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Any fluffy MTMTE Ultra Magnus and Swerve hc's? Separate not poly pls! Good luck with the new blog, I already love your writing!


I’ve already done some fluff for him here and here

Ultra Magnus 

- I don’t even need to tell you that he’s awkward as all hell but I will anyways. He has absolutely no idea how to flirt- he might not even know what flirting is. No one has any idea that he has a crush on someone until one of them confesses their feelings. If he asked you out and you become visibly shocked at the reveal he will be confused, he was being so obvious! One time he didn’t even correct a grammatical error you made, you really should have seen this coming.

- He gets advice from Rodimus and Swerve for what to do. He did not ask for the advice from Rodimus so much as Rodimus saunters into his office with no warning while he was working to lay down the basics of dating. Thankfully he doesn’t take most of the advice. Meanwhile Swerve’s advice was dumped on him while he was having a drink at the bar, he took some mental notes from him.

- Your dates are few and far between but he tries to make the most out of him. For the most part you are in charge of planning them because even he can acknowledge that his idea of fun does not apply to much of anyone else. But if you want to find a good midway point for you two, ask him to teach you Cybertronian. You’ll get to learn an alien language from a pro, and he gets to talk about grammar for hours on end, this is a win-win situation.

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Hi. I'm the anon who requested shy human crush practicing in front of the mirror. It's ok. I did wonder why is so different. Now I know. Please redo. I want how it would turn out. I look forward to it^^

(*internally screams* FUCK ME. ALSO fucked this one up all the way up.)


  • When he first heard you talking, he just listened in to hear what you were saying, and once that question was answered, who was it to?
  • When he hears it’s him, he’s a bit mad.
  • He tells himself, and he will always tell himself, that he is wayy to fragging old for you.
  • He runs off the distract himself.
  • (when you actually confess to him, he’d accept anyway. He’ll be selfish, just this once.)

Drift and Rodimus react similarly

  • When they heard you they just listen in just for a little bit, just to make sure they weren’t hearing things.
  • And then, when they’re sure it’s about him they walk in.
  • “Y/n-!”
  • “AH!”
  • “Do you really feel that way about me?”
  • You stutter as you tell him yes.
  • Rodimus would be like “hell yes!” and do a pose, then try to act cool again and invite you to the bar.
  • Drift would be enthusiastic and hug you and hold you. “Me too!” :)


  • He really slowly and quietly peeked through the crack in the door.
  • When he hears his name he feels like he’s about to cry because of oh Primus, my crush likes me, but he quickly fixes his composure and goes back to his hab.
  • He’s so damn happy, he just laughs to himself with a big smile that has ravaged asking questions. (Which he just rolls his optics.)
  • So, he pushes himself to go back to find you and ask you out, and saving you the trouble!

Fort Max

  • When he hears his name, he goes straight to see what’s happening.
  • When he sees you talking to yourself in the mirror, he listens for a good 30 seconds, before he hightails it out of there.
  • He’s so flustered! Once he’s back in his hab he covers his face with his hands and tires to relax.
  • But your his crush too, so should he go tell you? Would that be weird? He has mixed emotions.
  • When you do end up asking him out he’ll go silent and nod. (he looks like he’s about to cry.
  • You hug because you were both unknowingly stressed out.


  • The first time he hears it he has to physically cover his mouth from screaming.
  • He gets this big grin on his faceplates and you’ll hear squeaking from him, so of course, you whip around to see him.
  • You yelp.
  • He takes his hand from his face to say, “Keep going.” to kinda cheer you on, and then cover his mouth back up again so he doesn’t interrupt you.
  • When you’re done he runs over and hugs you do you almost fall backward.
  • “OmpMeToo!WhyDidn'tYouTellMe?!” at the speed of light because he is just so excited!!

Ultra Magnus

  • He’d walk in. he had a plan of what he was going to say. But when he saw the fear of rejection all over your face, he stops himself from scowling.
  • “Are you serious?”
  • You look at the ground and politely apologize and say if he doesn’t like you back you’re okay with it.
  • He’s pretty speechless at this point. But he says the first thing that pops in his head and it was if you would like to accompany him to swerves sometime?
  • Since you accept, he goes on with his day with a straight face, but once he get’s back to his hab, he get’s out of his suit and freaks out bc he invited you to swerves! You can’t drink energon! What was he thinking!?
  • He takes
  • time
  • to relax out of
  • suit
  • with the empyrean suite playing.


