ultra foundation

Things from the Japanese trailers

Lusamine with Zossie and Dulse

Meowth statues

Maxie and Archie having framed photos of their element

Guzma shoving Rocket Grunts in the face

Mons coming out of their balls all sparkly

Lusamine in front of a wormhole


Remember how Lillie was compared to N?

Giovanni’s glowing something

The whole group


In my headcanon Gladion hired entire team Skull to clean up the mess that Lusamine did XDD I hope they deliver that in UltraSun/Moon xDDD

It’s freaking hot in here I can’t sleep at night so I’m drawing silly things :C


I was wondering if Nihilego, Buzzwole (and Phermosa) were gonna appear or not, since we had new version-exclusive Beasts teased and since Lusamine appears to have gotten upstaged as the main villain.

People had suspected that you’d be able to face the Ultra Beasts on their own turf, especially since there was the theory about this being Kartana’s Ultra Space:

We also get information on our new villain team (?) and their base of operations.

Dulse, Zossie, Phyco, and Soliera. Zossie kind of reminds me of Mars with her design.

I may be wrong, but isn’t that the scene taken from the opening where Lillie is fleeing Aether? So, are Aether not evil this time, or are they partnered with Aether? I mean, there was this scene where we see Lusamine collapsed, so did they double-cross her?

We also get our third, completely new Ultra Beast, UB Adhensive. It loos like it could evolve into something, but I’m probably wrong.

We also get typings confirmed for Burst (and a signature move in Mind Blown) and Assembly,

I was predicting Fairy/Fire or Fighting/Fairy, tbh.

Mind Blown also has recoil damage,

And assembly is unsurprising Rock/Steel. (I was expecting it to be some mix of Rock, Steel, and/or Psychic.)

“Ultimate Battle” Artwork Detail Analysis Thing

Final thing that seems possible for now is looking at the artwork which was presented and seeing what it can mean for possible hints in plot

Starting from the top we have our sky which has an Ultra Wormhole in it and the same colors for that one Necrozma scene in a previous trailer used which I compared to the shades used when Salem was officially introduced in RWBY

Giovanni is large and in charge at the center.As for the villains we have Archie, Lysandre,and Ghetsis on one side and Maxie,Cyrus,and Faba on the other. Could a simple way of putting it be the brawn half and brain half of villainy?

Heading downward we have the castle which is revealed to be Aether Mansion given scenes like this which were scattered in the trailers:

Two sets of grunts are made more visible on both ends with the female being outward and the male being inward

Finally we have our team which is going to be up against these forces of evil

Ray’s “canon” team in this interpretation consists of:

  • Incineroar
  • Dusk Lycanroc
  • Toucannon
  • Tsareena
  • Alolan Ninetales
  • Alolan Raichu

Also by this 11+-Year-Old boy’s side is Guzma,Sophocles,and Wicke with a basket full of what may or may not be the Not Hawaii equivalent to Berliners

How will this presentations match up to the games themselves?Time will tell.


He’s come so far!!! If this isn’t the start/confirmation of a redemption arc for Guzma, I don’t know WHAT is.



Why aren’t more people talking about the fact that we have four groups on our hands????? We have Team Skull, the Aether Foundation, the Ultra Recon Squad, and now Team Rainbow Rocket??? With all of the parallel universe stuff going down who knows which side they will all be on!


Lillie in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon ❤️