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You're fat and it's totally okay, it's good. But your health ? Are you good ? I don't want to bother you but I wonder if your health is ok ? (I don't want you to get skinny or whatever I just want to know if you're safe)

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Really bih? Really? I really hate fatphobes who try to hide their fatphobia by first saying “you’re fat and thats cool BUT WHAT ABOUT YOUR HEALTH?!” Please just be honest with your fatphobia, its honest to GOD insulting.

And as far as my health goes why does that concern you? Why does that EVEN matter? I’m happy, I work two part time jobs, I go to college full time, I have a social life, I look cute asf so yeah I guess you can say I am healthy.

I’m healthy with my life and how I am. I don’t need your false concern. Please get the stepping nonny

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anyway… when is the next single coming out? will the album be released in november like always or will it come out earlier? when the track list coming out? how many songs will there b? where are the songs liam wrote with or for zayn? will zayn sing them on his album? when his first single coming out? what harry’s passive aggressive ath think of everything goin on? will zayn drop his single near the time 1d drop the albu

Things that happen ALL the time to pregnant women: invasion of their space, people touching them without consent, doctors ignoring their concerns, everyone and their dog telling them what to do and how to eat and shaming them for veering off what is perceived as the “right” way to be pregnant, shaming them for the way in which they became pregnant, the entire process being hijacked by doctors or family members. And that’s women who aren’t even remotely famous.
Bottom line, pregnant bodies don’t magically become public property and touching a pregnant person, talking about what they should or shouldn’t do, asking for details when they haven’t offered…that’s all invasive and creepy. Speculating about someone’s pregnancy is invasive and creepy. Back the fuck off it. Pregnancy is fucking terrifying and personal and it’s none of your business.