  • So
  • so flustered.
  • He has to take his glasses off the clean them.
  • He knows it’s rude to eavesdrop but, Primus he’s so happy!
  • But he feels it’d be really cool to see you confess, he’d be nervous af himself!
TFP characters as dril tweets
  • Optimus Prime: i regret being tasked the emotional burden of maintaining the final bastion of morality and Nice manners in this endless ocean of human SHIT
  • Ratchet: the wise man bowed his head solemnly and spoke: “theres actually zero difference between good & bad things. you imbecile. you fucking moron”
  • Bumblebee: 1st grade: Mastered. 2nd Grade: MAstered. 3rd Grade: Mastered. 4th Grade: Heres when they start trying to trick you 5th Grade:This ones hard
  • Arcee: strongest blade in the world, howeve,r it is so fragile as to shatter when handled by any force other than the delicate touch of a lesbian
  • Bulkhead: i fear my tropical fish no longer respect me after i accidetnally stumbled backwards & smushed my ass hole right up against their $3000 tank
  • Cliffjumper: priest plugs my coffin in at the end of the funeral. “MILLERTIME” lights up in neon on the side, desecrating my corpse & sending me to hell
  • Smokescreen: the doctor reveals my blood pressure is 420 over 69. I hoot and holler out of the building while a bunch of losers try to tell me that im dying
  • Ultra Magnus: Blocked. Blocked. Blocked. You are all blocked. None of you are free of sin
  • Jack: yes trolls. unlike you, i have a brain. its called a " JOB "
  • Raf: downloading shit loads of counterfeit papa john coupons through unsecure wifi net works
  • Miko: DAD: i just heard on t he news that teens are taking the "Kick My Ass" challenge. please dont do this ME: you have no power over me, old man
  • Jane Darby: startling how im the only person on this site with an actual human soul. you would think the other guys on here have one, but no
  • Fowler: i enjoy a bit of "Humour" every now and then, but people seriously need to stop tying me to a chair and injecting me with unknown substances
  • Megatron: my followeres, who all hate me, and wish to kick my ass, are nobodys, and they lack the combat training to injure me, because theyre infant
  • Stascream: I just looked up the stats and the number of meaningful relationships ive formed is less than the number of public restrooms ive Screamed in
  • Soundwave: im the guy who airbrushes the nipples out of pro wrestling ads. i make $85k a year. but i have a secret *removs shades to reveal nipple eyes
  • Knockout: I put years of hard work into getting my torture degree at torture college & now everyones like “oh tortures bad” , “its ineffective” fuck off
  • Breakdown: my grave is just a huge tv displaying videos of me doing parkour in hell and it makes all the other graves look like shit
  • Arachnid: i will tell you this right now: I'm from hell. Im highly fucked up. Ive been known to say rude things and watch the carnage unfold brutally
  • Shockwave: i have absolutely zero interest in friendship, i have absolutely zero interest in jokes, i am simply here to collect data and earn respect.
  • Predaking: please bring your rats to the new castle flea market so I may bless/heal them. ill be sitting in a lawn chair wearing a stolen priest outfit
  • Dreadwing: (the trolls watch in astonishment as the milk shake they threw at me flawlessly bounces off of my head wwith minimal pain and mess involved)
  • Unicron: *all horrors begotten by the desire of man flash before eyes* woha! this is awkward *the cries of millions suffering echo* Damn That's Weird

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I'm the one who sent the anonymous ask about Lost Light. I'm so sorry. I was still thinking of the characters I want and next thing I know I press ask by accident. I want Rodimus, Drift, Ratchet, Ultra Magnus, Rung, Swerve, Tailgate & Cyclonus. Preferably a scenario but if there's too many characters, then headcanons. I can't find the rules probably because I'm on mobile. I'm really sorry for the trouble!


Rodimus and drift

  • When you tell him he’s really happy.
  • You’ve gone through a lot of crap you don’t deserve, so he’s happy you’re okay with what you have here, even if it’s so different than what you had on earth.  
  • But drift is a bit more overjoyed!
  • He had gotten the feeling you had been uncomfortable!
  • “Yeah, I’m happy you’re here, too!”

