ultra magnus hates fun

anonymous asked:

how do u think the lost light crew would react to their s/o wheeling around the ship in heelys?

ridin my heeleys to escape my feeleys 

Autobots (MTMTE)

  • Rodimus, Drift, Swerve, Tailgate, Rewind, Chromedome, Whirl, Skids and Nautica all think they’re fraggin’ amazing. Rodimus uses the wheels on his own heels to race with you and he looks ridiculous. All orange and gold plating flying by at 60 kmph and he’s got his arms back in a Naruto running pose. He gets a good laugh out of everyone, though.

  • Megatron, Ultra Magnus, Ravage, Ratchet and every other bot who hates fun thinks they’re absurd and destructive, and once you get Rodimus in on it…