ashiamaru  asked:

I just want to tell you that I truly adore your artworks, but everyone you draw looks the same ;-; Like I mean face structure is the same for every character Sorry that such a drawing noob is telling you this but I couldn't help myself

Hello! I am aware they look similar because of the extremely simplified art style, but I don’t think they all look exactly the same. If you would look closer (not gloss over, as what is mostly done when reading comics), the eye shapes and nose are different and even the face structure have differences. The art style just makes them all look so similar ++ the fact that the shading is very simple. I don’t want to exaggerate too much features because I don’t want it to look too comical (the regular sketchy style, not the googly eyed ones).

It’s just that I have preferences when drawing my favorite characters (I can’t help it, they are my fictional crushes;;;) and I enjoy drawing them that way. Plus, I keep in mind that they are Korean and I try to keep in mind their original designs in their original art styles.

Like, I can draw other faces too (i have other art styles) but as I said, I have certain head canon looks for the Mystic Messenger ones. My 2D crushes that will never be real ;;-;; && I found that with my other artist friends, they also get the same comments despite their characters looking different – it’s just that their art styles make them look so similar as well (which, I think, is the point. /it’s a style/).

Thank you for your input, but I will continue to draw in the simpler style for the comics because it’s faster and I can make more content ♥ Although I will be sure to see what else I can do for more unique features while keeping it simple and somewhat semi-realistic (because of the style I’m aiming for).

On another note, my all-time favorite artist since I was 13 (namface.tumblr.com) has quite the same face as well but she is still my favorite and I think she’s very great ♥ She noted once that she doesn’t mind it because she prefers drawing that way. I still think she’s the best ♥ Mmm those backgrounds && colors (the characters look amazing to me in any case as well)! I practically begged my dad to buy me her art books when I was still in school haha lol ♥ I personally don’t see anything wrong with similar/same face because sometimes, it’s really just the style (like Simpsons, Adventure Time, Gravity Falls, and most artists, etc) It’s art – draw whatever you like however you like and hopefully don’t judge others for doing so unless they specifically asked for it ♥ Just because artists seem to draw similar designs doesn’t mean we can’t draw other stuff. We definitely can, we just prefer to go with the styles that we enjoy the most.

&& Like everyone, we all have something to improve on no matter where we stand anyway so I’m just going to be here drawing what I love ^__^

Last Night

I don’t even know what this is (I’m sorry!) but I couldn’t get Aaron’s expression from last night out of my head and then this happened. 

Short fic centered around Aaron’s feelings during last night’s cute scene in the pub.

If this is something you enjoyed, let me know :)

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chara love #8

with each new page, the readers’ love for chara only grows more intense. here are some comments about page 26.

well there’s at least one.


i mean… they probably deserve it.

it’s definitely just your thirst showing.

as fun as “thirstday” sounds, it would clash with the comic page!


Tuesday truths.

That’s yesterday’s mug that I never got around to posting. It’s my hey my insomnia is back look 😑😑

Rocket got a bath at 4am today because I was up and he needed one. He’s getting dropped at my parents today. I have a conference to go to in Boston from Wednesday-Saturday and my mother requested I leave him with her because she misses him. Yep, my family became crazy cat people because of me.

My grandmother is in rehab for the next few weeks from falling and cracking her pelvis. The only rehab that takes her insurance is the shitty one that always just ups her meds and is not a great place. Like they just double her anxiety meds and she becomes a zombie. This time everyone is keeping a close eye on that and them after the last experience there.

I’m tired. I feel extra overweight and unattractive lately. It’ll pass, but man minds are weird and can play some serious tricks on you…