ultra happy actually


I started thinking about my Pokemon Chorus AU again and more ideas formed.

I've best friends ever! :D

Something amazing happened to me today at 2:09am.
I got a call. And I was “What the fuck? I’m sleeping. Who could it be at the time like this?”. It was my friend who went to a city by the shore with his boyfriend to visit a friend of theirs.
So okay, I answered the call. He told me “Hey, there’s someone here you know!”. That seriously confused me, but I replied with “Uhm, okay, who is it?”. I was still a bit drunken from the sleep, though sure there’s no one in that town I know. The next voice I heard was “HEY NINA BLUE MARINA!!!”. O_O My internet and RL nickname!

“Wh-who’s this?!?!” I asked in shock.
“It’s me. Nika from our blogging days!” she says cheerfully.
And then it hit me. Oh my fucking gods!! It was Nika-sama, my senpai from back when I used to regularly update my Croatian blog. I was thrilled, really happy, excited, but it was also 2 in the morning.
“No fucking way!!! I don’t believe it!!” I wanted to scream (mom sleeps in the next room). I couldn’t believe my current high school friend found a girl I never met IRL and they somehow realized they both know me.
Nika apologized for calling at such time, saying these are one of those moments in life when you can’t spare thinking about time, you just act. I couldn’t talk properly because I was suddenly awaken (and I had a rather weird dream). We quickly bid ourselves goodbye, saying we definitely must meet once IRL. That’d be so so awesome.

I put my cellphone away and went back to sleep. At first, I couldn’t fall asleep because I kept thinking about what just happened and I smiled few times. In a dark room. To myself. >w<
I’ll have to thank my dear friend on Monday for letting me hear that crazy girl. She and I actually haven’t talked for years. Funny thing she even remembered my nick Blue Marine (which I don’t use here for not wanting to be found by some people).
I’m still so happy. I even got up before 8am, which was originally planned. It’s so beautiful waking up early.

On the other hand, I can’t help but look back and see how many friends I actually have. After a break-up, I thought I was lonely and pathetic. Now, I think I’m pretty confident with myself, and what’s more important, I’ve met and got closer with many cool people.

Some internet friends ended up to be great. Like a-wild-cook (here on Tumblr). ^^ I can’t wait to meet more of them. Who said there are no normal people in Croatia? Who said there are no anime fans in Croatia? I did. And I take it all back.
*goes back to being all chirpy and jolly even though it’s not even 8am yet*

happy happy happy happy happy….