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20 tag!

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Name: Nell!
Nickname(s): YIKES THERES A LOT LETS DO THIS um Nelleanor, Nelly, Nelly Welly, Nell Bell, Nell from Hell, VaNella, CinderNella, Nellephant, and there is only one person in this whole world who is allowed to call me Elle.
Gender: Cis Female
Star Sign: libra
Height: 5 foot 9 inches
Time Right Now: 14:40
Last Thing I Googled: “libra and Scorpio relationship compatibility”
Favorite Bands: ?? Um it switches around but Panic! Is certainly up there, im high key a theatre nerd so I just listen to a lot of musical cast recordings lol
Solo Artists: Beyoncé I suppose
Last Movie I Watched: heathers! It was amazing.
Blog Birthday: no idea
What Do You Blog About?: whatever the frikkidy frakk I want
When Did Your Blog Reach Its Peak?: still hasn’t I’m so smol lol
Do You Have Any Other Blogs?: @emotionally-intellectual is my main and I just got added to the pride phandom net which is amazing
Do You Get Asks Regularly?: no! Please send me asks!
Why Did You Choose Your URL?: I live for a good pun(ice ice fetus) and for my main I wanted something v aesthetic sounding
Following: 143 and counting lmao
Posts: A LOT
Hogwarts House: slytherin hiss hiss noobs
Favorite Color(s): any shade of purple and silver
Average Hours Of Sleep: between 5-8
Lucky Number(s): 3, 6, 9
Favorite Character(s): couldn’t tell you haha, at the moment probably Mila Babicheva and Yuri Plisestky lol
What Am I Wearing Now?: ultra pale wash high waisted ripped shorts and a maroon v neck
How Many Blankets Do I Sleep With?: usually one very thin one and one very fuzzy one
Dream Job: anything where I’m famous lmao
Dream Trip: road trip every single state in the us, preferably when I’m on tour doing famous people things

I tag everyone who wants to do this, but specifically :
I don’t have 20 people I can think of I’m sorry