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If Stars turns out to be a third version Alola game, here’s some things I’d like to see:

-More styles of clothing for character customization. Compared to all the styles the XY protagonist had–dresses, coats, stockings, different styles of shirts and skirts, hats, and various accessories–it doesn’t feel like we got as much this time. I mean, it’s not like a tropical region like Alola has much use for coats besides on Mt. Lanakila, but it’s kinda hypocritical of our protagonist to ask Kukui if he’s cold while running about in a halter top and capris.

-Bring back Supertraining, even if it’s something you’d only get postgame. Grinding for BP for Power Items can be a pain, especially since the Battle Tree seems to be a step up from the Maison, and the Pelago takes a while.

-Plaza/PSS hybrid. While I like the Join Avenue aspects, it can be annoying trading with friends who live states away or in another country, It took me and my friend from the UK quite a bit to figure out why we weren’t showing up on each other’s Plaza.

-Our two story-mode cameos, Colress and Grimsley, should get more of a role, likely helping Nanu do some investigating of Skull/Aether. I’ve already brought this up in a prior post, but Nanu’s very vaguely implied not to trust the Aether Foundation/Team Skull, but is supposedly a lazy dude–he didn’t want to be a kahuna, Acerola pretty much gives us the impression Nanu told Kukui to piss off when he offered Nanu a spot in the Alolan E4, and he lets Team Skull run amok on the island, even to the point where they’ve taken over an entire town. But the Acerola brings it up that he’s the one protecting the wild Pokemon from TS, and instead of relying on Aether for help, just does it himself. Maybe he might’ve suspected a connection, since we do later find out he knows about the UBs and was in the International Police. Maybe he could’ve used his connections and had them send over Grimsley (a E4-level trainer would be of use in battles) and Colress (having been arrested sometime within the two year timespan for abusing a legendary Pokemon, but worked out a deal to escape prison if he helped investigate? Also, he is a scientist, so he could’ve been useful investigating the UBs)? I imagine Unova is not terribly far away from Alola, as both are part of Pokemerica.

-Plumeria and Gladion accompany you and Lillie to the UB’s world, and have the four of you come across a possessed, unhinged Guzma. (However, I think Plumie should be the one to battle him, or be the one trying to get him to come back to his senses.) Just for the additional creepiness factor. :D

-Necrozma gets more of an explanation, and possibly another form. (The fact its idle animation is beating itself in the head implies there may be something wrong with it. Like, it’s….broken or something.)

-We get more of an idea on just what happened to the pre-Gen6 dimension, because Anabel’s being in this new dimension and muttering defending the Battle Tower is incredibly vague, but still pretty disconcerting. Seriously, even if the dimension wasn’t outright destroyed like a lot of people had theorized, I have to wonder just what the hell happened there and what the full outcome was.

-Also, the possibly additional Looker from ORAS? Is he a Faller? I would presume ORAS happened recently enough since we also get Wally in the Battle Tree and he looks like he hasn’t aged a day. What’s become of possibly-Faller Looker? Did I miss something? (…Or will we find that out in a Sinnoh remake/next Gen?)

-Guzma and Gladion get a role in the postgame. (I mean, the entire mess with the Ultra Beasts was Gladion’s mother’s fault. It surprised me that he never got any major plot scenes past the raid on the Aether Foundation. Also, Guzma’s a Faller too, and was even possessed at one point.)

Ride on the Wild Side

This was a poster I thought up after playing with @commandernova702 for the first time on Halo: The Master Chief Collection. A particular moment that inspired me was when we both hopped onto a Mongoose/Gungoose during a CTF match on Halo 2 Anniversary’s Bloodline map. Hope you guys like it!

Rendered in Source Filmmaker and edited in Adobe Photoshop.

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Ok, I’m finally home and can break down this trailer better.

Since the starters are no longer on that stage in Iki, I guess we may be meeting our starters under slightly different circumstances than before? (Of note, we don’t see Hala or Kukui like in the original starter reveal trailer, but they might just be out of shot?)

This is the one that has people talking the most of Pokemon following you around like in HGSS. Now, we know from datamines that they did have models of walking/running Pokemon, but I don’t think that’s the case since as we see in a later part of the trailer, there’s no Pokemon following our Trainer. If anything, it might be interacting with the Pokemon in our environment to make Alola feel more alive, or maybe it’s exclusive to the event Rockruff.

