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Kyanite, Quartz, and Phosphorus Garnet found in formations of ultra-high pressure Amphibole Quartz Garnet Gneiss, and Garnet Schist.

Damon Pond (Chesterfield, MA)

Jimpluff Kaiju Coverage

Those of you following for a long time may have seen these, but for those who are new or might have missed out, here are some things I’ve covered directly by attending them in-person or have tracked carefully and cataloged for other fans’ enjoyment. Take a look!

Godzilla at Universal Studios Japan! And general USJ coverage!

Tokyo Godzilla Adventures! Various Godzilla things around old Tokio.

Gracery Hotel Godzilla

Kaiju Sakaba! Ultraman Kaiju-themed pubs in Tokyo and Osaka !

Ultra Heroes Expo 2017 at Tokyo Dome City !

Ultra Seven x TenQ! The Universe as Seen from the Ultra Eye !

The Art of Shin Godzilla!

Ultra Hero World at Osamu Tezuka Museum

Kaiyodo Hobby Museum

Evangelion Figure World 

Fukuoka City Art Museum’s Godzilla Exhibit 

Godzilla vs Evangelion Limited Store in Namba Marui 

Tracking of the Shin Gojira Ichiban Kuji Lottery 

Godzilla vs Evangelion crossover promotions and art 

Evangelion Shinkansen (Bullet Train) 

The Shin Gojira promotional truck