Ratchet and Ultra Magnus

  • When you confess They nod.
  • Despite that this might at times be frustrating for them, they’re pretty happy to be here too. They’re pretty happy to know you’re enjoying this quest, even if this was an accident for you.


  • Oml he’s really happy you’re comfortable on the ship!
  • His first time riding on a ship like this was anything but smooth, it was ridiculously frustrating,
  • so, this is great news for him!


  • Not only does what you say is that you feel made at home, you boosted his confidence!
  • The was for sure his talking had just annoying and you were just too polite to protest.


  • Tailgate agrees, he was an accident too! Tailgate’s just happy you’re as happy here as he is!
  • Cyclonus gives you a rare small smile. He’s not used to having people in his company like him and feels comfortable around him as much as you and Tailgate do, so he appreciates that you tell him.

Differences between popular fanon and IDW G1 canon:

Popular fanon: Optimus was a devoted spiritual leader.

IDW G1 canon: Optimus was an atheist.

Popular fanon: Rodimus was a young yet capable leader.

IDW G1 canon: Rodimus was a man-child.

Popular fanon: Arcee was a people-person with gentle spark.

IDW G1 canon: Arcee was socially awkward and undefeatable warrior.

Popular fanon: Bluestreak was a sweet woobie who needed a hug.

IDW G1 canon: Bluestreak was a traitor.

Popular fanon: You can trust Prowl.

IDW G1 canon: You cannot trust Prowl.

Popular fanon: Jazz was a charming social butterfly that could woo anyone, no matter what species they were.

IDW G1 canon: Have you seen how awkward Jazz was trying to reach out to that girl?

Popular fanon: Orion Pax was a nerdy bookworm with kind heart and hidden courage, hated violence and good at diplomatic.

IDW G1 canon: Orion Pax was a super cop, diplomatic was not his strong suit, and when really, really angry he quick to resort to violence (asked Prowl).

Popular fanon: Sideswipe was a witty prankster and talented merchant.

IDW G1 canon: According to TV Tropes, Sideswipe was a dumb muscle.

Popular fanon: Sunstreaker was the writers’ favourite twin to kill in order to induce angst.

IDW G1 canon: Sunstreaker was Simon Furman’s favourite plaything.

Popular fanon: Ultra Magnus was Optimus’s brother.

IDW G1 canon: Ultra Magnus was a legacy.

Popular fanon: The Dinobots and the Protectobots were Ratchet and Wheeljack’s children.

IDW G1 canon: They were not related.

Popular fanon: Swoop was the Dinobots’ field medic.

IDW G1 canon: The Dinobots used to have a medic and he was not Swoop.

Popular fanon: Perceptor was never wrong no matter what he did (and he was awesome even without a sniper gun).

IDW G1 canon: Perceptor sometimes did something wrong…

Popular fanon: Elita-1 was a badass female leader.

IDW G1 canon: Elita was a badass female leader and evil.

Popular fanon: Jetfire/Skyfire was Starscream’s Morality Pet.

IDW G1 canon: Did they ever interact with each other?

Popular fanon: Combiners teams were siblings and were a norm in Cybertronian society.

IDW G1 canon: Combiners teams were five or six unrelated bots forced to join together and were considered perversion by some.

Popular fanon: Sideswipe and Sunstreaker were inseparable.

IDW G1 canon: Sideswipe and Sunstreaker had strain relationship.

Popular fanon: Ratchet was grumpy and caring.

IDW G1 canon: Ratchet was grumpy and caring.

my favourite character’s weapons in no order

optimus prime: lava axe and blue lazer guns

bumblebee: shooty guns

arcee: lesbIAN BLADES

chromia: sheer power of anger alone

Starscream: words and screaming

Thundercracker: pureness

Ironhide: he is the weapon

Wheeljack: who knows what it’ll be next

Megatron: a giant a$$ cannon – wait, you don’t fight anymore? oh, wait, so now the power of edge and darkness is at your side? oh, there’s your cannon again. nevermind. No fighting. Just words.

Rodimus: a campfire gone wrong

Ultra magnus: rules

Prowl: tables

Fulcrum: suicide – wait, that doesn’t work

Misfire: mistakes

ratchet: the power of being 100% done with everything

Grimlock: flame sword

whirl: zero shits