“[Diversity is] just a basic thing that ought to be standard. It’s just fiction reflecting reality — there are all kinds of people in the world, and we should reflect that properly and try not to screw up. To be honest, I think there’s a long way to go in a lot of ways, both on the page and off.”


Even though their Earth is apparently in its final days as a dimensionally-displaced Galactus rampages through New York (after having eaten Jersey), Miles Morales, Kitty Pryde, Bombshell, Cloak & Dagger and Black Widow (formerly Spider-Woman) have been announced as the main players in a new series (All-New Ultimates) spinning out of the destruction of “Cataclysm.” (x)

The new Ultimate Black Widow is Spider-woman/Jessica Drew, pictured here in the red jacket. I wonder what this means for Monica Chang, and what inspires Jessica to take up a new codename with such a loaded history in the 1610 universe. (I’m not up on Cataclysm rn so maybe some of these questions have been answered.)

Ultimate Jessica Drew is quite different from her mainstream Marvel Comics counterpart: she is a clone of Peter Parker who shares his powers and many of his memories. She has worked with SHIELD and with the Ultimates.

This is the second time the Black Widow codename has changed hands in the MU. The first Black Widow, Natasha Romanov, was an evil traitor and killed by Hawkeye, which we don’t talk about much here. The current Black Widow is Monica Chang, a new character who currently serves as Director of SHIELD. Monica’s 616 counterpart was recently introduced in Avengers A.I.. And now we have Jessica Drew, who I’ll probably post more about later.


 You got Black Panther & Blue Marvel as two of the most advanced minds in the world. You got Captain Marvel & Spectrum who are two of the strongest people (not women, not men) muh-fucking people on the planet and they joke on and with each other as if they’re McCarthy & Bullock in The Heat. You got America Chavez who gives absolutely no fucks whatsoever and does the whip dance in order to transport through dimension barriers. And then you got fucking Galactus…the mother fucker eats planets….what more do I need to say to you? Dude eats planets…like…. what’s really good? What more do you want?! ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!!!


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