It seems we have a new trial area, and it almost looks similar to Verdant Cavern (tho smaller, different kind of trial, or perhaps the enter-piece has an inner area you can crawl inside?), tho with a new NPC in one of those straw hats? 

Also, Exeggutor in the overworld, or in just a cutscene? Are they just Pokemon you can interact with, or could you capture them?

We also get more with Kahili and Ryuki. Take note of the area Ryuki’s standing in, and it looks vaguely familiar with the trashcans.

Now, I don’t think this means Gyms are returning or we’ll be gong back to Kanto, but I think we might see a new type of battle facility Ryuki’s created based on past Gyms? Perhaps explaining this building with the star? (I see a mannequin, but it wouldn’t really make sense to give the Boutiques a design overhaul?)

There’s also a small bit of speculation that the Vulpix might belong to someone important, but I’m thinking it’ll just be in an establishing shot for a later meeting with Aether, But maybe Lillie will acquire it later?

Now, we get a sinister looking Ultra Wormhole (that honestly bears more resemblance to the Distortion World than anything. Maybe it’s different for Necrozma/Necrozma-possessed-Solgaleo/Lunala?)

Comparing with these:

There doesn’t seem to be any new islands, but (and it may just be how it’s painted, the lower left cloud might be covering something?

It looks like we can make out a small mountain/rocky shore?

We get a bunch of things we already knew with the Lycanroc form and our characters new designs:

I have to say, the new player art looks a lot less bland than the original SM player art. It’s a big improvement.


What is this:

Clearly, it’s related to Necrozma, but it’s not shaped like Necrozma. I wonder if besides Necrozma-armored Lunala/Solgaleo, if it’s possible we’ll a third Necrozma form?

But what if the Rainbow Rocket bringing all past villains rumor is true and they tie the main-story returning character cameos (provided they would be the same in USUM) to that plotline?

Like, rather than Grimsley losing everything to his gambling addiction, he’s from the world Ghetsis took over, and the stress from living under that (and probably being imprisoned) turned his hair white and is why he seemed more frail?

Grasping at straws, admittedly. I just think that it would be interesting 😅

Another gift for @commandernova702, who I hope is enjoying his time in Hawaii!

This came about when he put up a post on Tumblr, having bought Titanfall 2 for Xbox One. This idea actually came from a comment that @bossveteran wrote, so thanks to him for giving me this idea. Hope you guys enjoy it!

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The Knight & The Lotus

This ain’t part of my art trade with @commandernova702, but I figured I’d do a shot of Ben hanging out with Nova. Hope you guys like it!

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Proper Disposal of Project Materials  | Archive of Our Own

Chuck doesn’t remember falling, but he remembers the technicians, the guys he spent years training with in R&D, pulling him up from his exhausted, trembling heap on the floor and whispering play along.  He’d let them lift him, hung there limp and listened to them flat-out lie to the ultra-elites who were guarding the room.  He’s drained, can’t you tell?  Look at him, he’s burned out enough he might as well be dead.
The techs take care of Chuck.

Motorcity, 2.8k, completely sfw. Side (cyde) fic to Chilton 2.0, written at the joint request of Splickedy and Roach.

Joint Operation

Cameo poster featuring my Spartan, Ben, fighting alongside Eris (@cfowler7-sfm) and Nova (@commandernova702). Hope you guys like it!

Rendered in Source Filmmaker and edited in Adobe Photoshop.

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bite sized — 100 ways to say I love you

Genre: Angst, college!au / Words: 917
092. “I want you to be happy.” | exboyfriend!taehyung

“Tae, you’re back! Haven’t seen you at any of the parties I thought you’d completely forgot about the new semester.”

The experiences gained from three years in a boarding school crawling with two-faced foxes had conditioned a great deal of skepticism in you, and combined with the harshness of the ultra-elite environment you grew up in, it was almost to the point of irreversible cynicism. Yet despite all that, you found you had paused every motion—boxing up the pounding headache, shoving the nausea bubbling in your throat back down to the pits of your stomach—just so you could put yourself in the ideal internal environment to catch the voice that would follow:

“How can I possibly forget about a degree that I literally bust ass to pay for? Great to see you bud, now get me my usual.”

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Let’s go back to Alola!

Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are here~

Kahuna Nanu - Soph
Trial Captain Mina - Jesse
Trial Captain Ilima - JJ
Lillie - Haylee (costume made by Bekka)
Elite 4 Kahili - Bekka
Trial Captain Mallow - @summer-kisseswinter-secrets