ultra chrome


“We meet in an ultra-hip glass and chrome North London eaterie… We haven’t been given her favourite table. She is politely perplexed and purses her lip, but no more than that. I offer to make an actressy fuss.

“Gillian’s Not Happy!” I cry to nobody in particular. “A blood sacrifice for Gillian!”

She giggles and shushes me, then picks up the teapot and cups (it’s wine o’clock but she’s not a drinker) and matter-of-factly whisks us off to a more discreet corner banquette. And as she does, it starts to emerge that she has dropped something. Her guard. I’m not quite sure where, exactly, it’s gone, but I’m not complaining.”

- Journalist Judith Woods interviewing Gillian Anderson for The Telegraph, March 2015


Dragon Other-kin Fashion and Self Care
(Red and Green)

Red and Green Slit Eye Earrings - $12.24+
Custom Color Scalemaille Bracelet - $15.00
Dragon’s Vein Agate Pendant Necklace - $15.38*
Exfoliating Apple Soap Bar - $7.60
Passion Fruit + Dragon Fruit Shower Gel - $8.09
White Tea and Jasmine Foaming Milk Bath 2 Pack - $11.95
1lbs Rock Candy Crystal Chunks - $12.09
Dragon’s Egg Necklace in Green - $22.25
”Rage” Duochrome Eyeshadow - $10.17+**
“Nostalgia” Ultra Chrome Polish - $15.75

*Each necklace is a single listing, but they’re all the same price
**Cost is dependent on size ordered, this is for the basic, non-sample size. Available loose or pressed