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Though July 10 is officially Ultraman Day, it was today (July 17), 51 years ago that the first episode of Ultraman “Ultra Operation #1″ aired on Japanese TV screens!

His first opponent was the alien monster Bemular!

To be honest, Bemular always looked to me like a crossbreed between Godzilla and a Pug. Yet, I still love this monster for some reason and am psyched whenever he shows up in a new series. Such as his recent appearances in:

Ultraman Ginga S

Ultraman Orb (where he got a power up!)

and Ultra Zero Fight!

He may not rank up there in my favorites with Gomora, Baltan or Red King but Bemular should never be forgotten.  He was Ultraman’s fist foe on Earth and the reason he came here in the first place!

Edit: Oh and he was in some early promotional pages for Ultraman Geed as well!  Let’s hope he makes it to the show proper!

19. Favorite Ultra kaiju


I love him so much I drew a portrait of him and made it my user icon! Why I love Pygmon has a lot in common with why I love Minya.  They are comically, shockingly ugly characters that are simultaneously incredibly charming and endearing that have a tendency to bring out the best in the characters around them. They’re the “Ugly Cute” trope brought to bizarre-but-lovable life! 

Pygmon is a sweet, helpful, and (most dramatically) selfless creature starring in two of my all-time favorite episodes of Ultraman.  He’s something of a fixture in the Ultra franchise too: I was overjoyed to see him pop up in a particularly touching episode of Ultraman X.  

The Ultra franchise is packed with kick-ass monsters, but none have as much heart and history as the Pygster.  

the-last-alicorn  asked:

Hey, I say that if Mother of Ultra wants to be an Earth model, we should totally support her! There is not enough representation for +sized women in the industry!

I completely agree, there just aren’t enough models over 60 feet tall out there! She also looks good in almost everything from casual wear:

To the more traditional:

To just spending time with friends:

heck, she can model anything for any season!

I, for one, support the rights of giant, alien women to model clothes on Earth! Any alien woman no matter their body type, species or criminal record!