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[MONSTER] Gyango.

Japanese name: ギャンゴ
Romanized name: Gyango

Alignment: Self, wish master
Type: Ultra Kaiju
Inspiration: Totem pole
Status: Inactive.

From: Ultraman - Episode 11


  • A modified Bemular suit was used to make Gyango’s costume.
  • Apparently Gyango could summon any metal with its hands, but this ability was not seen on-screen.
  • Gyango was conjured from a wish granted by a magical space rock.

Source: tokumonster.tumblr.com


[MONSTER] Red King.

Japanese name: レッドキング
Romanized name: Reddo Kingu

Alignment: Varies by continuity
Type: Ultra Kaiju
Inspiration: Dinosaur, King Kong
Status: Varies by continuity.

From: Ultraman, The Ultraman, Ultraman 80Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero, Ultraman Max, Ultraman MebiusUltra Galaxy Mega Monster BattleUltra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle: Never Ending Odyssey, Ultra Zero Fight, Ultraman Ginga S


  • Red King’s growl is a combination of Godzilla and Gaira sound effects.
  • The original Red King costume in Ultraman was modified to become Aboras’ suit. In the same series, the Aboras suit was changed back to resemble Red King. Its limbs became the arms and legs on Zetton’s suit.
  • The Red King seen in The Ultraman anime could expel purple fire. Its roar was an altered Kamacuras sound.
  • In Ultra Zero Fight, it was called “The Red King.”
  • In Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero, there was a Powered Red King. It had a female mate, which was tan in color.
  • Red King first evolved into EX Red King in the Ultraman Fighting Evolution Rebirth game.
  • Red King unofficially acted as a good monster in the last episode of Never Ending Odyssey. Red King would not be seen as a hero monster again until Ultraman Ginga.

Source: tokumonster.tumblr.com


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