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Episode 2 is up! Also we’re on ITunes now. This week we talk about Pokémon, our favourite games, dongles and more.

Todays starting topic: Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon

why do phones get more and more expensive every time theres a new one, i get that it uses newer technology every time but are they just going to keep getting more and more expensive until the iphone ultra NEO 58sx costs $28,000 in the year 2096 and we all just have to get walmart brand flip phones

Virtual Reality or Escaping our 3D Perception?

The other day as we were doing our errands we decided to go to best buy and for starters i couldn’t believe how hypnotic and brainwashing the entire experience was…We went inside for blank CDs and ended up looking at everything except the CDs lol. 

Anyway between the massive flashy screens, latest iphones, newest ultra ultra HD TVs that look like colorful candy and shiny products, we saw they had a new product called Gear VR aka Virtual Reality. 

Now I will admit I’m ridiculously old-fashioned, I barely use a cell phone, I rarely text unless I need to, I don’t own a TV, we netflix or watch movies lol. I have a computer and a tablet but that’s like it. So to experience this new gagetry was a little mindbogging as a spiritual minimalist. 

Basically it hooks up through your samsung phone and you put on these goggles where your entire perception is altered from the device. You are literally submerged into this digital experience where you can go to hawaii, swim under the sea, go to the grand canyon or wherever.  Whenever you turn your head you are swimming or walking in this world completely detached from your present reality. You could really get lost in there. 

We are officially in the future!

While part of me is impressed we have reached this level of technological advancement, I can also see the dangerous implications of something like this. With a device like this, not only are we completely escaping our physical world, we’re detaching our mind from our bodies. It creates a point of out-of body that submerges you into a totally different world. 

Now take it if someone is depressed or obsessed with a device like this. They could physically get lost in these worlds completely losing all touch with their reality. This type of device while extravagent could cause full blown insanity or detachment from our body.
 While it is pretty cool tech, I can see this as extremely dangerous in some regard because just during this small amount of time trying this device. My perception was altered, I felt very ungrounded upon return, It felt like I went to space for 3 minutes then came back to earth. It also was advised that for someone using this, they need to be sitting down instead of standing up. 

We already live in a world where people are constantly staring at TVs or cellphones do we really want to add more submersion and disconnection towards our reality? 

Now on the positive side what I found interesting is the symbolism behind this technology. The realization that as a society we have become so advanced in technology that we have created a device that literally transports your consciousness to a new dimension at will. Within seconds. 

So while the device is kinda creepy, the symbolism behind what this means is really mind-altering. 

We have created a technology that transports consciousness and shifts to a new dimension at will. Within seconds. 

Perhaps this yearning for the future is in actuality a realization that we are now officially the future we kept seeing in movies most of our lives. 

We are the future. 

The realizations of this are really outstanding for humanity! 

While I don’t agree with the need to completely disengage ourselves with virtual reality - technology. Our society has reached a peak in understanding where we are no longer settling for the old world, the old paradigm. We have reached a peak of non-compliance. 

We are starting to create and transmogrify different dimensions of consciousness and ways to create fantasies and dreams into reality. 

The real Question then becomes…when will society start catching up to this realization that these symbols are merely tools constructed within ourselves, Thoughts? 

My name is Joe.  I live in Chicago and have been shooting for 20+ years.  3 months ago I started a project where I shoot one photo a day and publish it on the same day.  This has forced me to think in different ways about my everyday surroundings.  it can be challenging when you take the same route to work everyday.  Many days it can be difficult to get a shot you feel comfortable posting, but this helps you view your everyday life in new ways.  Always keep your eyes moving.  I shoot with a Nikon D-40, Cannon Canonet G-III QL17, iPhone and Ultra Slim & Wide.


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