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Kyanite, Quartz, and Phosphorus Garnet found in formations of ultra-high pressure Amphibole Quartz Garnet Gneiss, and Garnet Schist.

Damon Pond (Chesterfield, MA)

Some bits and bobs of information I gathered from comics and such, hopefully they might aid with writing or reference.

MARBS- Mobile Autobot Repair Bays.

The Regenisis Progam- Created by Shockwave with the intent of seeding many planets with energon so that, in the distant future, he could harvest them.

Soundwave also organized a number of Anti-Neutral Programs

NAIL- Non Alligned Indigenioud Lifeform. I.E, A Cybertronian who is neither an Autobot or a Decepticon

I/D Chip- Inhibitor/Deterrence chips that freezes the transformation cog- among other things. (Created by Wheeljack)

Both sides hoarded sparks during the war

Ambulatory System- Self explanatory

Inhibitor Claw- Form of restraint used by security and law enforcement on pre-war Cybertron. More effective than handcuffs or leg restraints.

Underbase- a collection of knowledge that underlies all databases; the combined knowledge of the Transformer race.

Solar Pool- What is does is unknown, only that it contains destructive energies within.

Energon Lake- A reservoir of energon located in the Sea Of Rust. Possibly the only major source of energon left on Cybertron.

Pious Pools- Rung was from the Pious Pools, living near the Vinvissius Canals during his youth. The Pious Pools we’re wiped off the planet in the rebirth initiated by Vector Sigma.

Vinvissius Canals- Landmark

Other places wiped off planet by Vector Sigma: Mesmerica, Warriors Gate (also a saying, ‘What in the Warriors Gate), Fragmented Whole, The Vaulted Heights Of K’th Kinsere (also a saying, ‘By the Vaulted Heights Of-‘), Pess Pess, The First City, The Transeptum of Infinte Reach and Subterrania.

Hydrax Plateau- An island in the center of the Rust Sea. It holds Cybertron’s primary spaceport, where planetary visitors must check in first.

Sonic Canyons- Located on the southern side of Cybertron, the deafening sound of underground machinary wells up from their depths and echoes up from the surface. The noise causes the constant falling of scrap metal to come tumbling down, making the canyons direct environment inhabitable.

densely populated settlements do, however, live there, including the Autobot Siren. (People who live their often have loud voices)

The Canyons function as Primus’s sensory organs, their resonating structures allowing him to collect data from across the galaxy, which is then proscessed into a more meaningful format by the Vecta Sigma supercomputer.

Moon Alpha- The main spacesport of Cybertron’s moon Alpha.

Deterrence Chips- Usually used by Autobots with their prisoners. Administered to the head, and, when activated, blow up, killing the prisoner.

Electronic Jammer- composed of crystal rod wound with copper wire. Capable of interfering with Transformers circuits and incapting them.

Ion- Neautralisers- Autobots who wander into an ion-neautraliser will be disabled in a flash of green light.

Anti-Grav manicales-

Detention Sphere- when activated, creates a force field around the beings nearest.

Ultra Prison- A Decepticon invention for holding and killing Autobots. Creates an impenetrable dome of ultra-refined energon, which slowly wipes the mind of any Mech imprisoned in it.

Noisemaze- Mesothulas created the Noisemaze, a portal doorway that leads the prisoner with a ‘small pocket dimension assembled from harvested matter-gaps in the fabric of our universe’

Ethics Committee- any new weapon created by the Autobots must past a Protocal of the non conventional weapons act before it can be used in battle. Brainstorm liked to terrorise the committee with weapons so awful that ‘nothing short of the moment destruction of Cybertron and the universe would justify their use.’ He coined them ‘the unmentionables’.

Cerebro-sensitive-bullets- bullets that lock onto the targts neural processor when the bullet is fired. Anyone using them is gaurented a headshot.

The Clampdown- A time in Cybertron history when the planet was essentially put under martial law. Heightening security measures to protect its citizens and weed out potential terroists.

Milant Monofrom Movement- Monoformers who made a symbolic rejection of Adaptis by removing their t-cog

Solar Barge- either towed by a smaller ship or solar sails to move with its own power. Used to transport prisoners.

MAABs- Mobile Anti-Assault Battlesuit.

Grand Cybertronian Taxonomy- All Cybertronian life is classified in one great system, the Grand Cybertronian Taxonomy, determining the placement of transformers in its heirachy based on Alternate modes.

Rust Sea- Crystalline growths grow along the bayous edge from the Rust Sea’s energon particles

Five Dark Epochs- five significant periods of the Great War that almost brought the Transformers race to extinction. Includes: The Uprising, The Exodus, The Remote Age, The Cataclys and The Surge.

Omniglobe- Sphere shaped cells which can feed massive amounts of data to their occupants.

Cluster Bomb- Explosive Weapon

Data Slug- Small, rectangular object that stores significant amounts of information

Death Cloak- a medical scanning device that monitors the rate in which a Cybertronians spark is shrinking, allowing it to calculate time remaining before death. People like Drift aren’t fond of them.

Axis Cradle- Technology that allows Cybertronians to imprint their will onto another being.

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I am not remotely kidding when I say that I would go to this in a hot second.  Halloween is my favorite holiday and the idea of an Ultraman Halloween Party held at the Tokyo Dome City site is just… OMG that’s so cool!  Look at the costumes in the picture!  Red King is such a cute witch!  Zetton is Dracula!  King Joe is a ghost!  Eleking is a Jack O’ Lantern!  

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