ultra long hair

We need a Scheherazade no Bouken!

Is that little girl on the bottom left the child of Scheherazade and her king? *Shipper mode activades*🚢🚢🚢
She has the same ultra long curly hair as Scheherazade! But then again, her hair colour is the same as that leaf crown guy! Oh and I suppose the purple haired people with the black hoods are sibling magicians? I want to know about all of them!

Ohtaka, you can’t kill Scheherazade and leave us with just this picture. GRRR. Scheherazade no Bouken please!

New Year.. New Style! I never had the courage before now to get a short haircut because of all the warnings that it would make my face look heavier and I definitely didn’t want that. I decided one day while my mom (who is a hairdresser) was trimming my ultra long hair, that I needed a drastic change. I told her to cut it off and this was the result! Just a pixie cut that I styled with my flat iron, curling the ends up towards the back of my head. I’ve gotten a TON of compliments on it and people say it really suits me! I ABSOLUTELY ADORE IT! :) 

Chubby sisters! DO NOT BE AFRAID OF SHORT HAIR! Worst case scenario.. if you hate it, it will grow back! But you won’t know until you try it! Don’t let other people dictate what works for you! :) The only regret I have is not doing this haircut sooner! :D


I can not emphasise how amazed I still am by this doll. I just spent SO many nights absolutely being frustrated by her and hated how difficult she was to work on in terms of sculpt and colour.

But I’m just so utterly amazed, I finally was able to *work* with her sculpt, and I can really appreciate her gorgeous cheekbones and her strong jaw and nose. 

I ended up cutting her ultra long hair to just under her butt so it’ll be manageable but otherwise I’m happy I took the plunge to recustomize her.


kia8088! Disney AU… more like Disney World AU and they seem like the perfect duo but omg they bicker at each other all the time when no one is around them. and then love blossoms from that cause i’m trash

‘See is it that hard to smile at children?’
‘Harder than accepting that you cut your hair for this role’
‘How did you even get this role you anti-social tall child?’
‘Same goes for you, shorty. Should’ve been a fairy being that short’