this boy just straight up told me he thinks im cute but he stays away from me because he knows i bite into ice cream with my teeth and it freaks him out


(god this post is formatted weird i’m sorry) bUT HEY I FINISHED IT!!! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

SO this started out a few days ago with me just wanting Thomas in floral, then i was like oh oh i need to add Leo too, that’d be super cute – ofc by the end of it all i had to add my main nerdlords as well. so all my lovely boys in one glorious picture ;w;/ i’m surprised sai didn’t crash tbh there were so many layers

please do not repost or remove my caption, thank you!! <333


here’s to being in love at the wrong place and the wrong time. god, i love him so much. and i’m going to miss him so much. and i just want him to be happy. and it hurts so much right now but we’ll both be okay. it doesn’t feel real that i got to be so close to such a beautiful person. that i got to fall asleep next to him and hold his hand and kiss his face. i’m a mess and today has been the longest day and it felt like needles in my eyes to see him cry and to see him see me cry but i know this is all for the best. there’s so much good ahead of both of us, just in different directions. this is such a gross post i’m sorry but this is my blog and i need to be gross for a second. he is my favorite person. i’ll never regret a thing.