life without this level of relaxation with the few other people in my life.

I wake up again to the sound of Tae’s sweet voice over the speakers and a warm hand moving in small circles on my back. Looking up I see that I’m still in Tae’s arms, but my moving makes him look down and stop his soothing motions. I pout at the loose of it.

“Why did you stop?” I whine in a whisper before closing my eyes again and burying myself closer to him. His chuckle vibrates against my whole body.

“I’m sorry, are you sure it’s okay?” He asks as he slowly resumes the motion.

I nod, “I love how physically affectionate you guys are.”

“You love it?” I hear Top’s voice next to me.

Again I nod, “I haven’t had much physical contact the last couple weeks, I’ve missed it so much.”

“So you want us to be affectionate?”

“Yes please.” I mumble as I drift back off to sleep.

“We can definitely do that.”

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thoughts on zero beyond?

Well, that’s a thing they decided to do.

Seriously though, as much as I love Ultraman Zero (which is a lot) they seem to be constantly giving him new powers and abilities each time he shows up.  Let’s look at what he’s gotten in the past.

There was Ultimate Zero where he gained the Ultimate Aegis from Ultraman Noa.

Then he gained two new forms from Ultraman Dyna and Ultraman Cosmos:

Strong Corona Zero

and Luna Miracle Zero

After that, he gained the power to become Shining Ultraman Zero which we thought was his “Final Form”

But nope, now he’s got Ultraman Zero Beyond as his final form.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Zero and his new forms are all pretty cool but a friend of mine asked me if Ultraman Zero was the Ultra Hero version of Kamen Rider Decade and I tried to argue against it but more and more, that’s harder to do.  He gains more and more powers the more he travels between universes. This isn’t even counting forms he only has in stage shows or video games. 

I’m also not so keen on his look as Zero Beyond.  The shoulder pauldrons look out of place and his mostly silver body with purple accents is strange to my eyes. I do like his head with the four slugger blades and how they are used in combat but out of all of his power-up looks, this one is my least favorite. 

Then again, I LOVE his original design and think it is one of the best modern Ultra designs they have come up with so changing it just seems weird to me.

Storywise however, I love the idea of how he got the power and how it totally messed with the villain’s plans to have him not only regain his abilities but become more powerful.  That was a nice touch as is his use of the Geed Riser combined with his Ultra Zero Eye NEO to achieve his new state.

For me, Ultraman Zero Beyond is a mixed bag.  I love it in the context of Ultraman Geed’s narrative but design wise, it leaves me cold.

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Tour an A. Quincy Jones Home | Ultra Space

Take an in-depth look at one of the first homes designed by pioneering architect A. Quincy Jones in Brentwood, CA. The home is now owned by designer Adam Blackman and he takes us through all of the changes he has made to the home since he arrived. 

The Glass Wall

Description: Sam x Reader friendship but overall it’s mainly Gabriel in this little number. This is my take on the typical Meta!fic everyone seems to so love. The Reader is a hunter who begins to find out about ‘our’ world with the help of Gabriel… and The Narrator.
Words: 2,853
Warnings: None
Author’s Note: This is from the POV of the narrator, 99% of it still reads like a normal reader insert but just to give you a heads up. I’m excited about this one, was really good fun to write!! Seeing as it’s a bit different, I’m going to tag a couple people in hopes of feedback because it may not be the thing people typically search! Thank you to @adriellej for being my guinea pig and also this was beta’d by the ever fantastic @winchester-with-wings <3

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You, Y/N, are used to exciting stories unfolding without even flinching. It was going to be like that for you though. You were a hunter. Born and raised in the US of A, life was looking just peachy until one day a vampire decided to wipe out your family.

The vengeance bug set in and within a few months, each vampire had been systematically wiped out. I’ve heard the same story over and over. Between hunter to hunter the cliches of how they start out are the same and have been told a million times, and I’m sorry to say in this one you are no different. It hadn’t been until your mid twenties, when you were elbow deep in a slimy substance you’d rather not think on, that you had met Sam and Dean. Their story was similar, a model example of the tragedy, heartbreak and death that came hand in hand with the job.

Now, I feel I should confront the elephant in the room. Why I, the narrator, have addressed you directly. I did in the first paragraph but you may not have noticed with how often it happens.

Maybe this is your first time hearing it in as many words, or maybe you’ve had lengthy discussions with Castiel; there are alternate universes. In my world, your life is a TV show and accompanied by the Winchester brothers you keep thousands of people amused on a regular basis. Every cut, bruise and broken limb recorded to be watched in slow motion at a later date.

In my world, you are a story. I don’t mean to diminish your achievements or offend… Let me reword that sentence. You are a hero whose story has been written again and again by a hundred different writers. Stories where you’ve been in love with Dean or Sam, or even Lucifer or Crowley, stories where you’ve met untimely ends or lived happily to a ripe old age. This seems strange, but everyone interprets you differently. There’s a main plot line, yes, but there are thousands of others too, separate adventures with different versions of yourself.

Anyway, I digress. By me discussing this as I am, your story doesn’t progress, it sits in a paused state while I chatter on about things that could be easier explained later or aren’t really relevant at all. So, let us get straight to it and allow me to fill in some blanks as to why I talk of and to you, Y/N, in the way that I do.

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Are these the retirement homes of the future? I sure hope so.

The Alcabideche Social Complex near Lisbon is an ultra modern retirement home designed by Guedes Cruz Architects. Residences on the compound mimic translucent plexiglass boxes situated atop concrete structures. Their design allows residents to signal in case of an emergency, illuminating the top of their residence red for fast response from authorities.