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tankies: maybe the anarchists were the real fascists the whole time

They’ve been saying this for 100 years any socialist that isn’t stepping in line to die for their capitalist police state is a fascist post leftists infantile disorder reactionary ultra left white supremacist who has never read Marx

I found we had much in common — a rigorous ideology and a taste for violence. Both they and I represent new species in Japan today. I felt a friendship for them. We are friends between whom there is a barbed wire fence. We smile at one another but we can’t kiss.

What the Zengakuren students (communist student protesters in the 60’s) and I stand for is almost identical. We have the same cards on the table, but I have a joker — the Emperor.
—  Yukio Mishima, recounting his open-debate with ultra-left students at the University of Tokyo.

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If you had to pitch an "umbrella term" for anarchists, autonomists, ultra-left, left comm, and all the other "non-authoritarian leftists" of the world, what would it be? I always say "anti-authoritarian communism", but that's like 12 syllables man.

libertarian communism?

I’m very happy to call myself a libertarian communist, but I’m sure there are some under that umbrella who wouldn’t like it so much, and for some you mention, like Bordigist leftcoms, it doesn’t actually fit at all…doubt there’s a single term everyone would actually agree on but libertarian communism is as close as it gets imo

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