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Grand opening of Ultra Arcade in San Antonio! Catering to many of the fighting game community, but also has games for the new generation of FPSs, as well as some retro games.

Place was packed to the brim today, with even out-of-towners going. Tbh, if you want to come check this place out just from a curiousity standpoint, then go another day. The staff has been busy with crowd control, tournaments, and making sure everything is im working order.


Spotlight on San Antonio’s Ultra Arcade via Alamo City Geek Speak


I just found this awesome place called Ultra Arcade, where all gamers are welcome. Five bucks will get you every game all day. This place is small but seriously rad. You could play anything from magic the gathering cars game to super smash bros to the destiny beta. They even have weekly tournaments that are streamed on twitch. Seriously if you live in SA and have five bucks you should check this place out. Oh and they have all kind of gamer fuel for cheep

Ultra Arcade Announces Killer Instinct World Cup for 2016, $10,000 Prize Pool Guaranteed

Corrections: This article incorrectly assumed that the Adam spoken of during the announcement was Adam “Keits” Heart of Iron Galaxy Studios, but we were recently informed that was incorrect. Also, the event will not be held at Ultra Arcade itself. Our…

CITY STICKMAN SNIPER 3D Android GamePlay Trailer (1080p)

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Скачать CITY STICKMAN SNIPER 3D Android GamePlay Trailer (1080p) бесплатно

CITY STICKMAN SNIPER 3D Android GamePlay Trailer (1080p) на Android

CITY STICKMAN SNIPER 3D is the ultra-realistic, fast paced arcade FPS shooting game with thrilling fighting action scenes, which brings you incredible experience and takes PFS style game to brand-new level. In this CITY STICKMAN SNIPER 3D, you play the role of fury revenge of stick who lost his beloved parents shot by evil stickman and is gonna take revenge.
PFS CITY STICKMAN SNIPER 3D features amazing gameplay, heart-pounding music and sound effects and addictive missions. Arm yourself with advanced weapons and equipment to eliminate the evil stickman, high-profile target and save the stickman world. This is the most thrilling and challenging stickman game than ever, you will join this stickman war and fight to survive, to take revenge. It is the stickman fighting that you should try, everything is captivating.

-ultra-realistic and action packed arcade battlefield atmosphere
-free FPS gameplay
-a huge array of advanced weapons to use
-heart-pounding sound effects taking to the frontline
-realistic weather effects and new challenges added to your missions
-intense battle scene and challenging missions
-complicated situation, hijacked building & cross firing

-slide the right of the screen to adjust the target
-use sniper refile zoom to eliminate the high-profile target
-tap the fire button to shoot the enemies

Download the CITY STICKMAN SNIPER 3D and join in the stickman war!

Download link:

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